The Mountains

They can be and with the holes, use them whole part (pull the stockings are not necessarily completely). In any case, mending and stitching on the toes should not have scars, to rub his feet. Letham enough to have three pairs of wool socks and thin. Stockings or tights experienced tourists never worn. To traverse the most suitable sports clothing such as: shirts, cowboy shirt, light pants (Pants) or a cotton sweat suit, not constraining movements. In hot weather, where there is no place to scratch, wear shorts.

They are often used in conjunction with training suits – then you can sit on a log or fallen tree without fear of breaking thin trousers. Necessarily cover the head from the sun and wind with a scarf, a light hat with a visor, cap. A cold night rescue the wool caps. If you plan to swim, tan, do not forget a swimsuit or trunks. Too close underwear (never synthetic!) Leads to abrasions – injury while not fatal, but extremely painful. Often, even on warm days when the sun becomes a hundred cool (especially the large temperature difference in the mountains) – need warm pants and a sweater. In addition, they will warm if cloudy weather will get wet in the rain.

(Note that the wet wool and warm. And instead of one thick sweater advantageous to have two thin – it is easier to regulate its temperature, will not have to bathe in warm clothes too.) At the same time useful spare shirt and underwear – in a multi-day hike they are required. Like a cloak harboring a person, along with wearing a backpack.