Creek Rosario Mendoza

For those who enjoy fishing, proposals for your holidays in Mendoza are abundant and varied. Estancia El Parral is located 130 km south of the city of Mendoza. Located on the beautiful Valle de Uco, this private Ranch offers an exclusive and very peaceful place for fishing in the Creek Rosario. This pristine course is located only a few steps from the stay, and is home to the most beautiful rainbow trout of the Cuyo region have registration. For fishing with fly in the Rosario arroyo, it is necessary to count with floating lines, lying upstream. Flies can also be used, but only at certain times of the day. So coveted trout, either Brown or Rainbow, generally inhabit the lower part of the stream. From there that need to be addressed with utmost delicacy and stealth, in way of to not notice the presence of the fisherman.

The river has huge amounts of trout and flies are also abundant. The excursion to stay El Parral starts early, at 8 in the morning, for those who must be moved from the City of Mendoza. Visitors arrive at 9.30 AM to stay and there are prepared to undertake the March toward better pique area. Approximately 30 minutes follow the mountain road to reach more backwater of the watercourse. There, the Group spends the morning polishing his fly fishing techniques and trying to catch some of the so desired dams. It is not an easy task. Trout weighing between 500 g and 1.5 kilos, can sometimes reach 2 kg.

In addition, they possess great force and are almost perfect escapist. At noon, the Group of fishermen, more fun than frustrated, pauses for lunch. The traditional Argentine asado is waiting on the shore of the River, accompanied with various salads and the best and most delicious wines from Mendoza. Once the desktop closes, the guests resumed their task, but this time are located a few meters river above, intending to catch larger fish. Around 7 in the evening, the fly fishing journey comes to an end. The group goes to the El Parral Ranch to recover energy and savour a light dinner before embarking on their return to the hotel in Mendoza. Original author and source of the article.