Exciting Rafting

San Rafael enjoys a variety of alternatives to the practice of activities outdoors for all tastes and ages. Rafting, Mendoza, is the main attraction, but the nautical activities, such as kayaking or sliders, are not limited to this variant of excursions in the Cuyo province. The geography of Mendoza includes many lakes and provides other options, among which we can find windsurfing, water skiing and the promenade in canoes. For those who only wish to admire the views, there are catamarans available, a special type of boat, suitable for browsing calm in the Lake. Mountain activities also proliferate, and both beginners and experts can find options tailored to your needs and preferences. Another great alternative is the perform a ride on horseback in the surrounding area, in circuits of different durations: one hour, several hours to several days. Nature lovers can opt for the trekking, go mountain biking or be part of a photographic safari.

There are also archaeological tourism and caving activities which provide some tourism agencies. Rafting consists, essentially, crossing rivers in downstream direction in large rubber rafts. It is obviously necessary to count with the proper equipment and guides that are expert connoisseurs of navigation techniques. In San Rafael and Atuel River Canyon, in particular, it is very important to have all of these elements so that this practice is safe and exciting, with difficulties in grade 2 and 3 on a scale of 0 to 6. The entire family can participate in this experience, enjoying it with care and security. In Mendoza, rafting circuits are multiple and of all kinds in its level of difficulty and extension.

The shorter have less than 6 kilometres, intermediates with a mean of 10 kilometres and the longest exceed 16 kilometres. The duration of this type of trips varies between 40 minutes and 2 hours, depending on the length of the journey to travel. There are also some options for those who enjoy high levels of adrenaline and emotion. By way of example, rafting of grade 4 in the Atuel River near El Sosneado, or, three full-day excursions, which imply an adventure of 100 kilometers completely in the water. It is a matter of seizing the opportunity and choose the adventure to your liking.