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With its advantageous location at the foot of the Andes, one of the most unique features of the wine-growing region of Cuyo is the possibility of including adventure tourism activities in Mendoza in our travel experience. With some of the highest peaks in the world, the Mendoza Province boasts a rugged mountainous terrain that is simply stunning in its beauty and breadth. One or two days of rest of the classical Cuyo wine tastings can be a great opportunity to add to the experience of the Andes and feel his power in our own skin. From a walk of just a few hours until the end of the ascent of Aconcagua, Mendoza Province offers plenty of adventures in which embarking. Located at the height of the Andes, more than 7,000 meters above the sea level valleys, several stays of Mendoza mountain travel all the way to the border with Chile and are still active in raising cattle and horses. We were able to enjoy a rustic field day in these Andean haciendas, with spectacular horseback riding in high mountains, traditional Creole cuisine, with dishes prepared in handicraft and open campfires, sweet home and gastronomic products.

However, logically, accompanied by some of the finest wines from Mendoza. For those looking to enjoy the mountain, the interactive experience in the Cordillera de los Andes, could not be more complete to go introduciendonos in the nooks and crannies of the mountains with slopes of trekking and hiking excursions. We can also explore the mountain by following some circuits bicycle, but this activity is a little more difficult and demanding. Finally, nothing better than a day of abseiling or climbing to discover our indoor climber. Rafting is a very stimulating activity, especially in the course of water from Mendoza.

The Mendoza River low at high speed by Cuyo peaks, providing up to a level of difficulty 4 earrings. A unique adrenaline feels like to face the ferocious fast, fight against the force of currents, and navigate through the large amount of waterfalls the River. Weather and season permitting, also you can enjoy a truly unforgettable excursion between the options of tourism adventure in Mendoza, rafting in the light of the full moon. The expedition in the mountain combined with the movements of the River in the light of the full moon is an almost mystical experience. Jorge Alberto Guinazu adventure tourism in Mendoza Aimar Perez Gali Blog Archive Por ti would cross the cordillera of the andes in skates the best ten wines of the world expert Brazilian confirms potential dairy of the Dominican Republic: Perulactea network information training and assistance technique Agropecuaria Simi Sauvignon Blanc Sonoma County 2007 The best wines 3,600 farmers are trained in crop improvement and raising of cattle Inforegion Environmental press agency