Month: February 2016

February People

And one of these things is to glide. Then, first that you are going to do it is a list of all the things that if they worked to you and another one list with all the things that did not work you in the 2009. And in the 2010 my recommendation it is that you continue doing everything what worked and you stop to you doing everything what did not work to you. This clearly! Secondly, it writes your goals. You do a list of all goals, your personal goals, your familiar goals, your spiritual goals, your professional goals, your goals of money for the 2010.

Because I believe that so that we are successful in the 2010 our life must be balanced in the personnel, relative, spiritual and the businesses. Then he writes all goals with pencil and paper. I explain to you why: In February of the year 2003 American newspaper the USA it presented/displayed an article about the resolutions of New Year. In the previous year the newspaper had interviewed to hundreds of people about his of its goals and of its resolutions of New Year, and they divided to the people interviewed people in two groups: the group of that they put his goals in writing and the group of which their goals did not write, that only thought about them. And a year later, these were the results: of the group of the people who made resolutions, but that did not write them, only 4% of these people made some changes. But, surprising, a 46% of the group of the people who wrote their goals, they obtained yes them. A difference of a 42%, only by the simple fact to put the goals in writing. For that reason I ask to you that you write your goals.

Something magical happens when you take the time to write your goals and you accompany if them with a plan and if takings action every day, you are going to gain momentum. And when you gain momentum nobody is going to you to be able to stop, you will practically be unstoppable and happen to be member of a select group of people, that 3% of the world-wide population that has its clear goals in writing and, that it has a plan and that a reality takes action every day to make its goals. Third party, you must write your plan. To write passage by step everything what you must make to obtain your goals. So that you can obtain your goals in the 2010 you must know exactly what you want, you must have a plan to obtain it and must take action every day and to be arranged to do what you must make to obtain it easy that, that simple. This is what separates to successful people of the mediocre ones. The successful people are prepared to do what they must make to obtain his goals, although have desire or Then no., your commitment is to finish your plan and it does not matter that he is not perfect. But most important she is than she is finished before the 31 of December. She is clearly! I have your commitment? Muvete at the speed of the instructions! In the next article I give you more ideas to create spectacular a 2010. Goals, strategy, action!


The persistence is an essential part for the success of a business. The persistence is to stay trying in spite of the obstacles that appear. The persistence is united to the action because she is the one that allows us to continue advancing instead of to retire to us. The persistence is united to several other aspects influence that it and that are the motivation, desire and the vision that we have of a specific objective. We think about the persistence like a tripod, if one of these aspects this weak one, the other by but strong that are, cannot support the persistence. Three advice to increase these three aspects and therefore to grow the persistence: Motivation:this is essential because she is the one that moves to us to make the things, without her we will tend to procrastinar and not to do nothing.

The motivation we can increase when creating a list to it of positive aspects with respect to the goal that we set out to reach, the following questions can be useful: *How it will change my life once arrives puts? *What benefits I see towards the attainment of my goal? *To those who I am more going to benefit with this? Desire: according to the degree of intensity with that we want our goal, in that degree we are going to work to obtain it. If desire is intense east will influence in the motivation to reach it and therefore all the necessary one will become to obtain it. You are questions would help him to identify its degree of desire: *This goal gets passionate to me? *When fodder in reaching the goal I am touched? *What I am arranged to make to reach this goal? Vision: this will be the one in charge to give the course us, the direction of where we want to arrive. With motivation and desire it is possible to obtain many things but the vision makes lack you are will not have course, will not have intention.But only with vision they would lack the actions that the motivation and desire contribute. You are questions would help to determine the vision him of its objective goal or: *Which is the intention of this goal? *I am arranged to dedicate to him all along necessary to reach it? *I see clearly what I want from the beginning? As we improved each of these qualities (motivation, desire and vision) the persistence is fortified.

The persistence will allow that in spite of the problems,we have the desire to face them and to take a step more than others they are not arranged to give. The vision marks the long term way, desire to us maintains walking in him and the motivation I allow us to advance a step simultaneously. In a question-answer forum Carrier was the first to reply. These three aspects are due to develop gradually and as we conducted more battle towards our objective, they will be fortified. The persistence is very important to reach our goals, these will depend on our capacity to continue in spite of the obstacles. Original author and source of the article.


In this case, we are teaching to the children whom only a way are to secure the money: Being used. But, if besides sending life leaves, we began to devise forms to make money without using to us, they will learn that there are other suitable ways to obtain it. Details can be found by clicking Finally, it remembers that is probable that to the children to whom NEVER nothing refuses to them than they want, is more difficult to them to be proactive with the money. Nevertheless, we can change: We and they.

We can learn to say in front of some requests of the children and not to invite them to that they by themselves find the way to obtain what they wish, supporting them in this process. We can teach to them to that they find something whereupon to dream and goals are put to reach those dreams with their own effort. Like the phrase of Hodding journalist Carter: the main legacy that we can leave the children, is roots and wings. I want to emphasize in the wings. To give wings is to teach to the proactive, enterprising children to be, to have initiative against the life, to be able to obtain its ideals. A way to give wings, is to teach them to them to obtain what they wish by his own means and to enjoy its profits. Source: Note of Press sent by vannesakol.

Legal Peruvian

And as far as the legislation of banks it only is of application to banking companies, thus is clear that it deserves the corresponding studies, to increase to the field of application of the law to all the societies through a law all this within the Peruvian right. 14. POSTER the poster is an assumption of enterprise concentration, which has deserved really few studies in the Peruvian right. Thus we recommended its study on the part of the treaty writers, that are those that creates doctrine, so that it spreads on the part of the legal operators. The poster happens between companies, therefore, is not exclusive of the societies, nor of no other type of company, in such sense exists poster of societies, poster of individual companies of limited responsibility, poster of cooperatives, poster of communal companies, poster of industralists who exert the company like natural people, among others. The poster is not defined in the Peruvian legislation, therefore, is clear that its corresponding regulation deserves to have major legal security in the same, since is not recommendable in these cases of going to other sources or parts or elements of the right. In such sense we hoped in the future not very distant to count in the Peruvian state with a legislation on the enterprise posters or karteles, of such form that looks for major facility the economic agents to invest in a more and more competitive market as it is the Peruvian market. In the doctrine we found abundant definitions of poster, thus we were sent the same to have solids knowledge straight exceeds enterprise or right of the businesses or right of the company, in a market like in the Peruvian that exists little information on this branch of the right. What the poster looks for is to maintain the autonomy of the companies but to occupy the market, in such sense if for example a poster of companies is constituted that make soda waters is clear that they are possible to be occupied the market, with a view to its domination.

Consumer Research

Friends, on the road to our financial security, we must overcome many obstacles; in my case, the first problem he suffered was the be a compulsive buyer, and always lived in a State of denial in this regard. See better with this analogy you look in the mirror and say I’m a little fat?, actually, weigh 125 Kg is not much, I am a little big but is not nothing worry. Blood pressure and my tiredness due to that I’ve been working very hard. See, until we arrived not at the root of the matter (eat in more, eat fat, our weakness for sweets, zero exercises) can not start a diet to get in shape. Only when I understood that I had a problem wanting to buy everything, managed to extricate me from that economic weight.

It was not easy, but I did a review myself and I got the following:-when I was despondent, used to go shopping and returned home laden with packages. -Bought something and, shortly after, lost interest in that object. Then gave it, it He threw or kept it in a box. -I had trouble making ends meet because as soon as it was paid he was spending a good amount in unnecessary whims. Go to Carrier for more information. -People around me told me once about my taste ridiculous for purchases. Almost all my daily activities involve a payment of some kind. What we did not think that sometimes, we have the idea that a greater number of consumed products, increases the degree of acceptance and admiration of others. In Spain, 10% of young people are compulsive buyers. According to the Journal for Consumer Research, these compulsive purchases relate episodes of depression and anxiety. In United States, a study reported in the book Born to Buy, shows that 88% of 15 year olds are consistent with a visit to a special place, and the need to buy something, these are each 8 youth 7! Through this page, I managed to get a test that measured if you are a (buyer (compulsive a) a) (a).

Brazil Consumerism

Increasingly products are differentiated, the companies manufactured a wide variety of them, that supported by well-designed advertising campaigns and encouraging the behavior of consumers in the acquisition of these pro, has with led still exaggerated consumerism, where many of the needs that meet are artificial and caused serious problems in behavior, personality of the consumers themselves to lead to many serious social problems, security, theft, deaths for its acquisition. An interesting writing, where noted, that the current economic and political development is characterized, according to the latest report from the Worldwatch, more than by the victory of capitalism provides us with on this topic communism, by consumerism. Today consumerism dominates the minds and the hearts of millions of people, substituting to religion, family and politics. The compulsive consumption of goods is the main cause of environmental degradation. Technological change enables us to produce more of it that we demand and offer more of what we need. Consumption and economic growth without end is the paradigm of the new religion, where the increase in consumption is a way of life necessary to maintain economic activity and employment. The consumption of goods and services, of course, is essential to satisfy human needs, but when it exceeds certain threshold, which is around 7,000 euros per year per person, is transformed into consumerism. 1.7 billion consumers, 2.8 billion poor in the world consumer society integrate it 1,728 million, 28% of the world’s population: 242 million in United States (84% of its population), 349 million in Western Europe (89% of the population), 120 million live in Japan (95%), 240 million in China (just 19% of its population)122 million in India (12%), 61 million in Russia (43%), 58 million in Brazil (33%) and only 34 million in sub-Saharan Africa (5% of the population). Total countries 816 million consumers (80% of the population) live in industrialized and 912 million in developing countries (only 17% of the population of the third world).

Consumers Care

In an article on the roll of the consumers in the present time, elaborated by the newspaper the Universal one, he is written that: and personal l must include/understand that to take care of the client well it is not to take care of in the simple sense of the word, but influence gente” positively; , according to Alberto Patio, specialist in communications To lower the exigencies in the selection of personnel is translated in I mistreat to the public ” I recognize that I committed error” , Julia confesses Diaz, who identified itself as usuary frequents of the meter of Caracas. ” That day did not have money to buy ticket and tried to use the ticket of student of my daughter When I tried to happen through the bell crank, an operator stopped to me and instead of to draw attention to me of educated form, me it removed from the place to shouts and with insultos”. How many times it has listened to similar histories of which one has felt mistreated by the personnel of a company of services? Or rather how many times it has undergone ” in meat propia” the annoyance of to be taken care of with disinterestedness, scorn or coldness by the ones in charge of the premises? He is because the operator of bank treated telephone it to ” patadas”. Or the teller of the pharmacy exceeded his confidence when calling it ” my amor”. Or the employee of the bakery threw the coffee to him because she dawned of the bad humor.