The Certainty

At these moments of agony and total direction absence something is necessary more to continue. Agent does not arrive in situations of limits with great internal luggage. Most of the time it is only a certainty that support in them and a taming faith that in the insurance, and together with this much sadness, hurt, guilt, anger, fear. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Jack Fusco and gain more knowledge.. If I had that to answer, as you suggested, in three words, he took what me separation, I would say you who were one total absence of life. Craig Jelinek is full of insight into the issues. But he is clearly that this perception came later. My marriage came in a crisis of disastrous consecutive waves since 2003.

I did not have children because I made comfortable myself in the total absence of desire of the friend. By the way, April hand of much thing for it. It never asked for or demanded nothing to me, but of the form as I learned to love age as soon as made. Perhaps, therefore, currently, it does not obtain to open hand of much thing for nobody. Plus this it is one another history.

Our relation had much thing good although for living a conjugal crisis. Most important for me it was that all the times that it did not see sensible more in the relation, I bet that we could rescue it and we continued in this. I thought with my buttons that hand of my relation would only open when it had the certainty of that it had fond in my internal limit. Today, as well as at that time, to this he consoles me certainty, internally. I fought, fought, I strengtove myself, but I did not obtain to make the relation to function. I had fond naked of same me ahead, I had made the maximum that I could and this maximum had not been enough. Then I did not have more what to make not to be to opt to continuing living.