Month: June 2013

Balearic Islands

Menorca is, without doubt, an incredible island by the many attractions that offers the traveler that he moved on it. Nature has been very generous with the Balearic Islands in general, and Menorca in particular, giving it incredible beaches and natural sites where it is possible to enjoy the tremendous biodiversity of its ecosystem. Definitely, if you search for a place for a break of a few days, or for an extended vacation, Menorca should be first in the list of tourists who love the beach, the Sun and the pleasant climate in these latitudes. Now, with packages of flight + hotel in Menorca, with just a couple of clicks it is possible to have all the services contracted to enjoy an unforgettable holiday. All the coast of Mallorca offers coves, i.e. small coves, entries from the sea on Earth.

It is said that there is a beach for everyone in Mallorca, and is almost certain. There are many coves, small beaches, some more withdrawals, other more popular, which are often filled with tourists, families, and locals in search of his small corner under the Sun. But all of them are huge attractions: blue sea, excellent climate and incomparable natural beauty. One of the best-known coves is Cala Trurqueta. It is not difficult to guess the reason for the name: the deep turquoise blue water clean of Menorca. Access to this Cove can be made by car, because there is a car park. From here, walk 10 minutes is reached the beach. The Cove is flanked by cliffs that highlight even more the impression of angostura, framing the language of sea that delves into the coast of Minorca.

Its dimensions are rather limited, of about 25 by 110 metres, and it is the site ideal for rest, not suitable for those looking for excitement or surfing the waves is very quiet. La playa de Macarella is perhaps that most identifies with Minorca, since it is common that your image appears in lots of brochures and postcards. A little larger than the Cala Turqueta, has the characteristic of being in a protected area where you can not build buildings, so it is quite rugged in their area, surrounded by pine forests and vegetation, maximizing the visitor contact with incredible landscapes homey.


Continuation of missiology classes audio recordings: sects and new religious groups: Ezequiel Ataucusi Gamonal, not separated from any group, was a Catholic Quechua-speaker, the sierra de Arequipa. Shoe shine. He became an Adventist and later founded his movement that is the highest growth in the Peru. An episcopal Commission in France, has been formed to prevent Catholic sectarianism. Firstly there is a definition of consensus. Sect.

The question is in what sense? Psychological, historical, sociological, pedagogical. And sometimes we confuse everything. For a Catholic, the sect is all what Catholic do not. This is the image that we have. But that is not true. Theologically and there is where the problems begin. Formerly said sect, to every schismatic group and aretico.

Schismatic goes against unity, and aretico goes against the truth. But if one reads the document which speaks of non-Catholic Christians, that speaks of the separated brethren, never speaks of sects, and speaks of the Protestants, and strictly would be schismatic and areticos. There is a book of CELAM with a survey around the world. Results of the survey, it only gives more does not give an exact definition, i.e.. And many times over the definitions used psychological criteria. I.e. groups of fanatics. As if fanaticism is monopoly of the non-Catholic groups, and as if in the Catholic Church there were no fans. Historically, Christianity is a Jewish sect. Sociologically, that perhaps in Japan or somewhere where Catholics are a minority, also the Catholic Church can function as a sect. We can not generalize about the so-called sects. There are a number of movements and non-Catholic groups. Often confused, what are the major religions, sects. When we speak of the great religions in the world, are basically five: Christianity is not the first majority Hindu. Within Hinduism, in the 6th century, the character named: Sidar Tarutama. 6Th century before Christ. Within Hinduism and his followers created what is called Buddhism second religion. Third it is Judaism, Christianity the fourth and late in the 6th century, of our time emerges Muhammad and cover the Muslim religion or Islamic. We belong to the Christian, and within the Christian, there are a number of groups. We are the largest group within the Christian faith. Of course the Catholic Church. When we talk of sects, depends on the context. I.e.. In Peru, is a very particular reality. If we are going to the European reality for example, phenomenon of sects is very different from the Latin American phenomenon.

Portugal Vivafit

Vivafit, the largest chain of gyms specialized in caring for women of the Iberian Peninsula, and the world leader in home care for the elderly, Home Instead (700 offices in a dozen countries), concluded this week, with success, its a Christmas for an elder parent solidarity campaign, focused on helping older people need in these dates as indicated and to sensitize the general public towards social exclusion and loneliness of the elderly with fewer resources of our society. The initiative, which for the moment has only been started in Portugal, began on November 10 and concludes today, December 20. It’s an awareness campaign among the numerous and solidary partner Vivafit, for the collection of basic products (food products and cleaning), subsequently distributed among older persons, with the support of the social services of Portuguese non-governmental organizations and throughout the territory of the neighboring country. We are very proud, once more, the participation which has had the campaign among our members, and the collaboration of the franchisees in its dissemination, Connie Morrissey, President of Vivafit commented. We have demonstrated that this string truth collaborates with NGOs and is nothing in the photo or good words, but returns to the society a portion of what receives daily it. But just as important as aid collection, this solidarity initiative of Home Instead and Vivafit intended to the awareness of the public towards the social exclusion and the solitude of the elderly most in need of our society. And in that sense, our members have responded, as long as we have them order helps, contributing their bit.

Gradually, on an individual basis, it has been joining the efforts of friends and known, agglutinated by the gym Vivafit in your area, until all we have achieved the objectives pursued, says the President and co-founder of women’s gyms chain. Home Instead offers specialized for that support the older people can stay at home and remain independent. In a large proportion of cases, elders do not require permanent assistance that could provide a residence. and a few hours of personalized service are sufficient so that they can continue to enjoy living in their homes. And it is that when older people begin to lose qualities, its ability to maintain an independent life is compromised. The burden to provide support in families that have a life of its own, with children, work or social life which is adversely impacted. In some cases the incompatibility of schedules, the absence of relatives or the geographical distance of the same preclude this option.

Vivafit is a network of centres of exercise, physical health and well-being for women, which provides a complete method to be in form with just 30 minutes of daily exercise, pilates and a program of nutritional education, all in a fun family atmosphere. This chain of franchise allows today’s woman staying in shape in a quick way, since a Instructor encouraged, corrects and motivates, but always respecting the pace and the possibilities of each partner. The total investment required to become a franchisee of this signature varies between 120,000 and 130,000 euros, including a working capital, a right of entry of 14.433 euros, works of local adaptation and equipment required to equip a Center.