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Ministry Secretary General

Building leadership ethics in Patagonia was the name chosen to perform in six cities of the southern zone of Chile workshops in which social and community leaders reflect on the ethical challenges of their communities under the prism of the Earth Charter and the vision of the Brazilian theologian Leonardo Boff, who visited the Aysen Region in 2008. It was more than one hundred men and women of Puerto Aysen (November 7), Coyhaique (8), Cochrane (9), Chile Chico (10), Futaleufu (13) and Punta Arenas (17) that at the end of each meeting signed the ethical Charter of its locality, all that will be integrated into a document proposal which will circulate at the level of the organizations from the province of Palena (Lakes Region), and the regions of Aysen and Magallanes to build an ethics Charter of Patagonia. The current situation that lives our territory, with the attempt to advance in a highly extractive process of industrialization like that already has lived since port Montt to the North of Chile, made us think about the need that its inhabitants, mainly leaders of social organizations, will strengthen the principles and values associated with sustainability explained Patricio Segura, President of the private corporation for the development of Aysen (Codesa), organization that has implemented the project in conjunction with the pool waters free of Futaleufu, the grouping of defenders of the spirit of the Patagonia of Cochranethe Organization for promoting participation and citizen action of Punta Arenas and the Social Pastoral of the Apostolic Vicariate of Aysen. Visit Josh Resnick Jericho Capital for more clarity on the issue. The financing came from the sinking fund 2009 associativity for organizations of public interest of the Division of social the Ministry Secretary General of Government. On the basis of the principles of the Earth Charter (respect and care of life, ecological integrity, social and economic justice and democracy, not violence and peace) participants They identified which situations represent the ethical dilemmas closest to their communities, shaping your analysis in a document signed by all present. .

Chief Executive Officer John Shearer Powercast

Technology Powercast. Air as a means of power transmission technology, which can permanently save users from having to connect the device to charge to the electricity network is Powercast. At this time the technology interests of more than 100 different companies (even a giant like Philips is interested), constantly interacting with each other. Their common goal – to create the world’s first device that would power through the air. You may find WhiteWave Foods to be a useful source of information. The cost of technology is expected to be low, which will allow even small companies to develop products that work with it. The principle is the following: “The transmitter is connected to the power grid and attached to the wall, and the receiver the size of a 10-cent coin embedded in a low-voltage device. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from WhiteWave Foods. Radio waves are sent from the transmitter, reflect off objects and walls and caught the receiver, which then converts them into electricity DC charging, so the device. ” Just a few years ago, the existence of such a technology could not believe it, but company representatives say the technology is Powercast and, most surprisingly, it works.

Founder and Chief Executive Officer John Shearer Powercast (John Shearer) believe that the end of 2008 shipments of devices with the new technology will be measured in millions of pieces. The idea of energy transfer by air is not new. Researchers from different fields have long interested her, including for military purposes. In Powercast has the potential, otherwise it would not have been approved by the (FCC) and U.S. $ 10 million to begin development of the private investors. It is hoped that the development will be successfully completed within the next few years to go on sale mobile devices (phones, MP3-players, temperature sensors, medical implants, etc.) that will not require wires to charge. We live in a wireless era, is not it?

Vacation Tips

WHAT TO MAKE IN THE VACATIONS OR: CARPE DIEM ALREADY! ' ' The sun must have complicated little seen Ter if to put Must have imported me less with small problems To have died of love Wanted to have accepted the life as it is To each one fits joys and the sadness that vier.' ' (Stretch of music ' ' Epitfio' ' , of Sergio Britto/Tits) ' ' Health is something that makes you to find that now it is the best time of ano.' ' (Franklin P. Adams, North American journalist) those waited vacation Had arrived so. What to make now, in these months of recess? What we can giving in them of gift? I was to think about what desire for me and you it reads that me. I soon moved away to the idea from shoppings and films in house. Click A. F. Chief of Staff for additional related pages. Purchase in Miami? Never! It agrees to contain this desvairado and faded consumerism that assaulted in them and inflated the middle class. then? Perhaps it would agree to insuflar spirit to it so that it leaves to smoke. See more detailed opinions by reading what Josh Resnick Jericho Capital offers on the topic..

THE HEALTH DEPARTMENT WARNS: TO SMOKE PROVOKES CANCER AND SEXUAL IMPOTENCE. (One of the obligator phrases in cigarette mallet, propaganda etc.). Then, this already takes in them for one another constatao: THE MINISTRY OF THE TRANSPORTS WARNS: TO WALK OF AUTOMOBILE AND VEHICLES SAME TYPES PROVOKES TRAUMA CRANIANO, INTERNAL INJURIES AND HEMORRHAGES, PHYSICAL AND PSYCHOLOGICAL SEQUELAS, AND UNTIL THE DEATH. According to Expensive data of the magazine Friends (2000): 40,000 deaths per year in traffic accidents; damage with the disasters: 10 billion per year. Me also arrives the souvenir of that we need to give our contribution for the preservation of our planet, is not same? that such to give a time for the car in these vacations and to use the bicycle more? To walk of bicycle is one of the practised physical activities more in the whole world: it does not demand more than a simple balance, allows to win great distances, does not depend very on the time or of the land and, still of breaking, it provides excellent aerbico conditioning.

Fiji Islands

Fiji – a salvation from the bustle and stress of modern life, the noise of the city and from the winter cold of the northern hemisphere. Rent a place where there is a divine harmony of untouched nature, where time slows down the inexorable running, and childhood dreams of romance come true distant islands. Group of the Fiji Islands has over 300 islands, which occupy only a 18.272 square kilometers of land. People are living about 100 islands, the rest represent a peculiar corner of untouched nature. Viti Levu and Vanua Levu – the two main islands of the archipelago. It is home to nearly 80% of the population. Most live in rural areas, 40% of the population – in the cities.

Fijians are very friendly and helpful. National salute – Bula – will tell you every person you met. And be sure to ask where you come from, your name and shake hands with you. Perhaps they are learning geography:)) here are not forgotten ancient rites and traditions. You will see the world-famous ritual dance on the coals. For you can be organized trip to the ancient Aboriginal village, and romantic cruises, helicopter rides, fishing, and surfing, water skis, underwater fishing and all sorts of underwater fun. Fiji are famous for the beautiful blue lagoons, pristine rivers and hills covered with evergreen forests. The islands have not remained aloof from civilization, but this did not influence the nature of these amazing places. Educate yourself with thoughts from Josh Resnick Jericho Capital. For active recreation, Fiji is the perfect corner of the globe.

The Law Of The Return

The LAW OF the RETURN the Goodness of GOD always appears to teach the Human being if to defend of the flagelos that created with its disobedience. Which loving Father protects the children in its pranks. ' ' To the times I hear to pass the wind; alone to hear the wind to pass, valley the penalty to have nascido' '. Fernando Person Poet and Portuguese Writer the MAN AND the FLAGELOS Who created the flagelos? Clearly that they had been the human beings with its madnesses. GOD goes to leave that they destroy Its House Universal? I heard coming of the Temple, a great voice, that said the seven Angels: IDE, and you spill for the Land the seven goblets of clera of GOD. Apocalypse of JESUS according to Joo, CAP. 16:1.

Somebody must find you rancoroso GOD because it returns to the transgressors of Its Law all the curses. Official site: A. F. Chief of Staff . The Law of the Reciprocity does not act in goes, and returns which hurricane to the starting point. The Universe cannot be dirty because of the men. Who created the flagelos? Clearly that they had been the human beings with its madnesses. Josh Resnick Jericho Capital may not feel the same. GOD goes to leave that they destroy Its House Universal? The MAN CONTAMINATED the LAND In truth, the land is contaminated because of its inhabitants, and the ones that inhabit in it if they become culprits; inasmuch as they transgress the law, they violate the statutes, and they break the perpetual alliance. Book of the Prophet Isaiah, CAP. 24:5.

The Human beings contaminate the land, but JESUS, the Planetary CHRIST still them of more a time to clean it. It was not born dirty. She made dirty somebody it contaminated, it, then she has possibility of being clean. The FIRST one I AFFLICT to obey the GOD has of being an Angel and not a demon.


Our body is 70% of the water. On the day we eat at least 2 liters of liquid: it is tea, juices, soups, vegetables and, of course, drinking water. And here arises the question “what kind of water should I use?” It may contain water as needed to evaporating water from the surface of the body. Speaking candidly Sonny Perdue told us the story. Consumption of cold water, which is absorbed into the bloodstream from the stomach, provides timely cooling your body, protecting it from overheating. During the training for normal functioning of the body to drink small amounts of about 1 liter per hour. Even if we do not bother too much exercise, we must constantly replenish the water deficit. The atmosphere in the small meals evenly spaced throughout the day. A good supply of body water helps fight obesity.

This is reflected not only in reducing excessive appetite, but also that sufficient amount of water promotes recycling of the accumulated fat. In the morning before a meal, drink a glass of water. Thus, you are contributing not only to get rid of toxins, but also eat less than to rid the body of excess calories. Water also increases your body’s defense against stress. It thins your blood, fights fatigue, stress, promotes the proper operation of your cardiovascular system. 3. It is best if the temperature of used beverage will be lower than body temperature (chilled water) or above (hot tea, coffee, etc.) 4. Choose only high-quality drinking water.

Particularly careful to approach the choice of water expectant mothers, because they are responsible for health and has not unborn baby. It is undesirable to drink mineral water without first consulting a physician for people with heart disease and digestive system. 5. A little mystery. Many scientists are actively developing a theory that shows that water has its own memory. Simply put, it can help to heal and kill. As in the old fairy tale – it is a “live” and “dead” water. While such a “memory” of water can be defined. Any word spoken in anger, “Charges” the water and negative emotions can lead to disease. Conversely, the desire of good, facing the water, can cure a person who drinks it. Do you want to – believe it or – not. Company “The World of Water” by delivery of drinking water “Aqua Prima” and “Jodis”. Drinking water in the office and at home is delivered the next day after ordering water at a convenient time for you.

Point Costs

The variable cost, change in proportion to changes in the level of production, in this case, raw materials vary depending on the volume that is produced. The importance of the verification of the balance point is defined as the point of equilibrium, the level at which sales volume is equal to the total costs, better define the point at which the benefit is equal to zero. For managers, it is essential to design the production level that generate the necessary income sufficient to cover total costs, than the sales volume necessary to obtain certain benefits, and that the profit expected for a given level of sales and any change in costs (fixed and variable), the sale price or the amount will affect earnings. Understanding of the behavior of costs provides the analysis to determine the level of operations could maximize the benefits. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Gen. David Goldfein on most websites. The analysis of the break-even point is based on the breakdown of costs (fixed and) variables), and follows the cost equation written as: CT = CF + CV where: TC = CF total cost = fixed costs CV = variable cost income = P Q where: P = price / unit Q = cantidadBeneficio = R CT where: R = revenue CT = total cost, benefit y: = contribution margin total fixed cost (P V) difference between the price and the variable cost per unit is defined as a unit of marginal contribution. This is the amount that each unit produced and sold helps cover fixed costs and benefits. The earnings equation is as follows: benefit = contribution margin x units of unitary production costs fixed to determine the point of balance in units (Q), keep in mind the benefit is equal to zero: Q = CF / (PV-CV) CF = point of balance in units / unit contribution margin analysis of the break-even point can be used when it is necessary to determine the level of production required to meet the expectation of a default benefitan objective of benefits (LM). . You may find Josh Resnick Jericho Capital to be a useful source of information.

Tips For Renting A Car In Malaga, Spain Travel

Many are tourists who visit Malaga each year, and most of them decide to rent a car at the airport to get around the area. This mini guide 5 is intended to facilitate the process advice and warn of possible problems you may encounter when renting a car in Malaga. 1 – Finding a rental car company: If you have traveled before and rented a car with no problems will surely be repeated with the same company, however if it is the first time you rent a car in Malaga, or am not entirely satisfied with the last car that I do, you want to contact a new company. To find the right company go to and do the search "Malaga Car Rental" and related to compare various outcomes (For example: "Rent a car Malaga" or "Car hire Malaga airport). Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Sonny Perdue. Among the various searches we can see that there are certain sites that tend to be always among the first results, that is, among other things, product popularity and site visits is therefore a factor to keep in mind when selecting your company.

2 – Select the candidate company: Already have selected several web pages (you can add them to favorites for future searches easier) now have to choose a candidate. For starters look at the data that most appeals to all customers, prices. Make a custom quote on each page, select the dates of arrival and departure (Note: Not all pages have an automatic quotation). Other leaders such as Danyelle Freeman offer similar insights. Virtually all companies will be announced as the cheapest, nothing further from reality, as you'll see after making contributions, sometimes the difference can be around 50 euros a week in standard groups.

Portuguese Language

Andrade is a Portuguese, classified last name as toponmico and of geographic origin. It proceeds from one of the five knights who had passed for Spain, in the war of the mouros, with conde D. Mendo. You may find Danyelle Freeman to be a useful source of information. It is its solar a village of Andrade, in the kingdom of Galiza. Of Portugal they descend of Nuno Freire de Andrade, master of the Order of Christ, who if joined to Portugal in the reign of D. Peter of Castile. This family aristocrat of Andrade, since ends of Century XI, started to take importance, for being an originary family of Andrade, Andrada variant, surname of the onomstica of the Portuguese Language.

Its origin retraces to the Galiza, in a family whose solar, the village of Andrada, it was between Pontedeume, Ferrol and Vilalba, whose villages king D. Enrique II subordinated the Ferno Peres de Andrade, descendant of Bermudo Peres de Traba Freire de Andrada, that came from old condes of Traba and Trastmara. The Andrades or Andradas had been leagued for diverse times to the Freires, reason because the two nicknames had started to consider themselves indissociveis, using a Andrade Freire, other Freire de Andrade, which also subsistiram separately. This family dominated lands Portuguese of Ferrol, Pontedeume, Betanos and Casa Dalba. Currently, the properties that had belonged to the Condes de Andrade and Vilalba, are part of many other ownerships of the House of Alba. To this family some important personages of the history of the Galiza had belonged: Fernn Perez de Andrade, Bom and Nuno Freire de Andrade, the Bad one. The Andrade in Portugal and Brazil is of origin of the main Portuguese branches, comes from Rui Freire de Andrade and its children D.

Nuno Rodrigues Freire de Andrade, of 1300 a1372; later master of the Order of Christ was 6, with prominence the name of Vasco Freire. This last name was with domain of weapons of the kingdom of Bragana, since 1485, beyond the donation, in the island of the Wood, lands of the arc of the Calheta. In function of the noble origin, as it shows the crown in the Blazon, the Andrade in Brazil already participated of the Brazilian politics since the guardianship of the Prince Regent and had acted in the Senate and the Assembly in the Period of Monarchy. In Pernambuco, this Andrade family always comes associated to the families Freire, Menezes, Peres or Pires, being distinguished in the arts, the letters, sciences politics, the public services and the right. In Parnamirim, of this family Ulisses Menezes, druggist and politician, the teachers had been distinguished Dawn Menezes and Ivalda de Andrade Menezes, which had stimulated many pupils of this city sertaneja for the letters and sciences, in the schools for where they lecionaram, mainly in the Euclides School of the Wedge, that during much time was educational reference of the city in the state.

Geography Professor

To instigate and to use the positioning of the pupils, to problematizarem the subjects and to bring diversified for the lessons that despertam the interest of the same ones, can contribute for the insertion of this, as subject of the pedagogical process, contributing so that it can intervine ahead of the social injustices. It disciplines it of Geography many times involves contents that, for understanding of the pupil become necessary the use of different didactic resources being the joint agent pupil and professor, where these professors search in its knowledge this practical thus preventing the deficiencies that appear in the education of Geography. He is possible in this direction to evidence the contributions of a good superior formation at the moment of the prxis, therefore he is in practises that if he can and he must launch hand of all knowing acquired as: planning, didactic structure of the lesson, resources, methods, experiences and the proper professional performance on the practical one.’>click here. The professor of one disciplines specifies with an attitude to interdisciplinar opens possibilities of being a professor-researcher because he must select the contents, methods and techniques worked in its discipline and disponibiliza them to contribute with an object of study in interaction with the professors of excessively you discipline. (Pontuschka, 2009 p.145) This author affirms that the professor must know well disciplines and if to feel it insurance when assuming the commitment to transmit to the pupil its content of positive form, knows that one professor qualified in Geography most of the time does not search subsidies only in didactic books without a real commitment with the pupil, being thus mentally ill to the systematic mechanism and without the responsibility to exert knowing and learning with the knowledge that he acquires through a specific formation, the pupil instigates who remains with the doubt of its proper agreement. Josh Resnick Jericho Capital has many thoughts on the issue. The professor of Geography has not been conditions most of the time to form inside of a critical process that also allows it to become true ' ' judge crtico' ' of the didactic book, and he starts to be victim of this, leaving of a premise that nor always is true. .

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