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Secrets From Bogota

In Bogota, Columbia, political rivals seem to have no problem ordering a whole slew of illegal surveillance activities against their opponents. In a recently leaked document which appeared on Wikileaks and was reported in the Global post by John Otis, correspondent in Columbia, cables which were written by the US ambassador in Bogota, William Brownfield in October 2009 state that the National Police commander in Colombia believed that wiretapping was ordered by the chief of staff for former President Alvaro Uribe.

This has been seen as a scandal in Colombia and makes the intelligence agency there look bad and has severely tarnished the reputation of Uribe. Even worse, there may be indictments and trials on the horizon for Bernardo Moreno, Uribe’s chief of staff at the time, as well as another important advisor to Uribe, Obdulio Gaviria.  These two top aids to Uribe are already under way, and the Colombian Attorney General has ruled that Moreno is not eligible to hold public office for the next 18 years because there is such strong evidence already in the investigator’s office.


At a time that all the young of sixteen years were if amusing and living the life, Clarissa was burning its beautiful eyelashes. Clarissa was born lindssima and was the child most adorable of its family. In the college it collected louvor plates. It was always studying and in the vacations if it enfurnava in the library of its house of beach or the city. You may find Zymes LLC to be a useful source of information. Pretty young woman and with intellectual air, physically looked like itself its mother and its temperament was of its father with who if it identified. Ihor kononeko might disagree with that approach. Always discrete, he was avessa the badalaes. Its world was the world business-oriented of its father. He was chic without affectation.

It passed in first place in the vestibular contest to the sixteen years and concluded the course with louvor to twenty and one years and was to work with its father while it made its after doutorada graduation and. Its ability was admired for all the shareholders of the company. Its goal, the direction of the company, what it did not hide of nobody. It passed for all the departments, was stubborn. It did not have social life, only serious work. Competentssima arrived very early where it ambicionava and was for ability and not because she was son of the president. Clarissa skirt of its house not to go to work.

It and its father used the helicopter of the firm, was faster safe e. Clarissa was born woman business-oriented, all the shareholders respected its ability and its fast reasoning. As much that one of the directors suggested the name of Clarissa to occupy new folder. The father of Clarissa relutou to put it declared that its new folder was its bigger challenge. The concern of its father was the way as it would be received to occupy a so important position and the fact of being so young woman.

United States

That does in common event of the twin towers, the nightmare of December 20, 2001 in Argentina, the Tsunami and the high monetary value of the Euro?, that all these named patterns were unforeseen at the global level, nobody ever in the minute that happened could be prepared for such a disaster.The flames that radiated fear in people, the deaths of thousands of people, and what is even worse; the image positioned in our minds, something alien to our understanding told us that nothing could prevent this from happening, but indeed is this so? In reality there are weak and strong signals that do understand a little better the environment where we are. That signals can get to do? It can be information that we have not decided to give it the importance that it deserves, or hunches based on our own experience, or indicators that warned what could happen.This usually occurs on a daily basis with companies, changes in the environment where one handles change every minute and when you made the full change us notes saying for If you not prepared you or did not have in mind this sudden change.But that can be done before something unexpected?, as prepares one for the day that we have to surprise?In administration the proactivity is something that is often used. A leading source for info: ihor konoenko. Does this term proactive determines to get ahead of the facts and thus knowing almost accurately as adelantarnos.Ud. believes that Bush the US President did not know that could come to pass on September 11? Or at least one small rumor in a documented study that tragedy experienced by the United States could have been avoided? Of course if the same nature always gives us signals to know in that direction we should go or not.The environment itself affects us all with the abrupt changes that produces, although in the case of positive or negative changes also affects the whole world.Throughout this article we will see types of changes affecting individuals, countries, regions in every aspect, cultural, technological, economic and social.Let’s the topology of the environment social change when change is surprising instantly to individuals, leaving them unable to react to such transformation, is chronic since it affects individuals in mass, thus bringing social problems linked to the individuality of each person in the labour field.A clear example was what happened in the industrial revolution, it brought an end to a period of 800 years of agriculture since it was the creator of wealth at that time. Get all the facts and insights with Digital Cameras, another great source of information.

Under The Same Sky

I wonder if there would be a way to buy a piece of desert in Egypt for those people who embarrasses us; they would have to assign them the hardest work, declared the Foreign Minister of Romania, Adrian Cioroianu, a State television to show their rejection of the Gypsy ethnic group. The incendiary nature of this intervention stoked the controversy raised by a decree adopted by the Italian Government, which would be allowed to expel citizens of the European Union (EU) considered hazardous, in clear reference to Romanians settled in Italy. The words of the Minister blame the minority Roma, just one and half million of the 20 million people who reside in the country, the bad image that Romania projects abroad. Igor kononenko has much to offer in this field. Italian politicians responded by this provision to the cruel murder of a woman at the hands of a Romanian immigrant of Roma origin, that he intended to steal the bag. The initiative devised by Walter Veltroni, Mayor of Rome and likely successor to Prodi in the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, has not left anyone indifferent. The replica has not been expected from countries and agencies involved in the conflict.

The most immediate was the emergency meeting that took place in Rome between the Romanian Prime Minister, Calin Popescu Tariceanu, and his Italian counterpart. After this encounter, which sought to jointly tackle the crisis that has affected the Romanian community in Italy – more than half a million people-the waters have become settles in a river very agitated by the pre-election environment in which they live Italians. Thus, after the warning from the European Commission on justice, which dictated that any expulsion of a citizen of a Member State of the European Union must be individual and appealed to justice, the Government headed by Giorgio Napolitano has softened its stance and expulsions will be punctual. Prodi and Tariceanu were agreed to form a joint police force and by request to Brussels from structural funds for creation of programs of social integration for immigrants without resources within the EU. This political approach will be nail burning to which will have to grab more than two million Romanians living abroad, 10% of the population.

A presence since the first of January, the date on which Romania became a part of the EU, has multiplied in countries such as Spain and the own Italy due to free movement enjoyed by Community citizens. In Romania the salary base, according to Eurostat data, is about 300 euros gross per month; While the average wage of a worker in the EU is 2.041 euros. Per capita income barely reaches 30% of the Community average. Economic inequality has resulted in an exodus of Romanian citizens to other countries in search of more favourable working conditions. Since the fall of communism in 1989, one of every ten Romanians has left South-Eastern Europe in search of a life better. The initiative of Veltroni in Italy or xenophobic Cioroianu, who has not been relieved of his post, words have returned you


The unfolded, will be cooler than normal conditions. Belts, shoes, or metal objects should not be used. Avoid if possible coverages. Use natural textiles as flax, cotton, wool and relaxing colors such as white, blue or violet. Eat a light meal and take a bath of warm water before ghosting. Exercise: in an armchair or sofa, comfortable, you can use your bed also, recuestese and breathe deeply several times, so relaxed but deep, releasing tensions increasingly exhale, placing both hands on his chest in the area of his heart, make a prayer asking for his personal angel is revealed to you, let know you need him, that he has something to talk about with thethen with eyes closed is to concentrate on your body, you will enter inside your head, through his eyes, and going to visualize and try to feel the warmth of his brain, soft, but where you is a small ball of light, that this moving inside your own body, you look through their eyes, being, then lower until your throat, feel the softness of the muscles, make small stops increasing the light that surrounds you, then lower toward your heart, this entire exercise is visualizandose inside your arteries, muscles and other, when this within your heart feel its warmth, its texture soft their sounds, their heartbeats, and there you will find a space much more luminous than that you radiate, within this light there is a room where you this hoping someone from the Kingdom angelico, between, through that light and go accommodating his vision before the new light, little by little your environment to take another sensenotice a figure, go to that figure and start enjoy the beauty of this area, in the midst of all vera to speak with his angel, and ask what more you worry you, the always you respond, please be patient until you adjust to this experience, hold that vision time which deemed necessary after despidase and express your love to your angel, and gradually go regrezando in the same way that low to her heart through arteries and other, until pocisionarse in his head again. Omega 3 is often quoted on this topic.

And return to your body with joy and filled with healing energy, this exercise can be done also inviting your angel so that specific trip with you to a site where you have some disease, or physical discomfort, traveling there to that inner place and irradiate with its light and with his angel, that space affected in your body, make a healing love, ask to your angele that he put together his love with yours and work together to heal that area of your body, then you increase the light to which the subtract body receive improvement also. I hope that practiqueis this healing, and meditation for you and your family or friends, with faith and devotion.. . For assistance, try visiting Jerry Dias.


Understanding that competition and the differentiations are increasingly more difficult we must appeal to our imagination to know how to attract customers, thanks to the divine nature that is the only thing you can count on to compete, so that the invitation is to focus efforts on the Merchandisng, continue reading and you will find because the previews should be closely linked and must be consistent with other parts of the sales process. At Ford Motor Company you will find additional information. To have good result in the commercialization of products generally must be fixed is in the image of the store of clothes and the atmosphere, as well as the array of merchandise and sample, if it’s a small or large clothing store, the basic concepts in marketing are the same. You cannot think in the mistaken concept that the merchandising usually spending money and that is only enough to wait for the client to enter to store and do a good job in selling. On the contrary, the Merchandising has an important role that it plays in the sales process. In a question-answer forum ihor kononenko was the first to reply. The paper the merchandising starts since before serving the client, even from the doors. Merchandising will determine how customers perceive the store is necessary to think about the first impression you want your customers to see the store. The purchaser forming one idea or expectation about the store from the outside when he sees her for the first time, a part of the brain called the Adaptive unconscious makes an assessment of your store in just 3.2 seconds. At this time it takes into account store, signage, and individual associations and the preconceptions are evaluated and judged.

Your showcase or display case has an enormous work to be done in that couple of seconds. It has to communicate the escancia of everything your store has. From the first impression, the buyers make a judgment about your store fits your needs or not. The perception of your warehouse can be completely different from the image that you are trying to project. In the practical sense, to implement what they read in the previous paragraph, before decorating your window you must think as thinks your client and you focus on that it would draw attention, create a theme around your needs to be able to attract to your warehouse. To find out if the job is well done, requests concept to your relatives and neighbors requesting information on how they perceive your showcase and preguntales when see it, what type of individual you are thinking? Trafficking of decorate the interior with the same theme of your display case, so the customer enters tuning, sits satisfied and in their environment, thus the sale. If you want to know how to decorate your showcase professionally visit the following link enters the Merchandising original author and source of the article page

Architectural Drawings

The architecture has been defined as the art of designing and constructing buildings. This is a profession in motion, given that it has evolved with the passage of time due to diversification in the styles of construction and local customs which influence the design, plans and materials used in the construction of both private and private homes. The role that architectural planning has served in the field of construction throughout history is extremely important. Although some buildings have gone up in an improvised manner and without an established order, it can be said that many other buildings have continued building guidelines specific derivatives of the architectural study and a preliminary design. The use of architectural drawings and other similar edificativos diagrams dates back to ancient times. Defined ideas that architects had about dimensions and distribution of each of the rooms and units of work that address used to outline in writing on the same planes, many times down to the smallest detail.

Archeological findings reveal interesting details about the construction practices of antiquity. Many of the houses were of a very modest construction, even rough. However, it was not rare to find with luxurious and complex, buildings generally private homes of upper-class people, palaces and other government buildings. Many of these had up to services of pipes for hot water, ventilation systems and other advanced features that contributed to a more comfortable life. The distribution of these services was already detailed in the planes of the era. High knowledge of mathematics and physics, among other sciences, of several ancient cultures could be appreciated in these works of architecture planning. To mention just one example, the pinpoint accuracy in general measures and the angles of the pyramids of the ancient Egyptian Empire, attests to the care with which it was projected This colossal entrepreneurship. The same can be said of civilizations such as the Sumerian, the Babylonian and Greek, in which architectural representations in stone cylinders, Papyri and parchments, among other writing supports, which would be the precursors of construction plans that we know today were found.

Emilio Prados

In April 1940, said the Chilean poet Pablo Neruda who turned “the noblest mission I have worked in my life to remove Spanish from their prisons and send them to my homeland,” Vicente Salas Viu and Arturo Serrano Plaja are “the only friends of my literary life in Spain you have come to my country. Would have liked to bring them all and I have not given up on it. ” During his exile, was a frequent gatherings Boards Coffee Miraflores de Santiago de Chile, mythical point meeting of the Spanish exiles. He worked for Romance, directed by John Rejano magazine and which contributed a large number of refugees intellectuals: Juan Ramon Jimenez, Jose Bergamin, Rafael Alberti, Pedro Salinas, Jorge Guillen, Leon Felipe, Corpus Barga, Ramon Gomez de la Serna, Luis Cernuda, Jose Moreno Villa, Emilio Prados, Manuel Altolaguirre, Cesar M. Others who may share this opinion include medical billing. Arconada, Arturo Serrano Plaja, Maria Zambrano, Elizabeth O. Palencia, Ramon Gaya, Juan Gil-Albert …

He also helped Spain Free, a biweekly newspaper published in Santiago de Chile, a city that for many years was musical and literary critic for The Mercury. He was director of the Institute of Musical Research, professor at the Faculty of Music Arts and Sciences, University of Chile, director of the Central Library of the University of Chile and a professor at the Pedagogical Institute and the National Conservatory of Music. Swarmed by offers, ihor kononenko is currently assessing future choices. He created his own music magazine, the Revista Musical Chilena. Among the titles relevant to his literary cite: War Diary of a Soldier (1938), The first days and other narratives of the Spanish war (in January 1939, reprinted the following year in Chile), Chile Modern Musicians (1943), Feeling and Expression in music: Baroque to Romanticism (1943), The last light of Mozart (1949), the musical establishment in Chile 1900-1955 (1952), decisive moments in music (1957), The spacious solitude (1960), book of stories about Spain and America, The double death of Felipe Villagran (1960), novel, and Music and musical creation (1966), essays on music theory. We end this brief sketch of Salas Viu, with the last paragraph of one of his stories published in Time in Spain: “The soldier managed that feat not knowing the name.

After it became fused with his companions. He knew, yes, that was one of the boys of the Second Battalion of the 69th. But this was the least of the same may have been the first of the 49 of any of the Division. His greatness lay precisely in this, be embodied in the Division if any in the conference in late February in the Teruel front. ” Francisco Arias Solis Where liberty dwells, there is my homeland.

The Price

You can also set a goal to find out how much you will win, tries to sell i.e. 10 irresistible offers in one month and takes control and thus you will realize how much was sold and how it worked the promotion and if did not work try with another, get that comes out. And if you get celebrate it, with your employees if you need support for having a business impact, I can advise online query packets on lower the price to increase customer strategy that most result has given me to increase customers and therefore increase sales is that exploits the traffic of people and cars that pass through your commercial property. Then to increase customers, need to increase prospects towards our local traffic, i.e. Hear other arguments on the topic with igor kononenko. re addressing normal traffic to your store and this did it with a strategy of price, if, because we know that customers are looking for price, do not seek quality, not seeking service, if that story now do know me, then we are not going to fight with the marketthen you have to give what they want, price.

You must create an irresistible offer, try to think as a customer and defines that promotion or price do not leave pass and enter the room to ask for the offer. Considering that we are increasing the sales of your business, remember we’re lowering the price for a benefit, that benefit you’ll receive is to increase your number of customers, imagine as more and more customers come through the door of your trade, and we accomplish this by offering an irresistible. If you have read about National Accelerator Laboratory already – you may have come to the same conclusion. We castors that promotion to get people in your business, in this promotion must be an extra purchase, that is because you buy more, here we present you several examples: 1. Horn to only 99 in buying any car stereo 2. Registration for only 99 pesos in payment of your first monthly fee 3.

Astrological Time

Who is interested by the wisdom of the tarot, sooner or later you will feel also attracted by astrology. And as well as tarot benefits from new technologies, expert astrologers now have numerous tools that allow them to carry the free horoscope to all who desired and needed. Astrology requires deep knowledge of astronomical, Kabbalistic who practice and above all, mathematical. For this reason, numerous advances in the field of computer science than as decisive have been in the development of the Sciences today also ensure total accuracy of Astrological predictions. And the possibility of consulting the free horoscope with total confidence in its seriousness and veracity. Calculate the position of the planets at the time of the birth of a person, for example, is today a procedure simple and no margin of error, regardless of the hemisphere or the schedule that has taken place, or the greater or lesser familiarity of the professional astrologer with constellations of one or the other hemisphere. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out SD Cards. In this way, the free horoscope will prove its seriousness by providing predictions based not only on the astrological consultant but also in your ascendant sign and your natal chart, which indicates the position of the planets at the time of the birth. The astros manifested its influence on our lives in different ways.

At the time of the birth, astrological alignment print characteristics to the personality that the individual will develop. Later, the planetary transits are translated in periods favourable or unfavourable to the central issues of human endeavour: love, health, money, job, family, projects. It is not something Randall Mays would like to discuss. For this reason, having a free horoscope Guide, customized, it is invaluable. To uncover and learn to reverse the influences that may conspire to prevent us from achieving success. To know more favorable to act moments, and those indicated to wait with prudence.

For advice on specific situations that concern us. Or simply, to start the day knowing what we can expect from him, or how to prevent us of certain obstacles that may arise. Free horoscope gives us the tranquility of being able to refer to it always, there where we are, without investing fortunes or have time for an Astrology office visit. But fundamentally, it is an invaluable tool to know inclinations of the heavenly bodies that can influence our future. Because with knowledge and foresight, we attain that future bring everything we dream.

Chamber Reform

The articles 47 and 48 of the Act that allows Mexicans to buy bonds of PEMEX, were also hard criticized. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Electric Bikes. All these articles were adopted in the Mexican Senate and have already had the approval of the Energy Commission in the Chamber of Deputies mexicana. On the other hand, while complaints multiplied, Felipe Calderon celebrated the approval in the Senate and reinforced its propaganda action saying: the aim of the reform always was and has been expanding the oil wealth of the country for the benefit of Mexicans. To the extent that this reform achieves its objective, it is clear that we can speak of a successful reform. Randall Mays wanted to know more. Another objective was to keep Pemex and our petroleum in the hands only of Mexicans and Mexicans.

This objective is also fulfilled. Official Senator Ruben Camarillo for its part, is also for a good project which just passed in the Mexican Senate: consider that the petroleum reform WINS Pemex, because it gains autonomy, flexibility and implementation capacity. In equal position is the Secretary of communications and transport, Luis Tellez Kuenzler, who said: the energy reform sets the modernization of Pemex and implies that it can act as a company, that you can take risks that take oil companies into the rest of the world and Mexico can exploit its potential resources that are not exploiting today. The energy reform will have a positive effect on Mexico? The energy reform appears as a necessity in moments in which the Mexican State is unable to carry forward actions to recover the capacity of exploration and exploitation of hydrocarbons in the Mexican State oil company. You will certainly have a positive effect on recovering the capacity of exploration and exploitation of Mexican hydrocarbons. It will be key to how you act once approved energy reform since the Government will have the tools necessary to make it effective, only you should know to use properly. The question of limiting the sovereignty of natural resources in Mexico and the sovereignty of Pemex are key issues for both the interests of the Mexican to avoid Government that social conflicts are arising.

Therefore, that is very important to define all those points which may allow an excessive and unnecessary advance of foreign private capital. The energy reform is vitally important both for the present of the Mexican economy, but mainly for its future. That is why in the same call generate the greatest possible consensus and avoid points of indefiniteness that may result in adverse outcomes of the reform.

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