Consumers Care

In an article on the roll of the consumers in the present time, elaborated by the newspaper the Universal one, he is written that: and personal l must include/understand that to take care of the client well it is not to take care of in the simple sense of the word, but influence gente” positively; , according to Alberto Patio, specialist in communications To lower the exigencies in the selection of personnel is translated in I mistreat to the public ” I recognize that I committed error” , Julia confesses Diaz, who identified itself as usuary frequents of the meter of Caracas. ” That day did not have money to buy ticket and tried to use the ticket of student of my daughter When I tried to happen through the bell crank, an operator stopped to me and instead of to draw attention to me of educated form, me it removed from the place to shouts and with insultos”. How many times it has listened to similar histories of which one has felt mistreated by the personnel of a company of services? Or rather how many times it has undergone ” in meat propia” the annoyance of to be taken care of with disinterestedness, scorn or coldness by the ones in charge of the premises? He is because the operator of bank treated telephone it to ” patadas”. Or the teller of the pharmacy exceeded his confidence when calling it ” my amor”. Or the employee of the bakery threw the coffee to him because she dawned of the bad humor.