Month: February 2014

The Anthologies

has been given almost no feeling, coupled with to the certainty in my essence to grown very firm and fills me with Me is really very difficult to expose the self-development journey to where I am today, only that I did, I stayed in full opening and today, my life is full of spirituality, I can feel it clearly on the inside and out, can’t live me spiritual being, live this awareness and I can’t explain it, however I can only say that it is. I will try to continue sharing what you remember of each semester. The work of self-knowledge has been present throughout this study, but from the second half of the second semester, the third and the fourth half has grown ever greater sharpness, I realized has already had some discipline in this and that has helped me lot to simply follow the line, in this clarity writings on Buddhism which contain the anthologies they played a fundamental role but even more talks them and meditations with Ramon, the exercise of the full presence, who had also known as unitary perception, I consider that the fact of having or having entered focused primarily in the spiritual realm, I was a great help, in fact many occasions I lost, because while colleagues were focused on its teaching practice and shed knowledge, I took only what you referred to contemplation, many times that me huge conflictuaba, but the patience of teachers and peer me driving, not without reluctance on my part, to concentrate on education holistic today I feel very stable, very mental clarity, spiritual knowledge it has accommodated, this refined, in order, with coherence and direction, I feel much peace, moderation, acceptance and willingness to let me charge completely of my lifeindeed years ago I had already the decision to take in hands the reins of my life, but didn’t have the strength, the value or the internal order to do so, now, in this year and a half, the universe to conspired in my favor, the internal order is, with the the awareness for decision-making in other circumstances I would have annihilated and that indeed already taken without greater consequences, on the contrary, I feel liberated, with total certainty. .

Twine Literature

When it had the movement of the direct elections in the country, many cordelistas if had joined the multitudes and had demanded: ' ' Direct j' '. Reconquered the democracy with the victory of Tancredo Snows, the hope of the people renasce and starts to shine, appears then, some brochures, that express the satisfaction of the people. However, with the death of the president, it was embedded, also the hope of better days. Vice Jose assumes the government Sarney, who could not control the inflation and congealed the wages of the workers, provoking feelings of sadness and national unreliability. Everything this, added to the losses that silenced the heart of the Brazilians. Amongst them, the death of Gonzaga Luis in 1989, leaving much homesickness for the special country and in to the people of the hinterland northeastern, who still today laments and is reason of inspiration to write innumerable brochures related to ' ' King of the Baio' '. In 2002, Patativa also dies of the Assar, poet whom the world with its poetry enchanted and was spokesman of the northeast people most humble.

Exactly when the twine literature was being accepted for the elites and studious of Brazil and the world it was the period where if it had the lesser production of brochure of all the times. 1.6 – The Renaissance of the Twine Literature. With the almost controlled inflation, some poets had felt themselves motivated to write, publishers who had disactivated its tipografias return to print brochures. Exactly making use of few resources he had an acceleration in the industry of would folhetaria. The notice that left for the press, over all in the television, instantaneously were changedded into brochure. In the decade of 90, although the losses the country had great moments of joy and made to raise the national pride. In July of 1994, Brazil conquest the tetracampeonato of soccer.

Marilyn Monroe

Actress Norma Jean Mortenson (later betrothed as Norma Jeane Baker) was born June 1, 1926 in Los Angeles, California. In its short life of Marilyn Monroe's time to go from a difficult childhood to the brilliant title of sex symbol of humanity. She never saw her father and mother suffered from mental disorders. A little more time, Norma Jeane spent in an orphanage. Since 1937, family friend Grace and her husband Doc Goddard, took the parental care for the girl.

However, a few years later, in 1942, Doc got a new job on the East Coast. Couple could not continue to look after his ward, and she again had to go back to the shelter. Faced with harsh reality, Norma Jean decided that the only way for it not to wander the foster homes – is marriage. Since June 19, 1942 Norma Jean and her friend Jimmy Doherty married. He has been a trading sailor, and marine travel sometimes delayed for a long time.

During one prolonged absence of her husband, Monroe found a job at the munitions factory, where he was discovered by a photographer. By the time the Jimmy returned in 1946, her career model was successfully developed. She dreamed of becoming an actress. Marriage Norma Jean cracked at the seams. The girl all the attention paid career. In 1946 the couple divorced, and in the same year, Monroe signed her first contract to shoot a movie. Together with the contract came a new name and image.