Month: October 2019


Build happiness depends on you, the material with which builds are your visions, dreams and hopes. Filled your glass with happiness have attempted to choose the best song or best film among his favorite indeed difficult? An important choice is always a difficult task for the quantity of arguments and factors involved. Now include the burden of their emotions that incline the scale without mercy, managing to soften to the straighter the judges or mislead the fairest of the guiding. Subjectivity and objectivity are relative elements of thought, Dr. Alexander Mastropiero analyzed these components developed a hypothesis which claims are likely to not be pure objective thoughts, in greater or lesser extent the process of thinking is inexorably linked to the memory, memories, experiences and knowledge of the people involved, which – as individual entities – usually run through different experiences. Learn more on the subject from Andi Potamkin. Known as Mastropiero uncertainty principle and theory associated with the example of the glass half full or half vacuum.

Whoever, a person can assess a situation and be in favour or against. Take more early will take party by one of the sides cataloging them positive or negative. This designation is recorded (in memory, text or audiovisual media) and is advertised as a gossip or criticism, in a struggle of arguments from those who support or reject the fact qualifying with memories, memories, experiences and knowledge. Then forget about the real facts, and only consider the old records to judge the upcoming event, plaguing us and auto-flagelando us as monks of the middle ages and without asking questions such as: who wrote the history? What purpose or goal was when he wrote it? It refers only to the facts or used conjectures? Who wrote it, are agree or disagree? In terms of judging our life we choose to always see things giving greater importance to the negative events that to positives, managing to spend the greater part of life complaining of problems and only take small moments to celebrate accomplishments in life.

The Base

DETERMINATION OF THE POLLUTION LOAD TO THE SUBSOIL. From a theoretical point of view is required to establish four semi-independent characteristics of the pollution load to the subsoil (Foster, 1987), for each pollutant activity: to) the class of contaminant involved. (b) the intensity of the provision. (c) the mode of provision in the subsoil. (d) the application of the pollutant load time. Of the foregoing, has for the estimation of pollutant load into the subsoil, a value: 0.20.

DETERMINATION OF THE VULNERABILITY OF THE AQUIFER. As stated, the term aquifer pollution vulnerability is used to represent the intrinsic characteristics that determine the susceptibility of an aquifer to be adversely affected by a contaminant load. persistent, non-degradable, generated by a widely distributed polluting activity. In this case even the dilution of the aquifer capacity may not be effective to mitigate the pollution. * Additionally those aquifers that would be considered as less vulnerability to pollution, in general terms, tend to be more difficult to rehabilitate a contaminated time. In this sense, at least, they could be considered of high vulnerability to contamination. The components of vulnerability, mentioned above, are not directly measurable, but determined by various combinations of other factors. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Harold Ford Jr. Taking into account that the selection of these parameters is based on those data probably available and easily collected, then the list is composed of: (a) the depth of the phreatic or roof of the confined aquifer.

(b) the type of occurrence of groundwater. (c) the characteristics, in terms of lithology and degree of consolidation strata above the saturated zone. These three parameters contain, even if it is in a qualitative sense, most of the required data. In the base to them applies an empirical methodology for the assessment of the vulnerability of aquifer that involves the indexation of these parameters in three discrete phases.

Choose Name Of Baby

We know that you one of the headaches that you bring parents when comes a son on the way, is the choose name, and on many occasions is usually cause for a small dispute between mother and father, but don’t worry, here we bring you a series of aspects that if sopesais and you share you help take a consensus decision. Jack Fusco has plenty of information regarding this issue. It is important to assess the sonority of the name, as well as if House well or not with the surnames, i.e., that the name sounds melodious, or you prefer a strong name. It is also important to take into account the surnames, it is not advisable to put a name ended in vocal when the surname also begins by vowel, since usually pronounce United. For even more analysis, hear from Andi Potamkin. And although it seems a nonsense also we have to be cautious with that name and surname would not pass a rhyme or an easy joke because children can be embarrassed in the future, especially in school. Choose a name unusual, but beautiful, can be very positive for the child, as highlighted on the rest, but that Yes, avoid difficult to pronounce names.

Here just as it happened with the previous appearance it is important to know how to choose child with the surname name. If the surname is common, the name that is not so and vice versa. Another very recurrent technique and that it may be dispensed you varied ideas is the use the name of a friend or beloved baby. But that if, do not let you influence or leave that to impose the law, others that ye be not because you will have to bear the burden of the name life be your son. Another aspect that you can weigh is the origin and meaning of the names for babies, although it is clear that will not the person who is going to carry to change life a meaning or another, for parents who have to make the decision, if that can serve you for you decant for one over another. In conclusion, best is that you sopeseis several possibilities and between all of them choose, which you like to you, not that considereis will you go to yours son.


There are many neighboring communities that at some point pose to his lawyer the possibility of renting common areas with a view to generate extraordinary income. Community parking or roofs for solar panels are generally usable. What predictions we have observed to undertake such action? Fundamentally the required majority so that the adopted agreement is valid. We must observe the Art. 17 of the Horizontal property law, which stipulates how the Board of proprietors, and whose first point agreements should be adopted asserts that you for the validity of agreements involving the adoption or amendment of the rules contained in the establishing of the horizontal property title or in the statutes of the community the unanimity will be required, indicating in this same section of the article 17, in the final paragraph of the second paragraph of the same lease of common elements not assigned a specific use in the building will also require the affirmative vote of three-fifths of the owners that, in turn, represent three-fifths of participation, as well as the directly affected owners dues, if any. This article that apparently can be contradictory even for lawyers, actually it is not, since the jurisprudence is constant and peaceful understanding that the true purpose is to obtain a qualified majority for the lease of common elements; do this without going to assess whether such action may involve or not a modification of establishing title or statutes, something that in most of the cases happened.