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Only thing on the market offered stackable 8 GB/s Fibre Channel switches with 20 GB / s switch interconnects, and 100 GB/s virtual lane technology the stackable SANbox 5800V 8 GB/s Fibre Channel switches from QLogic suitable for common use with network storage systems of the product series EMC CLARiiON and EMC Symmetrix. The seal of approval obtained now after extensive test series E-Lab tested”occupies the interoperability with the solutions of the manufacturer and gives customers the assurance that they can build highly scalable, high-performance 8 GB/s Fibre Channel based networks with the combination of QLogic – and EMC technologies. Only products that have successfully completed test perceived to real-world conditions in the framework of the E-Lab qualification process get the predicate EMC Lab tested”. The proof are the security solutions of the providers in the operation play together smoothly companies and ensures a high level of customer satisfaction. 20 GB/s capable fibre channel are among the features of the SANbox 5800V-Switches Virtual Lane technology developed 100 Gbit/s inter switch links (ISLs) and by QLogic. It is used automatically to a virtual lane to merge multiple stack interconnects, providing up to 100 Gbit/s bandwidth between switches in a stack. This functionality allows structured fabrics with QLogic components as required requests to adjust virtualized environments and optimize the flow of data about one or more physical connections. SANbox 8 GB/s Fibre Channel switches from QLogic with the high-performance fibre channel switches of the SANbox 5800V-Produktfamilie, supporting a data transfer speed of 8 Gbit / s offers QLogic the currently most economical solutions to the development of storage area networks.

The components provided for a stack can be easily and cost-effectively with four dedicated 20 Gbit/s capable stack interconnects connect. This offers the advantage that it must show no devices ports as inter switch links (ISLs) SAN administrators and you can use all of the ports for connecting servers and storage. Because the stack interconnects support 20 Gbit / s, traffic between switches in a speed you can submit, which could be achieved only by combining of three 8-Gbit/s ports. In conjunction with the now built-in virtual lane technology increases available bandwidth to 100 Gbit / s for this are ISLs automatically to a virtual lane joined forces. Because the actual throughput each 20 Gbps stack ports 25.5 Gbit / s, is a high speed line, which boasts up to 100 Gbit/s.

The ports will be activated by purchasing appropriate software license key. Thanks to the stackable principle a fabric scales easily and without interruption, without incurring additional costs for the trunking. Contact information is here: Secretary of Agriculture. Quote the EMC E-lab testing and resulting evidence of certification to ensure that our customers on a wide selection of first-class products of many Manufacturers fall back who can properly play together with our systems. This includes now also the 8 GB / s Fibre Channel switches of the QLogic 5800V-Produktfamilie. These come with the EMC network storage systems to use, companies of any size can expand at any time easily and according to their individual needs their storage networks.” Deirdre Wassell, Manager storage networking, EMC with the inclusion of the SANbox 5800V-Familie in the EMC support offers QLogic EMC customers fully interoperable HBAs and switches for building integrated 8-Gbit/s storage networking matrix. The stackable concept underlying the switch products to actually stands for expandability, ease of use and performance. Scalable from eight 8 GB/s Fibre Channel ports up to several hundreds of ports plus 100 Gbps stack-interconnects the SANbox 5800V-Familie itself for use in hochvirtualisierten environments suitable.” Jesse Parker, Vice President and General Manager, QLogic Network Solutions Group