The Communist

Do not panic: is an old joke Soviet. The Communist leaders decided to do an experiment to discover whether there was some dignity in the Soviet people and even when it was willing to endure the humiliation and mistreatment of the Communist dictatorship. After several tests in the purest style sado, causing neither the slightest sign of protest by the people, the Soviet bosses decided to resort to the last and final test. It was an announcement tomorrow are expected to all the Soviet people in the cemetery to dig a collective grave where enterrarian live to all. After listening to this ad someone, among the vast crowd the Soviet people timidly raised a hand. Finally someone protests, they were glad the Soviet leaders (had failed to completely annihilate the dignity of his battered people!!). -What do you ask? went to the bold. – Las tools to dig the grave: we have to take them with us or comrades going us heads to facilitate in the cemetery?.

There are voices of protest in Cuba. It is the voice of Guillermo Farinas and their exiled colleagues. Also follow the dissidents in Cuban prisons. And when I now see Fidel walking with his olive green reminds me of a character in the work by Tirso de Molina. Called stone guest and only abandoned its pedestal to bring someone to the Tomb. So the Fidel now. So it has always been. Once there was fifty years (in the 1960s) that already it was willing to end once all the Cuban people in a nuclear apocalypse. Original author and source of the article.