Month: May 2014


Russia – Honest or career, but rather – their intermediate state. And the public is provided in the form of eu countries. Thus, the "small Pauper" gets "in the eye and yells, lying as it may, played by public opinion. His support simple-hearted man in the street and stand on his side. Thus, they appoint themselves potential victims. And who would have them, Georgia? Of course not. Gobble up their biggest beggar.

But before that happens, they need shake. And who will do it? And then comes into play Ukraine with stealing gas. Please note the following: Georgia attacked Ossetia at the time of the Olympics. And Ukraine leaves Europe without heat precisely when it is particularly need – when Europe abnormal or Siberian frosts. And all this against the backdrop of financial crisis.

What do you think of this "gas" situation in which the state will Europe do? And that is understandable, according to the Ukraine, who is to blame? Russia! And not to the extent civilized Europeans can not tolerate something like this can steal almost all the gas? The same does not happen! So – it just does not deliver! For them, it's understandable. And on this naivete of Ukraine still dance. When everything becomes clearer, the stage is either someone bigger, or biggest – and will do the trick! Need to understand that beggars the question is not that they are pursuing any particular purpose, and the fact that they live at the expense of others – and thus create in their Victims of domestic chaos.

Hotels Without Success

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Air Tickets

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PROJECT PEDAGOGICAL POLITICIAN AND AUTONOMY OF the SCHOOL In accordance with interpolated proposition 1, Art. 12, of LDB 9394/96, the educational establishments, respected the common norms and of its system of education, will have the incumbency to elaborate and to execute its proposal pedagogical. In this direction, this work has the primordial objective to promote reflections on as the proposal pedagogical of each school has been executed, the project pedagogical politician is many times carried through as mere formality, without the concern with the collective construction, as its improvement, aiming at the true knowledge on the pertaining to school community, for in such a way must be taken in consideration, the population that constitutes each unit, its characteristics, especificidades. The bureaucratic requirement, leads most of the time to the writing, or even though to the copy of previous projects; without the minimum concern to adjust them it the reality of the school, that dumb the all instant, as well as the social world, requirements, technology, the society and the culture. still, can be said that professors, much less the community, between them, parents and pupils, at least arrive to know such document, what it is a pity, therefore are by means of it that he becomes and if constructs the unit and this must go of meeting to the expectations of all the participants, expressing the objectives, the yearnings, the especificidades and characteristics of its coadjuvantes, with regard to the education and the quality of the offered education. The school, has in its hands, although the legal requirements, norms and lines of direction to be followed, a tool importantssima and of extreme necessity, to the exercise practical of its autonomy, the Project Pedagogical Politician, where each educational establishment, establishes goals, objectives to be reached, however for in such a way it becomes essential the knowledge and the participation of that in it they intervene direct or indirectly..

More Openended Real Estate Funds

Landgericht Berlin decides in favor of damaged investors accordingly it fail advice presented at least starting in 2008, an investor seeking a secure facility, an open real estate funds like AXA Immoselect, DEGI Europa, DEGI global business, DEGI international, KanAm Grundinvest, KanAm US Grundinvest, Morgan Stanley P2 Value, and TMW real estate of Fund or a real estate fund as DJE real estate, premium management real estate investments or SEB Kapitalprotekt P to recommend. Another judgment, which makes hope investors of open real estate fund, was announced on May 10, 2012 by the land Court of Berlin. (AZ. 27 O 627/11) The Court awarded damages to an investor, which in 2008, the investment in the open real estate funds of Morgan Stanley P2 Value as a secure facility had been recommended. From our point of view no case: all open-ended real estate funds to our clients in the consulting safe assets portrayed as, even as “gilt-edged assets”. However, had the Court rightly how Berlin, since 2004 enormous risks for the global real estate market and thus also for the open real estate funds drawn down.

The Landgericht Berlin causes: “An open real estate funds was in 2008 due to the already from 2004 looming difficulties with real estate funds, which degenerated out since the year 2007 due to the development in the U.S. real estate market into a real estate crisis and then in a great depression, probably not safe deposits, would an investor with the profile of the applicant without regard to foreseeable risks may recommend.” Accordingly it was advice fail at least starting in 2008, an investor who is looking for a safe investment, an open-ended real estate funds such as AXA Immoselect, DEGI Europa, DEGI global business, DEGI international, KanAm Grundinvest, KanAm US Grundinvest, Morgan Stanley P2 Value, and TMW real estate of Fund or a real estate fund as DJE real estate, premium management real estate investments or SEB Kapitalprotekt P to recommend. We represent many investors of open real estate funds and Real estate funds and could already bring extra-judicial and judicial solutions in many cases. Do you know whether damages are available to you? Call me for a no-obligation initial assessment I will gladly help you. Nittel Firm specializing in banking law and capital market law your contact Alexander Meyer, lawyer Heidelberg: Hans-Bockler-Strasse 2 A, 69115 Heidelberg phone: 06221 915770 Fax: 06221 9157729 Munich: residential street 25, 80333 Munich Tel.: 089 25549850 Fax: 089 25549855