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Did You Know ?

In the era of film cameras 'FED', 'Change' camera repair shops used to lubricate fotomehanizmov bone oil, as more resistant to temperature fluctuations. While the shortage and inaccessibility were commonplace. In the absence of a sale of the oil it offered to produce their own. Here's one recipe: clean of meat bones bull or cow's feet, crush them into small pieces and placed in an enamel dishes and fill with distilled water. The whole product is cooked for 5-6 hours. over low heat, without putting a large boil.

Appeared during boiling foam gradually removed. The prepared liquid broth is cooled, after which surfaced on the surface of the fat collected in separate glass bottles. Then take four well-washed bottles, glass insert them into a funnel with filter bandwidth of the paper. Gradually and carefully pour the fat one of the craters. Filtration of fat is slow and not immediate. When all the fat will be filtered in the first funnel, pour it into the second, then third and so on. Do this for as long as the fat becomes completely liquid. Cooked oil settles in for a month. After that, oil is separated from the precipitate, filtered, and only then apply the grease fotomehanizmov. The mechanisms of most modern digital cameras work without lubrication through the use of special materials.

Our Mother

To be Mother Mother is a woman who interlaced her hands with those of the loved man, to whom she gave in body and soul to form between a both cradle. It can have something more beautiful? A Mother, is a woman who has something of God by the immensity of her love, and of angel by the untiring request of her cares much. She can have more total delivery? Our Mother, who with a glance knows to read in deepest of our soul, is a woman that, if he is insufficient in his knowledge, discovers the secrets of the life with more success than a wise person, and, if she is well-educated, impregnates like anybody of the candor and the necessity of her son. Mother is a woman who, being vigorous, shakes with the weeping of the fruit of her entrails and being weak, knows to have if with the fierceness of a lioness is precise. There will be something more admirable and worthy of admiration? Ours Mother is a woman who, to perhaps teaches few things us, but those that of her we learn, are those that marks the sense of our lives. There will be something more venerable? The Mother, is a woman, with a so great power, that she is only able to erase of the spirit of her children, the sad feeling of the orphanhood. Will be something more nobleman? And finally, Mother is a woman with a so inescapable destiny and vocation, that until the same God she wanted to feel the warm emotion to need one.

We can find in this miserable world something greater and more beautiful simultaneously? Of our Mother, a thing has of which often we must ourselves be sorry, and only is that it leaves us before we realize that we have been so egoistic, that we have not had time to give back only one small part to him of all their sacrifice, its permanent delivery and the infinite love that it gave to us. Only we lose when it, we felt like guilty, we see orphaned destitutes irremissible and. Luckily, Extreme Hacedor, only gave one us. Nobody would hold pain to lose it twice.

Teide National Park

There are places that seem to be blessed by God for the incredible natural beauty and the richness of its flora and fauna. Contemplate these landscapes, renews the heart and fills us with a positive energy to the soul. Luckily, Spain has beautiful national paradores, sites with all the infrastructure to receive tourists and make you feel like a true King. And the hand of, it will be possible to find the ideal place where to make a getaway weekend to recharge energies and air, or a real family holiday, to see the children enjoying the Sun and open spaces. An exquisite parador by the characteristics of the place is the parador de Las Canadas del Teide, in la Orotava, Tenerife.

What other place more charming than Tenerife, with its ideal climate and its moderate year-round temperatures. This parador is located in the mountain, over the Teide National Park, one of the treasures of humanity, and the oldest park in the Canary Islands. It is the second national park in the world by number of visitors. In his extension is nothing less than the third largest planet volcano, and the point emerged and performance in the Atlantic Ocean. It’s an old building, a building in the high mountains, with terraces on the Park, and with a view to the cone of the volcano, the caldera of Chaorra (old peak) and white mountain. The caldera of a volcano is a monumental collapse in the ground, caused by a collapse of the magamatica camera, happened thousands of years ago. It’s so the land in Tenerife has acquired its peculiar physiognomy, with consideration peaks and steep slopes.

El Teide National Park is subject to a series of national and international regulations that seek to preserve a privileged environment, to preserve it from any environmental damage that could result in human presence. Only your local flora is an impressive wealth, finding more than eleven native ecosystems that are not found in any other place on Earth. Among the plant species, are It preserves a large number of specimens of the native flora of the Canary Islands, of great scientific value. Within the national paradores, the parador of la Orotava offers a top quality, not only by the comforts of the hotel, but for the incredible landscape that falls in love with the visitors, with its monumental peaks, and its climate in perfect harmony with the human soul.

Easter Holidays

If in are coming Easter holidays thinking about you go on vacation with your friends read this article because I will tell you the easiest way to save lots of money. If your trip will go 11 people or more you can save in a very simple way, just by entering your data to a page and ready. It is safer are already planning the Easter trip to go to the beach, the most visited destination in Mexico are Cancun, Acapulco, Puerto Vallarta, Tampico and the Riviera Maya and although they will go a few days, all these destinations are much too expensive in this season. To save money on airline tickets you have to go with an airline specific and enter your data as easy as that, because there is a promotion when travel 11 or more people. The promotion of this airline is very good, because they give you a discount on their already known low prices. Another way to save, with the same airline is that hiring a vacation package, which includes the airline tickets In addition to your accommodation in very good hotels. The vacation package is very good choice too, because so they no longer to be looking for a good hotel with good prices.

Creek Rosario Mendoza

For those who enjoy fishing, proposals for your holidays in Mendoza are abundant and varied. Estancia El Parral is located 130 km south of the city of Mendoza. Located on the beautiful Valle de Uco, this private Ranch offers an exclusive and very peaceful place for fishing in the Creek Rosario. This pristine course is located only a few steps from the stay, and is home to the most beautiful rainbow trout of the Cuyo region have registration. For fishing with fly in the Rosario arroyo, it is necessary to count with floating lines, lying upstream. Flies can also be used, but only at certain times of the day. So coveted trout, either Brown or Rainbow, generally inhabit the lower part of the stream. From there that need to be addressed with utmost delicacy and stealth, in way of to not notice the presence of the fisherman.

The river has huge amounts of trout and flies are also abundant. The excursion to stay El Parral starts early, at 8 in the morning, for those who must be moved from the City of Mendoza. Visitors arrive at 9.30 AM to stay and there are prepared to undertake the March toward better pique area. Approximately 30 minutes follow the mountain road to reach more backwater of the watercourse. There, the Group spends the morning polishing his fly fishing techniques and trying to catch some of the so desired dams. It is not an easy task. Trout weighing between 500 g and 1.5 kilos, can sometimes reach 2 kg.

In addition, they possess great force and are almost perfect escapist. At noon, the Group of fishermen, more fun than frustrated, pauses for lunch. The traditional Argentine asado is waiting on the shore of the River, accompanied with various salads and the best and most delicious wines from Mendoza. Once the desktop closes, the guests resumed their task, but this time are located a few meters river above, intending to catch larger fish. Around 7 in the evening, the fly fishing journey comes to an end. The group goes to the El Parral Ranch to recover energy and savour a light dinner before embarking on their return to the hotel in Mendoza. Original author and source of the article.

Exciting Rafting

San Rafael enjoys a variety of alternatives to the practice of activities outdoors for all tastes and ages. Rafting, Mendoza, is the main attraction, but the nautical activities, such as kayaking or sliders, are not limited to this variant of excursions in the Cuyo province. The geography of Mendoza includes many lakes and provides other options, among which we can find windsurfing, water skiing and the promenade in canoes. For those who only wish to admire the views, there are catamarans available, a special type of boat, suitable for browsing calm in the Lake. Mountain activities also proliferate, and both beginners and experts can find options tailored to your needs and preferences. Another great alternative is the perform a ride on horseback in the surrounding area, in circuits of different durations: one hour, several hours to several days. Nature lovers can opt for the trekking, go mountain biking or be part of a photographic safari.

There are also archaeological tourism and caving activities which provide some tourism agencies. Rafting consists, essentially, crossing rivers in downstream direction in large rubber rafts. It is obviously necessary to count with the proper equipment and guides that are expert connoisseurs of navigation techniques. In San Rafael and Atuel River Canyon, in particular, it is very important to have all of these elements so that this practice is safe and exciting, with difficulties in grade 2 and 3 on a scale of 0 to 6. The entire family can participate in this experience, enjoying it with care and security. In Mendoza, rafting circuits are multiple and of all kinds in its level of difficulty and extension.

The shorter have less than 6 kilometres, intermediates with a mean of 10 kilometres and the longest exceed 16 kilometres. The duration of this type of trips varies between 40 minutes and 2 hours, depending on the length of the journey to travel. There are also some options for those who enjoy high levels of adrenaline and emotion. By way of example, rafting of grade 4 in the Atuel River near El Sosneado, or, three full-day excursions, which imply an adventure of 100 kilometers completely in the water. It is a matter of seizing the opportunity and choose the adventure to your liking.

Tourism Adventure

With its advantageous location at the foot of the Andes, one of the most unique features of the wine-growing region of Cuyo is the possibility of including adventure tourism activities in Mendoza in our travel experience. With some of the highest peaks in the world, the Mendoza Province boasts a rugged mountainous terrain that is simply stunning in its beauty and breadth. One or two days of rest of the classical Cuyo wine tastings can be a great opportunity to add to the experience of the Andes and feel his power in our own skin. From a walk of just a few hours until the end of the ascent of Aconcagua, Mendoza Province offers plenty of adventures in which embarking. Located at the height of the Andes, more than 7,000 meters above the sea level valleys, several stays of Mendoza mountain travel all the way to the border with Chile and are still active in raising cattle and horses. We were able to enjoy a rustic field day in these Andean haciendas, with spectacular horseback riding in high mountains, traditional Creole cuisine, with dishes prepared in handicraft and open campfires, sweet home and gastronomic products.

However, logically, accompanied by some of the finest wines from Mendoza. For those looking to enjoy the mountain, the interactive experience in the Cordillera de los Andes, could not be more complete to go introduciendonos in the nooks and crannies of the mountains with slopes of trekking and hiking excursions. We can also explore the mountain by following some circuits bicycle, but this activity is a little more difficult and demanding. Finally, nothing better than a day of abseiling or climbing to discover our indoor climber. Rafting is a very stimulating activity, especially in the course of water from Mendoza.

The Mendoza River low at high speed by Cuyo peaks, providing up to a level of difficulty 4 earrings. A unique adrenaline feels like to face the ferocious fast, fight against the force of currents, and navigate through the large amount of waterfalls the River. Weather and season permitting, also you can enjoy a truly unforgettable excursion between the options of tourism adventure in Mendoza, rafting in the light of the full moon. The expedition in the mountain combined with the movements of the River in the light of the full moon is an almost mystical experience. Jorge Alberto Guinazu adventure tourism in Mendoza Aimar Perez Gali Blog Archive Por ti would cross the cordillera of the andes in skates the best ten wines of the world expert Brazilian confirms potential dairy of the Dominican Republic: Perulactea network information training and assistance technique Agropecuaria Simi Sauvignon Blanc Sonoma County 2007 The best wines 3,600 farmers are trained in crop improvement and raising of cattle Inforegion Environmental press agency

Marriage Counselors

The moment which decides to accept the bond that comes from marriage, the couple are looking to the union last forever, as they say in church, till death do us part, but in the course of married life will be problems that impair the relationship, in which case a good choice you have to meet this is going to marriage counselors, who in their activity will help spouses to improve the situation in which they are, teaching or showing some guidelines to follow by both parties and resolve the problems that are living within marriage. By going to marriage counselors, much of the work they perform, will hear the various problems present in the life of the couple, which stands out more than anything the lack of communication and living together as a couple, ie a departure from what is the marital union and marriage counselors largely directed their work to help couples to re-unify their lives through communication, are to understand the role and performance that should have spouses in the relationship because in many cases becomes blurred or lost the role to be kept by spouses within marriage, and marriage counselors can conclude that one of problem is that maybe there is an expectation of action and but it is giving something else. After giving attention to all the above components, marriage counselors should encourage a change of attitude to find the solution and improving the relationship and marriage counselors should help create a motivation for couples and so take out forward its marriage, which first sought to change the way people think, act and see the connection..

Russian Cuisine

We live in Russia and many of us wanted to know about the origins of culinary art in Russia. It is from this direction, we will acquaint you today. In Russia since time immemorial, people engaged in the cultivation of crops such as wheat, rye, barley, oats, buckwheat and millet. In this regard, was discovered the recipe for yeast dough. It is therefore not surprising abundance of all kinds of pastries, which has been observed in Russian cuisine, it's pancakes, all sorts of recipes pies, muffins, cakes, pie, etc.

Apart from a large assortment of pastries, we are witnessing a great abundance of recipes for all kinds of cereals and soups. Not without reason the Russian proverb says – "Soup and porridge – our food." Russian cuisine without the soup, it is not Russian cuisine. That is why this famous soup has more than fifty different recipes, this soup with sauerkraut and meat, sour soup with mushrooms, cabbage lazy, nettle soup, etc. No less popularity and diverse enjoy the recipes cold soups made on the basis of kvass present radish or beet broth (, beetroot soup). On the Diversity of soups in Russian cuisine can talk a lot, no country in the world do not make such a riches soup in Russia.

No one meal does not cost the Russian had no pickles whether it's pickled mushrooms, sauerkraut, pickled cucumbers and tomatoes. Main meat dishes of game meat and pets (in particular famous recipe for goose stuffed with millet) baked in whole or in large pieces in the Russian stove. It turned out delicious stew, the taste is difficult to convey. Now, in many cafes and restaurants that specialize in Russian cuisine recreate authentic recipes with great success. We can not say about the aspic, which earlier in the villages prepare for the holidays, and in different regions of Russia aspic recipe was different, that did not prevent enjoy the variety of its flavors. In conclusion, I want to say about the diversity of Russian recipes drinks such as kvass, juice, jelly, which will offer you any self-respecting restaurant or cafe, offering Russian cuisine.


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