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Secrets From Bogota

In Bogota, Columbia, political rivals seem to have no problem ordering a whole slew of illegal surveillance activities against their opponents. In a recently leaked document which appeared on Wikileaks and was reported in the Global post by John Otis, correspondent in Columbia, cables which were written by the US ambassador in Bogota, William Brownfield in October 2009 state that the National Police commander in Colombia believed that wiretapping was ordered by the chief of staff for former President Alvaro Uribe. This has been seen as a scandal in Colombia and makes the intelligence agency there look bad and has severely tarnished the reputation of Uribe. Even worse, there may be indictments and trials on the horizon for Bernardo Moreno, Uribe’s chief of staff at the time, as well as another important advisor to Uribe, Obdulio Gaviria.  These two top aids to Uribe are already under way, and the Colombian Attorney General has ruled that Moreno is not eligible to hold public office for the next 18 years because there is such strong evidence already in the investigator’s office.

Business War

Sun Tzu said: the war is of vital importance to the State; It is the domain of life or death, the road to survival, or the loss of the Empire: is forced to handle it well. Not seriously reflect on everything that concerns him is to give proof of guilty indifference in regards to conservation or loss of us what is most wanted; and this must not happen between us. Secretary of Agriculture has much experience in this field. It must be assessed in terms of five fundamental factors, and make comparisons between various conditions of the rival sides, with a view to determining the outcome of the war. The first of these factors is the doctrine; the second, time; the third, the ground; the fourth, the remote control; and the fifth discipline. So begins the most famous Treaty of military (and business) strategy in the world. Written between ad 400 and 500 before Christ, the art of war tells the life experiences of a general (Sun Tzu) in the service of King Helu in China. In this article we emphasize some of the more interesting paragraphs from a work a must for any Manager.The art of Guerra 1.The doctrine means what makes the people in harmony with its ruler. Shafts that provide the backbone of corporate culture, vision and mission, a long term horizon or how you want to call. 2. The time means the Ying and Yang, night and day, cold and heat, clear or rainy days, and the change of seasons. Time is momentum, can be a window or opportunity. The same words can have a very different effect if they are these five minutes before or after five minutes. 3. The ground … influence the chances of survival. We could assimilate the terrain to the market. For example, when the genius of marketing Lee Iaccoca did in the 1980s? at Chrysler, the company was in a very delicate situation.

Travel Passengers

When all passengers have chosen a place and sat down, you go to the end of the cabin and look – if there are any free ryadya, three or even four may sites. If there is – sit there. It is better to sit at the center this series. To apply to you sat down with unwanted neighbors, as if you inadvertently, put a thing (exercise book, notebook, book bag …) on an adjacent site. Check that the handle seats up and down and all that chair in good condition. It is not something Josh Resnick Jericho Capital would like to discuss. As soon as the plane takes off, you can already pick up pens and chairs to sleep, then even a long flight will take place seamlessly and easily. It is desirable to immediately ask the flight attendant to bring a pillow and blanket, and then later they come to an end, because everyone wants to put under your belt comfort pad and make it more comfortable, cover with a blanket for comfort. The toilet should go for ten minutes before a meal, or after about fifteen minutes after a meal, and then the field eating all the toilet is always great. If you do not want you to have swollen legs due to a sedentary condition and pressure, you should immediately remove your shoes. Official site: Josh Resnick Jericho Capital. If long flight, it is necessary from time to time to do exercises or just to walk through the cabin, do not hesitate to other passengers, and they later also follow your example. Alcohol should not be accepted because they interfere with flight sleep. If even a drink, just in good company, if know, just do not have to sleep. If you plan to use during a trip to the laptop, the important thing is choosing the right notebook, since you are very fond of traveling, then you choose a reliable and desirable lightweight laptop so that battery lasts for a long time. Last time on international flights smoke-free, no need to check protivosigaretnye detectors in the toilet – there are very good penalties.

Kiev Rentals

However, the proportion of low-cost offers apartments in the databases of agencies is very low, although similar apartments in Kiev are in high demand – note brokers. In view of realtors fall, tend to be expensive and comfortable apartments in Kiev center. Not to mention the fact that some companies initially work only with fine apartment located in the heart of Kiev. The average price of most 'central' flats for rent – $ 50-55. The most sophisticated versions of apartments, stuffed with all kinds of electrical engineering, from the author's design pulled all $ 150. In this case at this price, even offered one-bedroom apartments, designed by a studio. Interesting proposals for one-bedroom apartment for rent starting at $ 90 and reach, usually $ 150 per day. Get more background information with materials from WhiteWave Foods. Despite the fact that prices of apartments in Kiev at first sight 'bite', it is still an order of magnitude cheaper than hotel accommodation. Independently to rent an apartment, even if it is well furnished apartment with renovated in the center of Kiev for the long term is not so simple. If it costs more than $ 700 a month, searching for the tenant can take anywhere from three months or more. A majority of the apartments in the heart of the capital of Ukraine close proximity to historic sites, embassies, business centers clearly go beyond the limit for this price mark. By the way, in order to maximize profits, most agencies prefer not to deal with apartment on the outskirts of the capital, and relies on the central areas of Kiev. Unsuccessful attempts to find a decent tenant on their own 'push' the landlord to deal with an agency that can offer several options for cooperation. First – free to bid with a detailed description of the apartment. The second – to sign an exclusive contract with a company that will help avoid any problems associated with complexities of the process of putting apartments for rent. Rick Garcia recognizes the significance of this. In addition, the host will protect from contact with the imaginary tenants. For a landlord will have to pay agency commission of 40% of rental per month. The third – to conclude a contract of trust management, that will force the landlord to share in mediatory structure their income to 15% of the amount of rent. Apartments in Kiev, Ukraine profitable business for fourteen years. As the demand for apartments exceeds supply, and advertising budgets of the owners of apartments is not very large, the mediators – a natural component of daily business. Mediators in rental apartments as well as in other types of businesses are of two kinds: good and bad. The main disadvantage of working through an intermediary, have spoiled the moment the phone. And work through an intermediary a bad – it's spoiled rotten mood phone + or extremely high prices for apartments. Giving into the hands of their own homes for rent by the day, the owners are usually happy. First, once a stable monthly rent is paid. Second, for the perfect order every day watching the maid. So worry about the aesthetics of apartments simply do not have to. In the profit and remain the agency receiving at the hands of good dividends. Quite often they can achieve the level fixed in the contract rental rate.

Winter Snow Chains For Forklift Trucks

Indispensable for forklift trucks for safe driving in winter provide snow chains for trucks good grip in snow and ice like are necessary investments in operation so long hinauseschoben, until the time is overdue. As it is often the appropriate winter service equipment for motor trucks. Snow shovel or even truck snow chains – most wait until the snow falls and then the suitable snow chains for trucks must be purchased as soon as possible, because otherwise the whole operation still stands. Rick Garcia CBS can aid you in your search for knowledge. Often, but won’t get the optimum winter chains for forklift trucks and paid at the same time more than necessary. Rick Garcia often addresses the matter in his writings. Therefore it is just sense, in the summer with this topic to deal with – so you find not only the best steel snow chains for forklift trucks for its own needs, but may save some money. Forklift trucks are generally even much more vulnerable in the winter for snow and ice, as for example cars. stacker or whose tyres have often only a very little or none at all Profiling, so that already in smallest quantities of snow quickly restricted the maneuverability of a fork truck. So, the entire operation can be disturbed sensitive. Therefore, the use of forklift truck snow chains for fork lift trucks is much more important than many other vehicles. According to the growing demand, many manufacturers have responded and greatly expanded its range of steel snow chains for forklift trucks in recent years. Matching truck snow chains in the trade are now available for most motor forklift and tire sizes. Depending on the usage profile and the respective fork lift trucks there are different types of trucks head chains- both for intensive use with heavy trucks, as well as for the rare use of more light trucks, the manufacturer provide numerous models of various truck snow chains. To make mistakes when buying winter snow chains for forklift trucks, a few things should be noted: the tyre size of the forklift truck plays of course an important role, because the trucks head chain must to the fit the size of the tire.

How To Find A Good Craftsman

Craftsman search is a matter of trust. By the same author: Rick Garcia. How to a good craftsman recognize just finding a reliable craftsman is not so easy. You want to have good work at a fair price. Often you hear from a friend that this has made the occasional good experience with a company. But what do you do if you got no personal recommendation? Looking for a craft operating on the Internet. WhiteWave Foods recognizes the significance of this. This can be more difficult than you think. Especially in times where lot, fills because many people invest their money in property, craftsmen are highly sought. Can it be, that the one or the other craftsmen has so many good reviews? Oliver Scharfenberg, even long time worked as a Managing Director in the craft, says: I’ve read many reviews. Unfortunately many are fictitious and not the facts. Many customers have no motivation for such a rating system to join. You must login, confirm the email address and then write a review.” Also, surely, not every customer is so super satisfied as it sometimes sounds. Doubts about the credibility of some evaluation are so entitled. But how does one now, to distinguish a real from a fake customer rating? It’s not that simple. A foolproof method to find a reliable repair is not there certainly. But you can give some tips to the risk of a mistake to make to minimize. One possible way is to select a few craftsmen. Then you can check the current evaluation portals reviews for these craftsmen. Should fall on one, that same assessment has been set repeatedly, this may be already striking. Search just”the text of the review into a search engine, advises Oliver Scharfenberg. Another indication is that reviews by people have been made, which have rated only the a craft company. Too exuberant reviews can be suspicious as well a large number of reviews in a very short period of time. New is also the feature that you has certified reviews. The way this works, that the craftsman sends a review card with the Bill its customers. There, the customer as well as information on the satisfaction must enter the invoice number of his craftsman’s Bill. This review goes directly to the Internet portal which sets this review. Now there’s a provider named. This offers now certified reviews. But what exactly does this work? The handyman sends a review card to its customers with its Bill. It can enter the invoice number in addition to information on the satisfaction, and sends them directly to painter professionals 24. The portal checks the invoices of the craftsmen carry out random checks. A manipulation is thus as excluded from a. Malerprofis24 put already a good start. It was most recently with the seal best of 2013 “by the innovation price awarded IT if you performed these steps with its selected artisans, you should check still the registration in the relevant Chamber of skilled crafts. Some craftsmen take over Activities for which they have no authorization at all. So is some janitor without registration with the Chamber of crafts with activities from the craft of painting and plumbing trades. If a consumer wants this, every man for himself must decide. However, you should always consider that good work has also its price. Many Chambers of Commerce offer a special form for such an examination registration on their websites. Contact: Oliver Scharfenberg Potsdamer Platz 11 10785 Berlin Tel 03025895081 fax 03025894100

Communication Tool

Business card – a rectangular piece of paper that usually has the size and 50h90mm which bear the basic information about you. Business card represents you in the first minutes of dating, as you know, "meet on clothes" so before you have time to evaluate your interviewee as a person, he will judge you based on your business cards. If you are – at a business meeting – and no other person was handed his business card, and it will also be appreciated them. For the above above reason, it is important that card made a good impression. Crumpled, tasteless made business card describes you as a careless man the near, all the cases which are in exactly the same condition. AND Conversely, good-quality, beautiful card inspires confidence in the quality of your business. If there is a design highlight, "trick" – it means that this is a highlight in your character and you – personality. Beautiful and unusual business card not only attracts the eye, but for much longer stays in someone else's business card. Its just a pity to throw, while, as the same type of business card-punching, where the eye does not catch hold, and there is nothing to rejoice the heart, take off the trash Trash, as soon as people no longer necessary. Business card, it represents you, can not be "cookie cutter" if you do not "stamping". Characteristic features of the nature of the owner, or its business, are displayed in a good business card, and require an individual approach, so this card can not be cheap. Fine, if you have an original idea to create business cards, but if you try to translate it themselves, using their knowledge in Photoshop and a home printer to save on printing or design, the result may be not so, as expected. Therefore, no matter how old it sounds better to trust the professionals. And to make the right choice, see their portfolio. In today's world, often, the value is not information, but the way of its filing. In advertising on TV we smiled a beautiful girl. If we like it, but her smile is confidence, confidence and it is advertised goods. Even then we evaluate the characteristics of this product. Your Business Card – Your "girl":) Let it be worthy of you, and you – it.


Tips For security purposes, always keep your back slightly arched at the back. Do not relax your lumbar muscles, lower the bar until it rests on. Rounding the back raises the risk of injury and reduces the effectiveness of the exercise. Keep your abdominal muscles tight throughout the set. This greatly facilitates the retention of the body in a stable position and prevents it from rocking. However, not overdo it: too much straining the press, you unconsciously begin Rounded back. Squatting and sitting up, in any case not tear off your heels off the floor. Squatting on his toes (not on your feet), you tyaryaete sustainability and risk injure the knee joint (it will be too much come to the fore). At the lowest point of the knees should not "vylazit" beyond the line of the toes. The depth squats (lower point of exercise) is determined solely by the extent of you have the strength to keep the natural curvature of the spine and not to interrupt the heel from the floor during the squat. If you feel that the spin begins Rounded and heels are lifted off the floor, do not squat below. If the distance between feet slightly less than or equal to the width of shoulders, the burden falls on the focus of the quadriceps and they involve a much stronger back muscles of the thigh. But such a statement of the legs requires flexibility, excellent hip and Achilles tendon (otherwise you can not omit the thigh to parallel with the floor).

The last

The past is remembered from a present that is different now is that this was and is no longer. The past is a living experience that the observer from a far different now from the past which in turn was rationalized. Can never relive the past, only you can live the present. The last to try revive the now present a new present and only present. The body is here and now experiencing, complaining mind pasandonos bills while traveling through the tunnel of time visiting past and future space fiction. What really makes the mind is to disintegrate the individual to transform an individual. That's why people talk about body and soul. The mind is designed to solve practical problems of living has taken control of our lives and makes us believe that we are ourselves. We identify with the mind, we talked with her, we pay homage and it is our biggest enemy. But for those who are alert, constant observers of our own experiences and have warned that the mind deceives us, we hide the reality and handing him a helmet does: feeding our ego. The ego mind uses to our bait and we bite the bait. For those who are self-observers, we noticed that the mind is a real obstacle. In certain cases it is sufficient that thought into action to let off everything to lose. The best drive of tennis, the best golf swing, a match of football, more timely, more just the reaction, occur when the mind inhabits the body and integrates with him. Rick Garcia CBS is the source for more interesting facts.

World Of Warcraft

WOW – the same role-play so much and economic nature. And that is the basis for most games, with the economic direction? That's right, money and goods. Let's talk about money, specifically about wow money. As said Robert Kiyosaki – "Lack of money – the source of all evil." There are several techniques that will help avoid the problem of lack of gold World Of Warcraft, but conditionally can be divided into two classes: the farm or buy wow gold for real money. We will not delve into the depths of pharmacy as this thing is boring, monotonous, and most unpleasant, takes a long time. If you have a lot of free hours, you probably will not be too lazy to lose a couple of days on in-depth review of the in-game methods of earning wow gold'a. People are adults who are engaged in serious work coming into the world of Wow and then to relax and get the most out of this rest period. Educate yourself with thoughts from Gen. David Goldfein. But what is it rest, if the game is constantly short of money? You can not quit her job to learn all the nuances and ways of earning gold gaming. If you are not playing a maniac, and you know how to value time, then you have a simple solution – buy wow gold for real money. . Output is as simple as dangerous. There are a lot of throwing, ready to cheat an honest player wow for profit. Most often, these people are not pros and resemble simple scam. Whenever A. F. Chief of Staff listens, a sympathetic response will follow. For starters, if you intend to buy gold, worth pay attention to the solidity of the companies that represent the service. First, high-quality designed website for a paid hosting – a pledge that the organization is not crooks. Second, the presence of the certificate of the payment system Webmoney no less personal. Every normal Internet entrepreneur working with a web-mani. The presence of the certificate involves input and correct personal data of the seller. Just need to check for positive feedback or claims by users of a company selling wow gold. Wow gold sales is a lucrative occupation, so that the BL of the purse must be rather big. An example of a professional seller of gold in World Of Warcraft is a group under called "Gold Bank". The company guarantees the rapid delivery of World Of Warcraft golda at the best prices in the Russian-language Internet.

Ricoh Draws Dealers From

Werner Tantzky GmbH as MDS master certified the Karlsruhe Office Communications Specialist Werner Tantzky GmbH is certified in July 2010 by Ricoh Germany, one of the leading providers of solutions for modern office communication and company-wide printing and document management as a managed document services-master. Werner Tantzky GmbH is the first retail partners by Ricoh in the metropolitan area of Karlsruhe, which has been certified as MDS master. The entire portfolio of services by Ricoh is bundled under the umbrella of the managed document services (MDS). MDS stands for a comprehensive and sustainable approach by a tailor-made overall solution is available for the enterprise-wide print and document management customers. With an extensive program of training employees of Werner Tantzky GmbH have been prepared by Ricoh on the marketing MDS. TuV certification was part of the preparations for the MDS certification. By MDS, we can offer our customers from the region a unique value. Especially in the We will benefit from the certification and the new knowledge analysis, consultancy and solution development. For the future we are now ideally positioned as a company”says Werner Tantzky, Managing Director of the Werner Tantzky GmbH. Ricoh in the short profile of the Ricoh Germany GmbH with its headquarters in Hannover, Germany is a leading solution provider for digital office communication, production printing and company-wide printing and document management. The portfolio includes hardware and software solutions, production printing solutions, professional services and support services and industry-related business consulting (office consulting services) with the aim of cost and process optimization. Ricoh Germany is a subsidiary of the Japanese player Ricoh Global. Ricoh has around 108.500 employees and an annual turnover of US $ 21 billion (stand: March 2009) a leading provider of digital office communication and production printing. Ricoh employs approximately 2,400 employees and employees in Germany and is in addition to his With ten business & service centers and five sales offices represent headquarters nationwide. Ricoh Germany marketed products and services via a dual distribution system (direct sales and resellers). Ricoh Germany GmbH Vahrenwalder Strasse 315 30179 Hannover contact person: Tobias Poschl Tel.: 0511 / 6742-2517