Month: April 2014

The Creation

He looked at his most recent painting, thought how to finish it. She felt that it was time to leave and was about to retire. -What’s this painting? -. Paul suddenly said. The girl is he surprised a little, for months only had spoken enough. She approached a little until the work to watch it carefully. It was a beautiful night scenery, a lake and in the Center an island with two elephants, gathering their horns and forming a heart shape with them, in the background a beautiful white moon. Bela had never been to watch the pictures of Nochelin, it was not any art lover, but he understood the beauty and that picture was very beautiful.

-It is a very beautiful picture-. Replied. -For me it is a very hypocritical-. -Does hypocrite? -. The girl was much surprised. Pablo looked firmly the creation. Then he walked to a nearby table, sat down in it and was thinking.

Bela, meanwhile, sat in the only Chair that there was. I hope that Pablo escapes from this torpor, of that reflection. He looked out the window in the morning light. -Hypocrisy is the pretence of feelings contrary to those who truly experience-. He began his words and then the He looked. He is assumed that this is a painting that represents love, the couple and the union. But in reality, as the creator, I do not give credit to what I see, I think it is a farce-. -Then, excuse my frankness, but here the hypocrite is you and not the paint. Bela told him. Pablo looked at her. He felt that the girl was an insolent, but maybe he was telling the truth. It was quiet. -Since I know what I wanted to know about you, know by which so much sadness, so much suffering and so much rancor. Why have you chosen to hide from life in the midst of four walls.

The Ethical

Is there that the Manager to act as coach – in a context of leadership transformer – not enough for you increase its – necessarily perfectible – purely linguistic or cognitive powers but it requires – besides – master skills emotional and bodily to facilitate you to him – and the groups in charge – reach optimum performance individual, group and organizational situations, leading to the achievement of high levels of prosperity and happiness. Happiness – unlike any other human purpose – is a final purpose: it is never a means to another end, it is the only end in itself. Hence the need for the Executive of achieve – even – spiritual comfort: clarity and peace of mind. This implies not circumvent the ethical aspects related to values: Conversely, implies to tackle them with strength, courage and wit (in accordance with each and every one of the other relevant organizational aspects: symbols, systems and structures, people and skills, and allocation of responsibilities and resources). A Manager, candidate for transformer leader and Coach, requires both thoroughly understand what this means as also learn to idealized influence, generate inspirational motivation, achieving intellectual stimulation, and individualized consideration. Leadership transformational and action in this context is understood is understood as the exercise of influence and guide on the management of knowledge, commitment and coordination of actions, to achieve the purposes stated. A distinctive point in this leadership, is through an appropriate management structure, to allow the participation of all school stakeholders in various areas of school management; and in particular to teachers, his particular contribution to the institution, will demand them through the exercise of their own leadership. Bass and Avolio (1994) argue that while more active and effective is the most transformational leader he will be. The transformational leadership construct is associated to inspire employees in four different ways: influence through ideal (II), inspirational motivation (my), intellectual stimulation (EI), individualized consideration (CI).

Baba Gitananda

We’ll see where it ends for me. After a long journey, the coolie stopped in an alley so narrow that barely it could almost pass the cart. Panting for the effort and breathy voice, said: Sir, I will look inside the House. Enter in a few moments. The Western was really surprised.

Would have taken him up there to steal or, even worse, even for that maybe hit you or removed the life? It was indeed a filthy alley. How was he going to live there Baba Gitananda nor any spiritual mentor? Hesitated and thought even flee. But resorting to all his courage, he decided to get the cart and entering the House that had penetrated the coolie. I was scared, but it was overcome. It went through a hallway that flowed in a room that was in murkiness and where smelled of sandalwood. To the bottom of it, he saw the silhouette of a man in deep meditation. He was slowly approaching the Yogi, sitting in on an antelope skin Lotus position and attitude meditation.

!What would not be surprise to see that this man was the coolie who had led him there! Despite the low light of the stay, the Western could see the loving and calm eyes of the coolie, and contemplate the slow movement of his lips to say: I am Baba Gitananda. Here I have, my friend. ** The Maestro said: because we have a mind full of prejudices, conventionalism and all sorts of preconceived ideas, disturbs our vision and our discernment becomes distorted. Taken from classic tales of the India compiled by Ramiro Calle NI TU NI YO SOMO the same the Buddha was more awake man of his time. No one understood the human suffering and developed the benevolence and compassion. Among his cousins, the perverse Devadatta, always jealous of the teacher was and tried to discredit him and even prepared to kill him.

Never Makes

It decided to recommence of the zero, and to forget everything what it had. To write a new history. I feel that the time goes to put in charge itself to erase the past all! Exactly thus my heart insists on saying that I to love did not have you. But my soul cries out the opposite, that still wait I must you! I confess. Ian Sinclairs opinions are not widely known. That the love that I feel for you is immense, and has the capacity to support has in the two.

It finds that still it can give certain? You continue being my only love My reason, my solution I feel times to them the wind backwards its I smell, to only alucinar me, Is as if he wanted to say that I am completely dependent of its presence, That never I will be entire if you will not be to my side. The time to make to understand wants me that I am only when this together has me How we were made one for the other and I already perceived, I already I understood! Its smile opens the doors of the paradise. your look makes simply me to enxergar through the blackout makes, me to float, As in cotton clouds It makes to feel me the person more carried through. For we I know that the time it passed, more still we can rewrite our history. It cannot thus be so difficult! We will rescue all the moments of utmost importance, we incase only the main parts! It will be that we are capable to live an intense passion? Everything what I make and see makes me to remember you! Your voice is as music tranquilizes, me, calms, You is my protective angel, my salvation, my force! is for you that I raise all the mornings believing that the day will be always wonderful, that the nights never will be rainy. It is that in the stars it will be written only our names For you meeting the capacity never to give up and always to believe that everything always will be well, Never if forgets that always I will be here, goes to wait the time to you that will be necessary. That with you, I will go until the end of the world nor flame that consumes everything that is in its front, Nor cold and frozen storms Nor snowstorm in cold nights will make, me to give up this great love! It finds that still it can give certain?

The Communist

Do not panic: is an old joke Soviet. The Communist leaders decided to do an experiment to discover whether there was some dignity in the Soviet people and even when it was willing to endure the humiliation and mistreatment of the Communist dictatorship. After several tests in the purest style sado, causing neither the slightest sign of protest by the people, the Soviet bosses decided to resort to the last and final test. It was an announcement tomorrow are expected to all the Soviet people in the cemetery to dig a collective grave where enterrarian live to all. After listening to this ad someone, among the vast crowd the Soviet people timidly raised a hand. Finally someone protests, they were glad the Soviet leaders (had failed to completely annihilate the dignity of his battered people!!). -What do you ask? went to the bold. – Las tools to dig the grave: we have to take them with us or comrades going us heads to facilitate in the cemetery?.

There are voices of protest in Cuba. It is the voice of Guillermo Farinas and their exiled colleagues. Also follow the dissidents in Cuban prisons. And when I now see Fidel walking with his olive green reminds me of a character in the work by Tirso de Molina. Called stone guest and only abandoned its pedestal to bring someone to the Tomb. So the Fidel now. So it has always been. Once there was fifty years (in the 1960s) that already it was willing to end once all the Cuban people in a nuclear apocalypse. Original author and source of the article.