Consumer Research

Friends, on the road to our financial security, we must overcome many obstacles; in my case, the first problem he suffered was the be a compulsive buyer, and always lived in a State of denial in this regard. See better with this analogy you look in the mirror and say I’m a little fat?, actually, weigh 125 Kg is not much, I am a little big but is not nothing worry. Blood pressure and my tiredness due to that I’ve been working very hard. See, until we arrived not at the root of the matter (eat in more, eat fat, our weakness for sweets, zero exercises) can not start a diet to get in shape. Only when I understood that I had a problem wanting to buy everything, managed to extricate me from that economic weight.

It was not easy, but I did a review myself and I got the following:-when I was despondent, used to go shopping and returned home laden with packages. -Bought something and, shortly after, lost interest in that object. Then gave it, it He threw or kept it in a box. -I had trouble making ends meet because as soon as it was paid he was spending a good amount in unnecessary whims. Go to Carrier for more information. -People around me told me once about my taste ridiculous for purchases. Almost all my daily activities involve a payment of some kind. What we did not think that sometimes, we have the idea that a greater number of consumed products, increases the degree of acceptance and admiration of others. In Spain, 10% of young people are compulsive buyers. According to the Journal for Consumer Research, these compulsive purchases relate episodes of depression and anxiety. In United States, a study reported in the book Born to Buy, shows that 88% of 15 year olds are consistent with a visit to a special place, and the need to buy something, these are each 8 youth 7! Through this page, I managed to get a test that measured if you are a (buyer (compulsive a) a) (a).