Month: January 2013

The Smile

The bahian writer in them together with brings the narrator and it all a wealth of literary making that he confers its stories a singular beauty, the narratives of Aleilton Fonseca provides a form of catarse of our proper confined and not decided sadnesses, those that we place the part in the hard disk, the HD of our mind and leave latent when we come across in them with the thematic one of the death, described memories in its stories, forcibly to our souvenirs comes to tona. Therefore the stories of the writer Aleilton Fonseca have a therapeutical and purificadora function. The stories of Aleilton Fonseca perpassaram referring subjects the memories that allow death and life learning and induce the reader to rethink its condition of life. It always has a return to the past, souvenirs reminiscncias, memories, the man and its past, the past influencing and transforming trajectory of the life. The fidget and the thought of that the past could be different, and ahead of the impossibility to change the past think about what if it can now make the learning of the life through the death has a change of paradigm from the event death that can be seen in the 4 end of story ' ' The Smile of the Estrela' ' when the narrator confesses in the end: ' ' Now I feel that I am Dindinho' ' , the nickname that it rejected when its sister was alive. In the story ' ' The Smile of the Estrela' ' , we see the memories to the life and the death reveals a therapeutical workmanship, therefore, in them it places in a purificao state expurgation of soul to the one identifying in them with the situation and perceives the effort of deletion of the image of feminine ' ' I considered it one I ruin in mine vida' ' , ' ' He wanted much that morresse' '.

Philosophical Anthropology

As well as many natural phenomena, the man was rank in question and turned object research (or, if to want, research problem). However, to think and to take conclusions regarding the man are a little different of the other phenomena, therefore it is not only to knowledge of the studied object, but also about self-knowledge. Moreover, we are ahead of a very ambiguous animal, difficult conceptual definition. None another animal presented, in all natural history, a so inclined character the changes how much the man.

We can compare as many men of distant cultures how much those that divide the same culture: much more wide of what the other animals, between a man and another one have a clamorous difference, and such difference exceeds the organic limits; it is present in each decision that the man is capable to consider, through its personal or relative conceptions to the culture which it is part. For better understanding of the concept of the man it seems us of much importance to trace a description with some conceptions thought about elapsing of history of the philosophy, since such research is not only sent to the cassirerianas reflections, but to the problems considered for a Philosophical Anthropology. We could make a long research on the conceptions of man leaving of the old eastern philosophies, of millenarian tradition, that also would be of great importance to understand the phenomenon human, but the main objective of this recapitulation is to catch the basic aspects that had influenced the boarding of the symbolic animal man while, and, therefore, it will be more reasonable to initiate for the old Greeks, only searching some basic concepts to enrich reflections of posterior paragraphs. To speak on the conceptions conceived in Greece Old perhaps either the task most arduous, therefore we have an old and very peculiar culture here.

The Mountains

They can be and with the holes, use them whole part (pull the stockings are not necessarily completely). In any case, mending and stitching on the toes should not have scars, to rub his feet. Letham enough to have three pairs of wool socks and thin. Stockings or tights experienced tourists never worn. To traverse the most suitable sports clothing such as: shirts, cowboy shirt, light pants (Pants) or a cotton sweat suit, not constraining movements. In hot weather, where there is no place to scratch, wear shorts.

They are often used in conjunction with training suits – then you can sit on a log or fallen tree without fear of breaking thin trousers. Necessarily cover the head from the sun and wind with a scarf, a light hat with a visor, cap. A cold night rescue the wool caps. If you plan to swim, tan, do not forget a swimsuit or trunks. Too close underwear (never synthetic!) Leads to abrasions – injury while not fatal, but extremely painful. Often, even on warm days when the sun becomes a hundred cool (especially the large temperature difference in the mountains) – need warm pants and a sweater. In addition, they will warm if cloudy weather will get wet in the rain.

(Note that the wet wool and warm. And instead of one thick sweater advantageous to have two thin – it is easier to regulate its temperature, will not have to bathe in warm clothes too.) At the same time useful spare shirt and underwear – in a multi-day hike they are required. Like a cloak harboring a person, along with wearing a backpack.


Practice of free diving has a long history. Today, free diving – a sport, art and philosophy. There's nothing more exciting than an immersion into the elements of water, blue abyss, towards the spectacular adventure. Freediving in this regard something like a climbing – from the perspective of the inhabitant ascent to the summit – a meaningless and dangerous occupation. But thousands of people – another point of view, many can not see my life without it hobbies. Freediving – it's the same conquest of peaks. And more and more people sink to the bottom to test themselves and experience life as deeply as it is impossible under any other circumstances, besides the first breath, which makes freediver on his return to the surface of the water athletes dive freedivers tens of meters.

In one of the disciplines of freediving – dive without fins – 27-year-old New Zealand freediver William set a world record, plunging 81 meters (2007). Of course, freediving is fraught with many dangers. Immersion with breath-holding can potentially lead to oxygen starvation of the brain, loss of consciousness and drowning. Therefore, freediving training without an instructor is not desirable. Nevertheless, this style of life drew and continues to attract many people. The answer to the question "why" can be gleaned from the statements of famous climber B.

Babanov: "When I asked why people are so tempting mountain – I say that this kind of drug. This is not a stamp, it really is. Those who have ever felt dizzy from lack of oxygen in the freezing cold and searing ozone wind, want to try it again and again. I do not know how other stupefying substances, but I know that most of those killed in the mountain climbers lost their lives with a smile of happiness on his face, as under the influence of the natural in the nature of the drug did not understand what is happening, why and where are they "fly" "