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Secrets From Bogota

In Bogota, Columbia, political rivals seem to have no problem ordering a whole slew of illegal surveillance activities against their opponents. In a recently leaked document which appeared on Wikileaks and was reported in the Global post by John Otis, correspondent in Columbia, cables which were written by the US ambassador in Bogota, William Brownfield in October 2009 state that the National Police commander in Colombia believed that wiretapping was ordered by the chief of staff for former President Alvaro Uribe.

This has been seen as a scandal in Colombia and makes the intelligence agency there look bad and has severely tarnished the reputation of Uribe. Even worse, there may be indictments and trials on the horizon for Bernardo Moreno, Uribe’s chief of staff at the time, as well as another important advisor to Uribe, Obdulio Gaviria.  These two top aids to Uribe are already under way, and the Colombian Attorney General has ruled that Moreno is not eligible to hold public office for the next 18 years because there is such strong evidence already in the investigator’s office.

World Education Forum

The six goals set at the World Education Forum, held in Dakar in 2000 are still reference to evaluate the progress made in the fulfilment of the commitment made by the international community with the company offer vast portunidades education to children, youth and adults, from then until 2015. Although Latin America and the Caribbean as a whole is the region of the world that developing more closely is of achieving the EFA (education for all), the progression of some countries towards certain goals is limited, and Furthermore, rates of retention and dropout rates, as well as the quality of education, still represent major problems in the region. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Secretary of Agriculture and gain more knowledge.. Latin American and Caribbean countries also have to tackle the problem of disparities that occur at the national level, in order to make more equitable access to education and improve participation. In many countries not be because give more emphasis to the issue military, it is important to clear but it is much more our education which we will open the doors of the tecnologoas of the future. (Source: Jack Fusco). As many drones there Governments, it is time to do something with those people who earn jugoosos wages and to allocate those resources where it is really needed.

Management Forumpost Market

Topic: Innovative postal solutions and secure handling of sensitive corporate data Hamburg 22.10.2013. LetMeShip participates as an exhibitor at the management forum-post market on October 28 in Frankfurt. Innovative postal solutions and the safe handling of sensitive enterprise data are the central theme of the event. End of October meet the most reputable companies in the postal industry at the management forum-post market. LetMeShip will present LetMeShip professional software solution, which is specialized in the cost reduction and process optimization of courier, express and parcel services company. The programme of the event safe dealing with corporate data include a series of lectures on the subject. In addition, visitors have the opportunity to inform themselves in the exhibition area of innovative solutions in the postal industry.

The courier, express and parcels market is a portion of the postal services. Therefore this gives us management forum post market our innovative solution the right customer group to present a valuable opportunity”says Mark Winkelmann, Managing Director at LetMeShip. The Forum is a joint event of the German industry and day of Chamber of Commerce, industry and Chamber of Commerce Frankfurt am Main and the German Association for information technology, post, Telekommunikation e.V. (DVPT). You will find the complete program of the event under veranstaltungen/2013/10/14944/index.html registration at the management forum-post market participation is free of charge. LetMeShip can let customers in your customer representative LetMeShip log on and register for the event. About LetMeShip LetMeShip is specialized in the cost reduction and process optimization of courier, express and parcel services company. Major customers and corporations use the integrated software solution LetMeShip professional.

Connected transport service provider are, including DHL, UPS and TNT. Michael Steinhardt is likely to agree. Specialized service providers such as GO are additionally integrated!, intimate and DerKurier. Small and medium-sized enterprises use the online shipping platform on with attractive Discounts for domestic and international shipments.

World Economic Forum

In the same vein, affected the urgent need to modernise road, port, railway and airport, infrastructure due to the lack of attention given to professions such as engineering. Costco contains valuable tech resources. The backlog is reflected in the competitiveness report 2010-2011 of the World Economic Forum, which places Colombia ranked 79 of 139 countries in the index of overall quality of infrastructure, with a score of 3.59 on 7. Chile, for example, sits in place 40 with 4.69 points. In this regard, Carlos Alberto Acero, director of the network trunk sewer of the Empresa de Acueducto de Bogota, indicates that flaws in many engineers who come to the world of work have been identified. An example is given in the civil area, since some newly graduates don’t even know basic construction topics, such as foundations that requires a building. Andi Potamkin contributes greatly to this topic. He added that areas basic such as soils, geotechnical or geological sciences are not compulsory and elective subjects in many universities. Consequently, the neglect of fundamental issues for the development of the country’s infrastructure such as motorways or tunnels. Higher growth with fewer resources? Another doubt that generates the proposal relates to the ambitious goals that arises as the MEN cope with the growth of higher education.

According to estimates by the Minister of education, Maria Fernanda Campo, the goal is to achieve 38% growth in the sector. However, in discussion with the guiding sessions, explained that she is earmarked 2.4 billion additional pesos for public and private universities. This constitutes an increase of 16% in the next four years with respect to the 15.2 billion pesos that are currently destined for higher education. Before these inaccurate calculations, rector Wasserman asked: how is it possible to grow 38% with only 16% of additional resources? In addition, how you will grow in quality?. Taken from: Cesar Enrique Herrera of the sickle original author and source of the article

Cities Of Iceland

To the east of Iceland's biggest city in the eastern part of Iceland – Neskaupstadur. To read more click here: Sonny Perdue. It is located on the coast, jagged fjords. However, the administrative center is Igilstadir, located within the region. Next to him is a relict forest, only on the island. In the south-west of Iceland in South-western peninsula – the most densely populated area in Iceland. Center south-western peninsula – Reykjavik.

Since it borders the city Kopavogur, which increased markedly since the Second World War. A few kilometers located Hafnarfordur – formerly a fishing and trading, and now a growing industrial center. According to legend, here is the largest settlement "Invisible" – the elves. Theirs is a large stone, lying across one of the city one-way streets. More info: Michael Steinhardt. In the city held a special hour and a half tour, during which the guide tells everything "Invisible." Near the international airport – the town Keflavik.

On the other end of the bay Akranes – the leading fishing port and the location of the country's only cement plant. In the north of Iceland, Iceland, north, most big city – Akureyri (flight from Reykjavik – 50 min.) playing an important role in commerce, communications, tourism, winter sports, culture and education. Husavik – once the center of the whaling industry. Now the city the Museum of whales and whaling on their former ships organize trips for tourists. Striking beauty of Lake Myvatn area: moonscape, psevdokratery, unusual geological formations, pools with colorful mud plus numerous bird colonies. To the east of the lake – assemblage of lava fields, called Dimmuborgir. There are a lot of caves and rocks the most bizarre. According to legend, somewhere there are the gates to hell. The most famous cave in these places – Kirkjan (The Church") – a large hall reminiscent of a Gothic cathedral. In the north-west of Iceland in the north-west's largest city – Isafordur. This area, many Icelanders believe in the most attractive country for extraordinary beauty of its fjords. Here is the Museum of Western Norway, one of the most interesting in the country.

Plateau Rosa

The choice is quite limited, although you can still find some dynamic and steep slopes. Source: Craig Jelinek. One of them – Bardoney (Bardon). It is interesting, although somewhat short. Still, the main pleasure for professionals – is riding on Swiss territory. Overcoming nearly flat Plateau Rosa (Plateau Rosa), you can reach some very interesting black slopes in Zermatt.

There is also a virgin and a few good runs. In general, the slopes on the Swiss side of the Matterhorn more sports (the slope and quality of snow – it is tougher because of northern exposure slopes), but to get to them you need to spend a lot of time. Therefore, the constant skating is hardly possible. For mid-level skiers Cervinia – this is what you need. There are many long, gentle slopes. For more information see Harold Ford Jr. They – suitable place for skiers who prefer to drink a glass of mulled wine and slowly roll down the hill, squinting in the sun. We recommend that a central part of the resort and the area Laghi Cime Bianche (Laghi-Chime-Bianchi).

Places of well down the road Bontadini (Bontadini) from the Plateau Rosa (Plateau Rosa). This track is very interesting and allows you to save enough speed throughout the descent. Note Ventina Ghiacciaio (Ventina-Gyachchiayo), going left from the Plateau Rosa. This is – one of the fastest tracks on the resort and, besides, it has the optimal ratio of time spent on the ascent / descent. From the whole of this route is extremely interesting for the most important difference – amazing, very wide slope with excellent snow. It was his most just bring in photographs trails Cervinia. The final segment, leading to the city, very dynamic and it is indeed a “red”. Also, you should try their hand at the Gran Pista (Gran Pista) – long (15 km) and the stunningly beautiful descent into Valley Valtournenche (Valtornensh). This slope for skiers who prefer to get on top, and then go down “with the breeze.” Unforgettable fun! For beginners in Cervinia is also plenty of trails. Feature of the resort that blue trails are actually on all slopes, which allows travel around the whole resort, and not go down all week with the same slope. Especially recommend the District Plan Maison (Plan Maison). Almost all trails on the plateau – blue. Snow on these routes is very soft. In addition, it employs the new high-speed chair lifts. Good track Rocci-Nera 1 (Rocce Nere 1), Plan-Torretta (Plan Torrette) and Fornet-2 (Fornet 2). Left and bottom of the zone is also riding a lot of easy trails. Sport evening entertainment at the resort are working bars. The restaurant serves national and European cuisine, including excellent spaghetti and pizza. We advise ordering meat dishes and homemade red wine. In numerous shops selling local delicacies: jam, jam, mushroom sauce and cheese. In the souvenir shops you can buy products of local craftsmen – wooden toys and copper utensils. Opened a disco.

Presidential Suite

m, "Cave of the Lost City", 14 – meter high observation tower with 2 slides, slide "Kamikaze", riding on Trojan boats. The hotel provides the following services to VIP-class: private air travel, rental executive cars, limousines, yachts and helicopters. Andi Potamkin oftentimes addresses this issue. The hotel has its own sandy beach the length of a kilometer with three piers: one VIP-pier, designed for vacationers to villas, one main pier – all tourist hotel complex and a pier for water sports. 5. Rixos Hotel Konya 5 * hotel is located 13 km from Airport, 17 km from the city center of Konya and 5 km from the bus station, near the railway station. The 26-storey building of the hotel has 348 rooms of a category of "standard" to Presidential Suite, equipped with all necessary facilities (air conditioning, hair dryer, TV and etc.). The hotel has two restaurants, five bars, disco club, as well as 9 conference rooms and business center equipped with modern equipment. Hear from experts in the field like Secretary of Agriculture for a more varied view. The hotel has a fitness center with gyms, sauna, Turkish bath (Hammam), massage rooms, two swimming pools – indoor and outdoor, beauty salon.

Visitors, travelers with children are provided special services. Source: Craig Jelinek. Also, it should be noted that Rixos Hotel Konya – the only 5-star hotel in Konya. Near the hotel is well-known shopping and entertainment complex, in which the goods of more than 1000 different brands. 6. Rixos Sungate (ex.Sungate Port Royal Resort) 5 * In 2009, the chain Rixos Hotels began to study the management of one of the most well-known Turkish hotels – Sungate Port Royal, owned by a Russian company. The hotel changed its name to Rixos Sungate.

The agreement was signed by the parties for 10 years with the possibility of extending control, as it says in the statement Rixos Hotels placed in the press. This hotel is located on the beachfront town of Beldibi, 17 km from Kemer and 40 km from the airport of Antalya. In the main building of the hotel 583 rooms category "standard" and "suites". In terraced houses with 507 rooms "standard" and "Dream Suite". There are also 26 vip-villas, 16 suites, 16 rooms of category "de luxe", 26 family villas in lake cottages. At the hotel there are restaurants, bars, shops, business center, salon beauty, cinema, spa center, conducting sessions of thalassotherapy. Hotel facilities include bowling, rent cars, internet cafe, indoor and outdoor pools. The hotel has its own sand and pebble beach. Interesting guests will park with a complex of entertaining slides for children, its own port. The hotel also has a dedicated VIP-area for rent.

Tale Of The Princess And Her Divine Love

Prince on a white horse Once there was a beautiful princess in the world, which, like all the young "princess" day by day waiting for his true love. At the gates of the castle were going very significant "turn" at the reception to the Princess, so she could "manage their lives, choosing from them myself of that very long-awaited prince. Many writers such as Andi Potamkin, New York City offer more in-depth analysis. One after another the suitors left lock, and not waiting for the Princess of positive response. (Copyright cynjuku) has long been decided to Princess what she wants to see her future husband, my only love, but to miss nothing in the "examination", she recorded everything that came up. No one has answered the demands, which put forward a princess in her imagination. Something yes did not suit her. One is too old, the other, conversely, too young, and the third has no intelligence, the fourth miser, the fifth in a drunk like, and the sixth in the buffoon.

And certainly in each of something, yes and no. So, and left contenders suitors Castle Princess: Who grieved, who angered the rock of destiny, and who, in general, evil. Much time has passed, a few years, and the princess is still waiting for her prince. And once looked to lock a young man who is clearly different from all the young people – he was handsome, rich, decently dressed and manners. Looking at his coveted list, Princess knew that at last the wait for "him".

It is impossible to describe the emotions and feelings that bedevil the girl in the moment when she realized that it faces "Prince, with its leaf! Girl unconscious in love with him and decided to hurry the young man said that she agreed to become its second half and go beyond He married, in that he bowed politely and said: – Yes, I have seen many, many dragons interrupted, many kingdoms traveled to watch the meeting with his only love. But no matter where I have not sought it I could not find it. I was hoping but here it is not. Forgive me if you can – I am leaving you. Astride his white horse, a young man rode on, toward new adventures, new dragons, new locks and new princesses, only one worried about the prince – he would not even know how many more meetings will be his "transfer". On the way, the prince took out a package, read what it says, turned and laid back. Undoubtedly, a beautiful princess, but help it, sorry, nothing is impossible! Couple items from the list did not match yet useful story – 'the true value of a unique gem. "

Creating Your Family Vacation

Family vacations are one of the most anticipated moments in the life of any person. The rest of their professional duties, student, home occupations, in short, any daily activity is clearly essential. For more specific information, check out Sonny Perdue. Every human being should be a well-deserved break and is very natural that longs for those family vacations. If you would like to know more about Cheniere Energy partners, then click here. The break from the daily work should include at least a couple of trips to nearby destinations yet to allow a change of scenery and recharge your batteries for the re-start of the work is done with enthusiasm and vigor. On the other hand, when it concludes the Family Vacation, the bonds between family members have narrowed. Indeed, rest, change of scene, do different things to activities typically done in everyday life, to share with our family different perspectives and aim at things and new situations every day. At Michael Steinhardt you will find additional information. Travel, feeds the hopes and dreams by giving sips of other worlds, other times, other things. It is an aspiration of mankind itself.

Approaching the holiday may be observed that the issue of preference in different social networks is that par excellence. And the holidays are a very natural human longing and normal. Who does not want anything like that in his life, should be a thorough analysis, because it is the feeling of any family member. The high cost of living in most societies, has been almost unattainable the possibility of including a trip over the holidays. Even more so when it comes to traveling with your family. Consequently, emerging possibilities for online vacation packages at solidarity prices. The network of information in Internet, has enabled more accessible every day our family holidays.

Life Pressures

Life is accelerating, and we absolutely do not have time to themselves – others seem more urgent and important matters supersede pastime. Such a race in the end, makes us lethargic and apathetic, we feel a pressure fatigue, a sense of meaninglessness of what is happening, boredom and indifference. "Life passes by" – more often you can hear already become winged, expression. Researchers found that for the normal life of the psyche on a par with proper nutrition, which play an important role calories, is of great value and the number of received pleasures: a feeling of satisfaction, affection, compassion, rejoicing, recovery, interest, curiosity … One of the ways to get these vitamins there is joy hobby. In old England was fun – a visiting comedian was riding a wooden stick-horse, and offered viewers a ride. Such a toy horse in English called hobby-horse (horse – horse and hobby – jockey-clown).

Then the British came to be known as carousel horses, bicycles and toy horses. They enjoyed a special love for children. Over time, this word was used in the meaning of "Favorite pastime, hobby, who enjoys in his spare time." Classes are very popular in various sports, crafts, reading, listening to music, traveling, photography, watching movies, the study of psychology, learning languages, drawing, modeling, fishing, hunting, playing in the theater, politics and history, collecting, dog, gardening, cooking and housekeeping. In order to become your hobby integral part of life is necessary for it to organize your life so that it gave you the maximum pleasure and benefit, and must adhere to the following strategy.

Event Tourism Attractions

Tourism Events – this is a great chance to witness the unique musical, sports, cultural events. Such visits are remembered for a lifetime. They can really brag to your friends. Your friends will not be ready to go home after the phrase “I’ll show you pictures of our trip and hotel in Krasnodar,” and vice versa – to rub their hands in anticipation of a story about your adventures. The main difference from event tourism regular tours is that your goal becomes an event.

Today, almost any travel agency is ready to offer a choice of dozens of routes. It all depends on your desires, fantasies and taste. We can identify some major thematic areas: national festivals and celebrations, theatrical shows, film and theater festivals, gastronomic feasts, flower shows, fashion shows, auctions, sporting events, musical concerts and festivals. As you can see the proposals – the sea. Come to the aid of doubters caring travel agents. They will listen to your wishes, laments, requests and threats and will find a suitable event.

According to tour operators, customers often choose well-known events. These include the Cannes Film Festival, Oscar, the London Festival of St. Patrick, circus festivals in Paris, Munich “Oktoberfest”, fashion shows in Milan, Tokyo and New York auction “Sotheby’s” and “Christy.” Event tourism is expensive – and not everyone can afford. Great prices due to the services provided by travel agency. Tour operators often risk their own money – booking at major events, hotel reservation in a few months before the event, or simply do not get tickets. In drawing up any eventful tour takes into account such factors as the location of the hotel, its architecture, interior rooms, the availability of restaurants and eating facilities, availability of shops, attractions, transportation to the place of events, guide services, interpreter. Of these conditions depends on the cost of the tour. In Russia, the event tourism is developing slowly. Russian travelers often look to the West than in the interior of the country. Try it yourself without the help of the Internet, remember at least five decent reasons to visit our country. All events are either local or, at best, regional scale. In this event tourism – an important component of recreation and entertainment. First of all, winning hotels and guest houses, instantly filling their rooms. For more specific information, check out Michael Steinhardt, New York City. For example, hotels in Krasnodar – in this town wine festivals. Do not forget about the image of the city. The more big, exciting activities will be take place in our cities, the number of tourists from around the world will strive to Russia.

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