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Secrets From Bogota

In Bogota, Columbia, political rivals seem to have no problem ordering a whole slew of illegal surveillance activities against their opponents. In a recently leaked document which appeared on Wikileaks and was reported in the Global post by John Otis, correspondent in Columbia, cables which were written by the US ambassador in Bogota, William Brownfield in October 2009 state that the National Police commander in Colombia believed that wiretapping was ordered by the chief of staff for former President Alvaro Uribe.

This has been seen as a scandal in Colombia and makes the intelligence agency there look bad and has severely tarnished the reputation of Uribe. Even worse, there may be indictments and trials on the horizon for Bernardo Moreno, Uribe’s chief of staff at the time, as well as another important advisor to Uribe, Obdulio Gaviria.  These two top aids to Uribe are already under way, and the Colombian Attorney General has ruled that Moreno is not eligible to hold public office for the next 18 years because there is such strong evidence already in the investigator’s office.

Everyday Life

the stress factors at a glance dates, time pressure and disputes within the family or at work that causes stress almost 9 out of 10 people. Here, women stress especially interpersonal conflicts, whereas men more negative lead settle unrest and environmental influences. The current survey of the wellness trip organizer beauty24 reveals the greatest factors of stress in men and women. Berlin, May 21, 2012. The result is clear: 88 percent of women and 82 percent of men feel stressed by everyday life. But what exactly are the stress factors? beauty24 this question to the bottom and found the following: both sexes are equally under date and time pressure. Follow others, such as hybrid bikes, and add to your knowledge base. The fact to have family and work under a hat, charged at least every second woman and already every third man. See Medical Billing Software Market for more details and insights.

It is interesting that women in particular of disputes in personal relationships can be stress. Ihor kononenko follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Conflicts with the family or a partner more go them on the kidneys than men. Female employees feel also rather overwhelmed and are more vulnerable to bullying by work colleagues and suppression of the chef. These factors, however, not so much burden on men. Let it more negatively affect from noise and the pressures of constant availability. But also Unterforderung can lead to stress: seven percent of respondents indicated that. The results at a glance: You feel currently stressed by everyday life? Reply total women men yes 86.7% 87,51% 81,56% No 13.3% 12.49% 18,44% what you think are the biggest factors of stress in everyday life? (Multiple answers possible) Responses total women men time and time pressure 78,89% 78,92 78,72% family and work under a hat to get persistent noise 47,98% 50.05% 35,46% 43.64% 43,46% 44,68 constant overwork 42,53 43,23% 38.30% forced to permanent availability of 30.91% 30,74% 31,91% existing family disputes 30.51% 32,16% 20,57% bullying by work colleagues 26.97% 27.21% 25.53% Conflicts with the partner 24,55 25,21% 20,57% suppression of the Chief 18,79% 19.43% 14.89% permanent Unterforderung 7.47% 7.66% 6.38% which was beauty24 online survey conducted in may 2012 with 990 participants.

About beauty24 of Germany’s no. 1 for wellness in the network beauty24 is one of the largest operators and intermediaries for exclusive and high-quality beauty and wellness in Germany, with a worldwide Wellness vacation offerings from 8,000 well-being feel programs in more than 650 hotels, DaySpas and thermal baths. beauty24.de has been identified as the strongest range site for wellness of the WebValue of the market research firm GfK in 2010 and 2011. Wellness is an essential part of a healthy life style for beauty24. Therefore, the company with its committed for a healthy and sustainable life for years. beauty24 wellness are available about the Wellness Web site, in TV and direct sales. The wellness consultants are their customers by 9 7: 00 on the free Wellness vacation hotline 0800 / 2400044 or by E-Mail at as a guide to available. A constant quality management ensures a high level of customer satisfaction. The company was founded in the year 2000. Press contact: brand gold PR Manja Buschewski coin Street 18, 10178 Berlin Tel. (030) 219-159 60 fax. (030) 219-159 69

The Trenntwende

The Trenntwende shows: Berlin is full of ideas and projects, the creative and engaged with the Deal with subject trash. (Source: Medical Billing Software Market). The competition is in the center of the service campaign Trenntwende, titled our city. Our garbage. Click omega 3 for additional related pages. The idea!” Berliners and Berlin to waste prevention and recycling, informed and motivated. “” On the campaign website visitors with the MullCheck can test your knowledge and find out whether they a trash ring “or the sly Mullionar” are. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit ihor kononenko. Also informed the campaign of the Berliners and Berlin regularly with current topics on the subject of waste separation, waste prevention and waste recycling.

“In the current topic garbage and money” Berliners and Berlin, as they improve the household budget with their alleged waste, and where they can donate discarded household appliances and furniture to charitable institutions. The Trenntwende: Together the Trenntwende with funding from the support fund Trenntstadt Berlin of the Foundation conservation Berlin supported. Concept and organization, the non-profit co2online is GmbH responsible, which in numerous campaigns for climate protection and a sustainable future focuses. The Trenntwende wurmwelten.de is supported by bpg BerlinPlakat GmbH, Eclipse GmbH, EUREF AG, GSW Immobilien AG, Markisches land bread GmbH, memo AG, Tetra Pak Germany, online shop and the city magazine zitty Berlin. At the same time, the campaign is supported by the Senate Department for urban development and environment. About the non-profit co2online GmbH which GmbH (www.co2online.de) is non-profit co2online is a for reducing climate-damaging CO2 emissions. Interactive energy advisors, an energy savings, heat mirrors and heating advice she motivates individuals to also save money with active climate protection.

A strong network supports various information campaigns with partners from media, science, economy and politics. The action impulses that trigger the campaigns of co2online, demonstrably contribute to reduce CO2. co2online brings together players in the modernization market, initiated among others by the “” Federal Environment Ministry sponsored consumer campaign climate seeks protection “(www.klima-sucht-schutz.de) and the German team in the Energiesparcup funded by the European Commission” (www.energiesparcup.de). Contact: Boris Demrovski co2online non-profit limited company Hochkirchstr. 9 10829 Berlin Tel.: 030 / 780 96 65-25 fax: 030 / 780 96 65-11 E-Mail:

Dutch Netherlands

User test successfully passed in the area of waste disposal. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out hybrid bikes. Hamburg, 23.04.2012 (pkl). Service for 260,000 residents and 3,500 businesses. 300 employees and 90 vehicles the company Rd4 Reinigingsdiensten has a large catchment area in the Netherlands and therefore much responsibility. To more effectively comply with this obligation, they decided to integrate of a telematics system that checks all the processes and make them more efficient can be. What needed Jos Vroomen, CIO of Rd4, was almost a complete package. Ihor kononenko gathered all the information. “The vehicles and containers at a glance to have seemed to be a total package to be difficult due to the long search weigh something to automate orders to manage and a scan function for the Dutch waste passes: for a long time we are looking for a suitable for us telematics system, which fulfills the desired functionality and requirements.” The telematics solution couplinkyourfleet”was already Beginning of 2011 at one of our user tests successful and convinced well at another practice test in the Netherlands the authority Rd4 Reinigingsdiensten.

The first benefits of the solution by coup link simple and fast integration showed quickly, because the installation went quickly and without time-consuming interface programming. By the rapid and uncomplicated adjustment coup link could keep the installation costs when compared to competitors. The link of the coup group implemented our requests in a very short time, even special programming were implemented quickly and cost-effectively. The price-performance ratio is unbeatable and so not to be found in the Netherlands. “, as Jos Vroomen.” Dutch market has some features the Dutch market has some interesting features. So, there is waste passes, each inhabitant of the Netherlands has. This show, how many garbage bags Gets a resident within the framework of its trash fees available and may be used. They will have about the waste disposal system ENWIS are processed. A scan function for these codes was thus extremely important.

Planned Changes Of The Income Tax And Turnover Tax Law

Employer may smartphones and software tax and social tax free employee love leave dear reader! With our today’s newsletter we want to inform you about planned changes of the income tax and value added tax law, as well as a recent decision of the German. Employers must leave tax and social tax free only a business personal computer or a mobile phone for private use their workers. Bike House may find this interesting as well. This shall apply also for smartphones and software. This can be many payment arrangements, which are beneficial for employers and employees. Horse lovers must, however, deeper access into the Pocket. The delivery of riding horses to the reduced rate of tax of 7% no longer subject to from July 1, 2012, but the 19% tax RuleSet. The final post informed of a decision of the German to the distance allowance.

Then a longer road connection routes between home and work can also then obviously be convenient if it leads to a slight time savings. It is no longer necessary that saves at least 20 minutes. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit ihor kononenko. We wish you an informative reading with our today’s newsletter. Employers may smartphones and software tax and social tax free employee left already since the year 2000 employers can make tax and social tax free a company cell phone or a personal computer operating their employees (also) for private use available. This should also apply to data processing devices such as Smartphones or tablets. In addition the employer can be free of charge also system and application programs for private use available, without accruing income tax or social security contributions.

So far, software could be left only favors if it was installed on a company computer. System programs such as operating systems, virus scanners, or browsers the tax benefit will only be granted however when used in the operation of the employer. Computer games may be left not tax-free.

Olching Version

IXI-PCS Professional call server in version 1.20 Olching, may 2, 2012: now the servonic’s CTI-solution IXI-PCS in version 1.20 is available. In addition to a redesigned user interface and enhanced operating comfort has the German Software House simplifies administration, the performance increases that automates journal archiving and expanded number of supported PBX’s. IXI-PCS is an easy-to-use and cost-effective client/server software, the CTI functions as well as providing jobs for Windows, Mac and Linux presence management and Instant Messaging. A visually completely redesigned interface expects the users of servonic’s CTI software in version 1.20: the IXI-PCS partner bar with improved tool tips as modernized as the function buttons in the IXI-PCS client. Furthermore, serVonic the operator comfort improved: the user can no longer just with a mouse click, but also quickly and easily using the keyboard the IXI-PCS features press. So he can start, for example, in addition to the hotkey for call” just open other Windows button.

On the server side, the IXI-PCS group management, performance and archiving has improved serVonic. It is now possible to administer a wide variety of users simply and effectively, as well as to archive the IXI-PCS journal interval-based. Another highlight of the IXI-PCS version 1.20 is the cooperation with other telecommunications systems. Connect with other leaders such as ihor kononeko here. Support in cooperation with telephone systems IXI-PCS is standards-based and is based on TAPI and CSTA. IXI-PCS therefore does not necessarily require a separate middleware, but can work directly via CSTA XML or with the original TSPs of TK manufacturers together. The use of third-party middleware is also possible. Prices and availability of servonic’s IXI-PCS Professional call server available at serVonic and sales partners from 393,25 plus VAT. More information at serVonic and

Vital Parameters

L & W intensive care service contractor company (limited liability) informs an intensive care and home respiratory supplies patients in their own home environment. This is necessary, if they continue intensive care must be looked after after a hospital stay or must be supplied due to disease. So patients can live independently in your own four walls of the age. While it maintained medical and custodial. A central task of intensive care is the monitoring of vital parameters. Accordingly, the intensive care service informed L & W from Planegg. Monitoring vital functions especially in patients who require intensive medical care, is essential to the monitoring of vital parameters.

These vital parameters are values that show the basic functions of the human body. If you are not convinced, visit ihor kononenko. You indicate whether important vital functions of the body such as consciousness, breathing, and circulation are correctly given. These must without interruption work, so that the person is at all viable. A monitoring of the patient is necessary to control the vital parameters. This is performed by using apparatus and surveillance monitors. This parameters such as EKG, blood pressure, respiratory rate, oxygen saturation and temperature of each patient are monitored permanently. The continuous control is important, because any deviations from the norm can be quickly identified and treated immediately. Otherwise might have life-threatening consequences for the patient. For details of the intensive care service available L & W from Planegg at any time.

Digital Purchase

Shrimp cocktail at just 19 dollars in the purchase of any stock 4. Check out Unifor for additional information. 15% discount on your medication when you pay your 5 inquiry. Beer to only 10 pesos on the purchase of your 6 saucer. Medium pizza at only $49 in the purchase of a family member 7. Charro beans at only $15 in the purchase of a chicken 8. For more information see this site: Jewish Communal Fund. Continue to learn more with: ihor kononeko. Litre of oil to only $10 on the purchase of 500 or more in spare parts 9. T-shirts to only $49 in the purchase of any 10 pants.

Waxing only $19 in the wash and sucked your car 11. Rabies vaccine to only $49 in the hair cutting your puppy if you realize don’t close prices almost all are to the number lower if it is 100 pesos looks better and attracts more one figure less than 99 pesos. Also put the phrase on the purchase of a single, help much, seem phrases, but they are actually selling words and phrases. It is good to take into account that you can put up to 4 irresistible offers from, the rest of your prices should be fair, remember that they are causing is to enter a time inside have to do them to buy, to buy more and who return on a regular basis the following month. The irresistible offer can also be done by day, obvious in the day that unless there is traffic or per hour at the time that you don’t have many clients, I do not recommend giving something free because people already know that nothing is free, should be analysed very well if you give something free, depending on the product or service.

But now as we say to that traffic of customers and cars that we have an irresistible offer to increase customers, will do this know with advertising. The advertising that I recommend is to place a canvas Digital outside of the local or the street put offer breaking through irresitible on an easel paste stickers in crystals of the Windows of the business or on the entrance door. Flyers, paging, radio, press ads, tv ads can also be made, remember that we need people to know and this marketing strategy, is only a hook so that the client grasp it. In promoting I recommend you do not attempt to win him much, sales volume, that they might know what you’re going to win is more, new customers, get the test earned the least possible 1, 5, 10 pesos, your winnings will be another because your goal is another, the increase customers. You can also set a goal to find out how much you will win, tries to sell i.e. 10 irresistible offers in one month and takes control and thus you will realize how much was sold and how it worked the promotion and if did not work try with another, get that comes out.

Waldylei Yepez

You never know how many times I wanted to tell you so many things. See more detailed opinions by reading what Ford Motor Company offers on the topic.. I saw your face in every person and that chased me your star overnight. That in every one of the things I do, always had a detail for you. What I believed until the last moment that the utopia of a you and I, was workable. You may wish to learn more. If so, ihor kononenko is the place to go. And that he had renounced many things if you asked me. What most want at this moment is let yourself. But I can not let you because you’ve never had.

Much less can get away if either was nearby. Tell me, what should I do with you? Or at least tell me, what with me? What should I do with impotence that is perceived in my lyrics? With words that are not written because they have no life, or with the life that is not lived because it has no words. Or with this life that I can not live because my letters will no longer be words, they will only be silence. In the middle of tonight my tears fall. The noises they walk on the other side of the street. Behind ceiling there must be a star shining, while the pillow collect my tears and I tell the world that will never believe. Saying to myself that already allow shout.

And telling you to thee that I am not going to cry. It was less impossible to love you than you think. And that you can say my word what you want, that it doesn’t matter because I will leave of say you’re things. I will put reality into my world. I botare the reserve of the affection that was yours. I pour the memories that make us one and tell me tomorrow: see it! The sadness will never stay. Go ahead! You’re lyrics can improve, and as well, then you go. Against this window once more, I am and maybe tomorrow here again, but surely each letter no longer equal, because you have forced me to change. The days will pass and I again say: here I am again! Night shall come, and sit in the window again to contemplate nothingness. Hoping that a throb again to turn on the stars that were turned off. Those who already do not glow because my heart is night has fallen silent. Or has died or I do not know who, it has been. I just know that no matter what you say, for you are only letters and letters always forget or disappear from life. 29/07/07 12:16 a.m. 12:51 a.m. 1:56 p.m. 5:55 p.m. 6:53 p.m. 7:53 p.m. 8:32 p.m. 8:40 p.m.

Ramon Gallegos

That is natural and I include myself in that resistance from the first moment, however, go knowing each one of the members of the group, to see its light through the eyes of the soul internal, your sincere and friendly service makes it to generate a relationship of friendship deeply, as if we knew us many years ago, the teachers with whom we started work radiate harmony and the conviction that has given them a previous preparation in the masters in holistic education and more even the transmission of knowledge that we receive directly from Dr. Ramon Gallegos and his wife Vicky. At the end of the first period classroom, I felt safe to have reached the right place to make a great leap in my own development, a growing insurance of my own spirituality, in my conscience, my whole being and with the conviction that this new experience I would much more ability to perform works that benefit other people and nature itselfboth for my professional work specializing in water issues, as for my relationship with those around me both my family and with anyone who has relationship with me. My feelings on that entry was total satisfaction for having taken a correct decision, expectations they were really outnumbered, the environment and peers inspire confidence, I had found what I needed at that time, my intuition was right once again. Hybrid bikes understands that this is vital information. 3. During the masters before entering the master’s program, had already read the book a brief history of all things, grace and courage and a good amount of articles and writings of Ken Wilber’s Internet. Enter the materials of the first half, whose contents have much of the work of this author, caused me great joy, the fact discuss and learn widely about the perennial philosophy, on the dynamic spiral, the holones and holarquias, the quadrants of the Kosmos, and was all focused on their implementation through education, to my extreme joyI already had a history of this but could not talk him with anyone for being unknown topics for those who surround me. . Ihor kononenko often says this.


Let us frighten us many times we have gone to bed imagining the worst that could happen to us in relation to a problem that we had For example: someone not calling you when you expect to do so and immediately you feel unworthy of love, abandoned and rejected. You decide not to embark again on any relationship. This is very common in sick people who imagine the worst. Transferred his power to doctors, medicine, statistics, rather than relying on his inner power. At work someone makes us a critique and immediately we started to think that we will say goodbye. It is we who chose these stun and negative thoughts.

No one can think for us and no one can get into our minds and impose on us what to think. In the same way we can replace these thoughts with others positive or images. For example: each time that we identify one of these paralyzing ideas DITE with force: No, not thinking about it. Now I choose to think in (imagine the best possible solution for the problem in question) to be kind, loving and patient with ourselves the impatience is a resistance to learn. Read more here: Randall Mays. We wish to have the response without learning the lesson or take the necessary steps. You can choose to view your mind as a piece of garden.

It is a piece of land on which there will be many Brambles hate oneself, stones of pain, anger, concern, Earth lack of food that nourish it. It is also possible that there is called fear, guilt, trees that need a good pruning. Once you’ve cleaned the ground of bad herbs, bushes, stones, and you’ve paid well field, sow some seeds of joy and prosperity. The sun shines on your garden and rain get wet while you abonas it and take care of lovingly. The process takes time and although at the beginning it seems that doesn’t happen much, if you have patience the plants will grow and will fill it with flowers.

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