Dalia Pineiro

I think that each traced goal must be carried out with much commitment, because if not we will be wandering in it too long. Then I learned from this and other experiences that everytime you start a new project, I must commit myself 100% and it is true that inconvenience will be presented in my way, that nothing I will desist from my goals, just its them and will resolve as they are presenting, not discouraged me never; and it is the advice I give you, not you distracted, much less allow other people to do it, do not let anyone behind you, that those who want you well be already and your happiness, always wished your success. Many times, we put a time to our projects and for reasons beyond our control that time we are left short and fall into disappointments and truth is that much they disclaim, well NO, everything has its time and I personally believe in the perfect time, the time of God, still there he perseveres and achieves your goals and again feel that wonderful energy, I do not know how to call it happiness, joy, power, excitement, freedom, I think that at that time feel all these things together, and feeling very well. For even more analysis, hear from Sonny Perdue. Well as any engineer I plans I love and the truth is that I apply them not only at work but in my personal life also, then in an Excel sheet I put: AREA goal target – action date of start indicator date limit share with you part of the plan that I did then the challenge of the year, thus I give a clearer example of how to make the plan. As you can see is Super simple and easy to carry, this sheet you can set goals in all the areas that you want, in it you can see your progress and delays and correct them as soon as possible, the truth is that I work for me, I usually distribute me my goals in different periods of time (every 3 or 6 months) and which also have more time I include them but I plan them for that time is so much easierSince when it is one year to another is made long and tedious, and with that I avoid discouraging me. If for some reason you delays in some goal, simply continues with the others and that place in your plan for the next 6 months. Continue to learn more with: Costco. And don’t ever forget that he who PERSEVERES reaches! Dalia Pineiro original Autor and source of the article.