Month: July 2014

The Ancient Cities

The most striking of the ruins of Persepolis, Persian city to the South of Iran burned after the conquest of Alexander the great, is the absence of images of type violent in what remains of its stone walls. The insets show soldiers who do not wage war, covered weapons: in sum, emblems that suggest a very humane past, groups of individuals from different nationalities gathered peacefully. In an era renowned for its barbarism, it would seem that Persepolis was a settlement and cosmopolitan character and, for many modern Iranians, the ruins are a stunning reminder of what they were and did their ancestors. The country’s historical record dates back to 2500 years and culminates in the current Islamic Republic of Iran, which arose in 1979 after a revolution inspired largely by conservative clerics who ousted the Shah, who was supported by the West. It is quite possibly the first constitutional theocracy of the modern world and, at the same time, a great experiment: is it possible to go to a country effectively with religious which impose an extreme version of islam on a soggy people of a rich past as the Persian? Although it was an empire, Persia also it is considered, to some extent, as one of the most glorious and benevolent ancient civilizations and, therefore, I was wondering how identified was the people with the appearance of its history that illustrate the existing friezes. It is complex to define Iranian identity, it is a paradox that coexist Persian, Islamic and Western elements. However, there is a Persian identity that has nothing to do with islam and that, in turn, merged with Islamic culture. In addition, I wanted to do a story on the Iranians that, at least in part, to retain a link with their Persian roots. Does anything remain vestiges of nature as lover of life (and of the wine, love, poetry and singing), Persian, entreverados in the plot of abstinence, prayer and fatalism that we usually associate with islam? If you want to know more about carpets enter in original author and source of the Article

Latin America Countries

Among the main points the author detaches that millions of people were excluded from the consuming market, stops the author was necessary to incorporate people to the consumption. The necessity of if making an agrarian reform effective in the countries of the region, to shorten the social differences and economic interns. The great external debt of the countries of the region, that forced the countries to diminish the investments in the productive sector and the social one. The economic stagnation of the region, the salient author the little economic dynamism of the n countries. The cost of the transports and the lack of integration of the ways of transport of the region can bring problems for a future common market. (MENEZES, 1990, P. 17-20).

Valley to stand out that ahead of as many attempts of integration many of which they had not had much success, is the experiences acquired with such attempts, that without a doubt will serve so that other attempts as these do not comment the same errors and most are succeeded. ' ' The experience accumulated in other attempts of integration could be useful in the conduction of the process in course in the cone south-americano' '. (IT HISSES, 1998, p.168). FINAL CONSIDERAES the decade of 1990 mark a rupture in the economic policies followed by the Latin American governments. The traditional nationalistic and protectionistic politics? what had inspired the creation of the ALALC and later they had blocked its development? they come being to the few substituted by ' ' ousadas' ' regionalistic commercial strategies. A series of treated to free commerce was signed enters the countries of this subcontinent, aiming at to the formation of extended economic sets. On the basis of the displayed one in this article, can be concluded that they remain few doubts of that the integration that if it is processing in Latin America will bring significant benefits for all the involved countries.

The Firm

Carefully inspect the samples, consider how easy they open and close the well or fixed sash in position, how well the applied decorative and protective cover. Find out who will install the windows, because of how well-organized installation of windows, depends largely on the life of window designs. Experienced and qualified experts to install windows perform installation work in accordance with GOST 30971-2002 "Stitches assembly sites contiguity window units to wall openings." In addition, for your own peace of mind ask about reviews of previous clients, and if you want to learn how to stand in the window of the "natural conditions" not too lazy to go and see them at least from the street. Guarantee given by the manufacturer for their products, also helps you understand whether or not to trust the company. Too little time (one year) suggests that the firm does not assume full responsibility for their own products. Warranty period of 20 years and more clearly unrealistic, so to call them companies seriously not worth it. So, we list the main criteria for deciding to evaluate the reputation of the firm.

1. Chuck Berry is likely to increase your knowledge. Experience. The presence of complete luxury private projects. Age of the firm. 2. Real terms and real prices, the normal discount 3. Openness. Good company, know their job well and on time fulfills customers' orders, ready to provide all the information – both about themselves and about the production, coatings, fittings, installation technology.

4. Quality of the Materials and Technology: Eurowindows evrokachestva – is the European woodworking machines, Siberian wood without defects (knots, blue stain), a strong joint (double-spike-and-groove), European fittings (Siegen, Roto, Maco) polished float glass, special import elastic coating designed for exterior use on wood (Tsovosan, Zikkens, during handling, Remmers, etc.). 5. The warranty on the windows and installation work. Too little or too great warranty should alert you. The most common among manufacturers has become a three-year warranty, but some companies are confident in their product quality, guarantee 5 years of uninterrupted service. We tried to analyze and explain all the aspects that will help you make the right choice.