Russian Cuisine

We live in Russia and many of us wanted to know about the origins of culinary art in Russia. It is from this direction, we will acquaint you today. In Russia since time immemorial, people engaged in the cultivation of crops such as wheat, rye, barley, oats, buckwheat and millet. In this regard, was discovered the recipe for yeast dough. It is therefore not surprising abundance of all kinds of pastries, which has been observed in Russian cuisine, it's pancakes, all sorts of recipes pies, muffins, cakes, pie, etc.

Apart from a large assortment of pastries, we are witnessing a great abundance of recipes for all kinds of cereals and soups. Not without reason the Russian proverb says – "Soup and porridge – our food." Russian cuisine without the soup, it is not Russian cuisine. That is why this famous soup has more than fifty different recipes, this soup with sauerkraut and meat, sour soup with mushrooms, cabbage lazy, nettle soup, etc. No less popularity and diverse enjoy the recipes cold soups made on the basis of kvass present radish or beet broth (, beetroot soup). On the Diversity of soups in Russian cuisine can talk a lot, no country in the world do not make such a riches soup in Russia.

No one meal does not cost the Russian had no pickles whether it's pickled mushrooms, sauerkraut, pickled cucumbers and tomatoes. Main meat dishes of game meat and pets (in particular famous recipe for goose stuffed with millet) baked in whole or in large pieces in the Russian stove. It turned out delicious stew, the taste is difficult to convey. Now, in many cafes and restaurants that specialize in Russian cuisine recreate authentic recipes with great success. We can not say about the aspic, which earlier in the villages prepare for the holidays, and in different regions of Russia aspic recipe was different, that did not prevent enjoy the variety of its flavors. In conclusion, I want to say about the diversity of Russian recipes drinks such as kvass, juice, jelly, which will offer you any self-respecting restaurant or cafe, offering Russian cuisine.