The persistence is an essential part for the success of a business. The persistence is to stay trying in spite of the obstacles that appear. The persistence is united to the action because she is the one that allows us to continue advancing instead of to retire to us. The persistence is united to several other aspects influence that it and that are the motivation, desire and the vision that we have of a specific objective. We think about the persistence like a tripod, if one of these aspects this weak one, the other by but strong that are, cannot support the persistence. Three advice to increase these three aspects and therefore to grow the persistence: Motivation:this is essential because she is the one that moves to us to make the things, without her we will tend to procrastinar and not to do nothing.

The motivation we can increase when creating a list to it of positive aspects with respect to the goal that we set out to reach, the following questions can be useful: *How it will change my life once arrives puts? *What benefits I see towards the attainment of my goal? *To those who I am more going to benefit with this? Desire: according to the degree of intensity with that we want our goal, in that degree we are going to work to obtain it. If desire is intense east will influence in the motivation to reach it and therefore all the necessary one will become to obtain it. You are questions would help him to identify its degree of desire: *This goal gets passionate to me? *When fodder in reaching the goal I am touched? *What I am arranged to make to reach this goal? Vision: this will be the one in charge to give the course us, the direction of where we want to arrive. With motivation and desire it is possible to obtain many things but the vision makes lack you are will not have course, will not have intention.But only with vision they would lack the actions that the motivation and desire contribute. You are questions would help to determine the vision him of its objective goal or: *Which is the intention of this goal? *I am arranged to dedicate to him all along necessary to reach it? *I see clearly what I want from the beginning? As we improved each of these qualities (motivation, desire and vision) the persistence is fortified.

The persistence will allow that in spite of the problems,we have the desire to face them and to take a step more than others they are not arranged to give. The vision marks the long term way, desire to us maintains walking in him and the motivation I allow us to advance a step simultaneously. In a question-answer forum Carrier was the first to reply. These three aspects are due to develop gradually and as we conducted more battle towards our objective, they will be fortified. The persistence is very important to reach our goals, these will depend on our capacity to continue in spite of the obstacles. Original author and source of the article.