Global Crisis

With its immense wealth in natural resources and biodiversity, relatively stable force of young work and financial systems, Latin America has capacity to face present crisis” successfully; , it indicates Lozoya. Despite ” social” does not have to lose of view the long term challenge to harmonize the economic expansion with the progress; President Lula will disertar, on the subject ” Implicancias of the global economic crisis in America Latina”. The program of the encounter is based on the following thematic axes: concrete answers to the public crisis, construction of bridges between regions, integration, policies for viable growth, and opportunities for a green development cycle. It indicates to us, that the president of Brazil, Luiz Incio Lula da Silva inaugurated the event with the subject ” Consequences of world-wide the economic crisis in Latin America. ” The program was created to generate critical mass to examine the form in which the region is responding to the economic crisis and it is based on five pillars: the answer of proactive way to the economic recession, the construction of relations between Regions; of Integration for the Construction of a Better Future, Political Public for the sustainable Growth and the challenges and opportunities for an ecological development cycle. The complete program is available here. The co-chairmans of the meeting are the high level of the companies in World-wide the Economic Forum in Latin America: Jim Goodnight, CEO of SAS Institute, the United States, Lord Levene, president of Lloyd” s of the United Kingdom, Marcelo Odebrecht Bay, CEO of Engineering and Odebrecht Construction of Brazil and President of Odebrecht Group in Brazil, Ricardo Marine Villela, CEO for Latin America of the Ita Bank, Unibanco, Brazil, and Timothy P. Flynn, President of KPMG International, KPMG, the United States. The Brazilian agent chief executive and his pairs Uribe and Fernandez travel later to Trinidad and Tobago to participate in the Summit of the Americas that will take place from the 17 to the 19 of April, to also analyze the common challenges that they face the towns of the continent before the global crisis.


February People

And one of these things is to glide. Then, first that you are going to do it is a list of all the things that if they worked to you and another one list with all the things that did not work you in the 2009. And in the 2010 my recommendation it is that you continue doing everything what worked and you stop to you doing everything what did not work to you. This clearly! Secondly, it writes your goals. You do a list of all goals, your personal goals, your familiar goals, your spiritual goals, your professional goals, your goals of money for the 2010.

Because I believe that so that we are successful in the 2010 our life must be balanced in the personnel, relative, spiritual and the businesses. Then he writes all goals with pencil and paper. I explain to you why: In February of the year 2003 American newspaper the USA it presented/displayed an article about the resolutions of New Year. In the previous year the newspaper had interviewed to hundreds of people about his of its goals and of its resolutions of New Year, and they divided to the people interviewed people in two groups: the group of that they put his goals in writing and the group of which their goals did not write, that only thought about them. And a year later, these were the results: of the group of the people who made resolutions, but that did not write them, only 4% of these people made some changes. But, surprising, a 46% of the group of the people who wrote their goals, they obtained yes them. A difference of a 42%, only by the simple fact to put the goals in writing. For that reason I ask to you that you write your goals.

Something magical happens when you take the time to write your goals and you accompany if them with a plan and if takings action every day, you are going to gain momentum. And when you gain momentum nobody is going to you to be able to stop, you will practically be unstoppable and happen to be member of a select group of people, that 3% of the world-wide population that has its clear goals in writing and, that it has a plan and that a reality takes action every day to make its goals. Third party, you must write your plan. To write passage by step everything what you must make to obtain your goals. So that you can obtain your goals in the 2010 you must know exactly what you want, you must have a plan to obtain it and must take action every day and to be arranged to do what you must make to obtain it easy that, that simple. This is what separates to successful people of the mediocre ones. The successful people are prepared to do what they must make to obtain his goals, although have desire or Then no., your commitment is to finish your plan and it does not matter that he is not perfect. But most important she is than she is finished before the 31 of December. She is clearly! I have your commitment? Muvete at the speed of the instructions! In the next article I give you more ideas to create spectacular a 2010. Goals, strategy, action!


Consumers Care

In an article on the roll of the consumers in the present time, elaborated by the newspaper the Universal one, he is written that: and personal l must include/understand that to take care of the client well it is not to take care of in the simple sense of the word, but influence gente” positively; , according to Alberto Patio, specialist in communications To lower the exigencies in the selection of personnel is translated in I mistreat to the public ” I recognize that I committed error” , Julia confesses Diaz, who identified itself as usuary frequents of the meter of Caracas. ” That day did not have money to buy ticket and tried to use the ticket of student of my daughter When I tried to happen through the bell crank, an operator stopped to me and instead of to draw attention to me of educated form, me it removed from the place to shouts and with insultos”. How many times it has listened to similar histories of which one has felt mistreated by the personnel of a company of services? Or rather how many times it has undergone ” in meat propia” the annoyance of to be taken care of with disinterestedness, scorn or coldness by the ones in charge of the premises? He is because the operator of bank treated telephone it to ” patadas”. Or the teller of the pharmacy exceeded his confidence when calling it ” my amor”. Or the employee of the bakery threw the coffee to him because she dawned of the bad humor.



The human species does not dominate its surroundings completely, does not have visualized its destiny, nor the way to reach it. " The irrationalities of the last century show meager of the limits of our capacity for the conscious control of ours destino." 1 Much less is had defined the objectives that would have to be reached. Then in what position is the civilization? This question, would demand to delimit exactly to which civilization we are talking about. We must clarify that due to the globalising processes that we have lived from the European trips to east and the discovery on America; and that in our days has reached points truly advanced; we will understand to all the humanity like a same civilization where different cultures converge. Having clarified this, the man and his civilization, nowadays are located in an ambivalent position. On the one hand we have been witnesses of impressive and unimaginable technological advances, even for the minds more Vernesianas, in several areas of knowledge emphasizing the following: Telecommunications (century XX lived a true revolution with Internet, the cellular and wireless technology, the social networks, satelite applications, GPS, et cetera), Robotics and Mechatronics, Nanotecnologa, Genetics, Biotechnology, between many others, all of them with direct or indirect repercussions in our lives. Unfortunately on the other hand, we have neglected like civilization aspects that assure the sustainability our model, when sobreexplotar the natural resources, contaminating descontroladamente to the planet, to alter the ecosystems, to increase the number of poor men, to increase the concentration of the wealth in few hands, not to solve the conflict of unemployment and under employment, among others problems who contaminate the social weave, like the drug trafficking deals with, it people, the infantile operation, et cetera. It is of public dominion the knowledge of the damage that the man has caused to the planet and itself (" the man is the wolf of hombre" , Hobes), in its eagerness to modify its surroundings.

Prime Minister

Life should be a search. Not a desire, but a search; not an ambition of becoming this or the other, the President of a country or a Prime Minister, but a search to discover: who am I? Life should be a continuous celebration, a festival of lights throughout the year. Only then you can grow, you can flourish. It transforms the small things in celebration. Life is not a prison, is not a punishment.

It is a reward and it is given only to those who have earned it, to those who deserve it. Now have the right to enjoy. It would be a sin if we do not go against the existence if we do not embellish it, if we simply leave it as we find it. No, leave it a little happier, more beautiful, more fragrant. Indeed, we must seize the changes that occur, the steady continuity of them, signs, signals, teachings that involves, we don’t waste our time, awaken and act within this continuity that allows us to grow, increasing our level of growth and learning, know cultivate our actions so that the spirit is enriched of the changes. He says Osho Furthermore, that life because it is bubbling within us.

Only we can contact her there. The temple is not abroad; one is his sanctuary. That is why the first thing you have to remember, if we want to know what is life, is: never seek it on the outside, never try to discover it in someone. The meaning It cannot be transferred in this way. The greatest masters have never said anything about life, always you us returned to oneself. The second thing we must remember is: once we know what is life, know what is death. Death is part of the same process. In general we believe that death comes at the end, we usually believe that death is opposed to life, we usually believe that death is the enemy, but death is not the enemy. And if we see death as the enemy this simply demonstrates that we have not been able to know what is life. Death and life are two polarities of the same energy, the same phenomenon, the flux and reflux, day and night, summer and winter. They are not separated and they are not opposites or contrary. They are complementary. Ultimately the visa is a generating continuity of changes, we cannot neglect and take advantage of them.

The Buyer

With the great amount of users interconnected at world-wide level, this new one half of sales must be profiteer immediately by the companies that wish to penetrate in the last technologies and it interests promoting to them his products in search of potential clients who could be located across of the world. And that so difficult is to initiate a virtual store? Thanks to the great amount of companies involved in this field, he is very simple to have a virtual store. With services like Yahoo store, that allow to put to work a virtual store in 10 minutes without needing greater knowledge of the network and a minimum investment, thousands of people are proving luck in this new market. The unique problem? The demand has been so much that stops to be able to excel is necessary to have a good strategy of sales, a product that is of easy shipment and that it does not need the direct bonding with the buyer (for example a book or a CD is something that I can buy without needing seeing it, but a house or an automobile is things that are better to know before buying). And finally to be able to present a business and of obtaining that it generates sales, it is necessary an advertising strategy that it as much promotes the virtual means site of Internet like in traditional mass media like the radius and television. and you want to know: And that there is of the payment? And that there is of the security?


Pagerank, that object of desire after which all the Webmasters runs, with the illusion to increase it, is simply a complex mathematical calculation, used by Google to calculate the popularity of the Web sites. That is to say, the index, has looked for most objective possible, to know which site is more important, and to be able to grant some more or less logical hierarchy to him, to the ordering of the 3,000 million Internet sites that there is in the Network of Networks. In order to calculate pagerank, incoming Link is taken to each as a species of vote that the other sites of Internet do to that page. That is to say, whichever greater amount of incoming links has a site, higher his pagerank. Also they influence in pagerank the quality of links that goes to our site. Meaning that the more high he is pagerank of the sites that linkean to us, the more favorable it will be for our own pagerank. Thus, a single connection of quality can make a difference, as soon as improvements in our numbers significant.

All the links are not considered by Google. In first term, those links that are preceded by the attribute, do not count at the time of elaborating pagerank. This responds to a effort to control the Spam, and the little ethical ways that exist to try to influence in this index. This way, it does not agree to include in our site I connect towards penalized sites (whose pagerank is of zero) nor towards which farms of links are denominated , fraudulent created sites to generate incoming links. The sites that connect to us, cannot damage to us, but the sites to which we connected, if. But, why it serves really pagerank? When the lists are armed of natural results, that arise when somebody makes a consultation in Google, the seeking take into account two great groups of factors: the inherent ones to the page, controlable by the Webmaster. For example, the textual content of the page, tags that includes in the source code of the site, etc. and, the other great group of factors, is external elements to the page, like incoming links, and pagerank. Then, if we sell properties in Ibiza, and the consultation of a user is that in particular, we want to above go out listings good in the natural results. It is a fact of the life that does not serve to leave listing beyond page two, because the sites that leave well high in the list of natural results, since the possibility that is higher that lead (possible client) ends up closing its purchase with the first sites that sees listings.

Jenny War Hernandez

For it, a game search of the treasure can be presented/displayed where each student and student the English language must solve a series of tests using. 7 the pupils will realise a small individual test using Moodle to verify the real level of acquisition of the worked contents. 8 the students will review the initial questionnaire to autoevaluar their progresses and a dialogue between all the class will settle down to speak of the changes undergone in its perceptions and the attributions that, after the didactic experience, they do towards the learning of the foreign language. Linguistic competitions to develop by the students: * To put in practice metacognitivas strategies like self-evaluation and evaluation to learn of the own errors. * To use mental strategies as the note taking, organization of ideas and the independent practice of the skill. * To acquire affective strategies like the relaxation and the concentration in the task.

* To practice social strategies like the interaction with English people to organize, to evaluate and to practice the development in the use of the different skills. It is important to indicate that this type of methodology requires a high level of previous preparation on the part of the educational one, reason why is not necessary to be discouraged if the first experiences that carry out with the students and students are not since it had been planned. The way of the constructivism becomes like everything, working of continuous and collaborative form, leaning as much in the own experience as in the observations that do so much to us the students as the educational colleagues.