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World Economic Forum

In the same vein, affected the urgent need to modernise road, port, railway and airport, infrastructure due to the lack of attention given to professions such as engineering. Costco contains valuable tech resources. The backlog is reflected in the competitiveness report 2010-2011 of the World Economic Forum, which places Colombia ranked 79 of 139 countries in the index of overall quality of infrastructure, with a score of 3.59 on 7. Chile, for example, sits in place 40 with 4.69 points. In this regard, Carlos Alberto Acero, director of the network trunk sewer of the Empresa de Acueducto de Bogota, indicates that flaws in many engineers who come to the world of work have been identified. An example is given in the civil area, since some newly graduates don’t even know basic construction topics, such as foundations that requires a building. He added that areas basic such as soils, geotechnical or geological sciences are not compulsory and elective subjects in many universities. Consequently, the neglect of fundamental issues for the development of the country’s infrastructure such as motorways or tunnels. Higher growth with fewer resources? Another doubt that generates the proposal relates to the ambitious goals that arises as the MEN cope with the growth of higher education.

According to estimates by the Minister of education, Maria Fernanda Campo, the goal is to achieve 38% growth in the sector. However, in discussion with the guiding sessions, explained that she is earmarked 2.4 billion additional pesos for public and private universities. This constitutes an increase of 16% in the next four years with respect to the 15.2 billion pesos that are currently destined for higher education. Before these inaccurate calculations, rector Wasserman asked: how is it possible to grow 38% with only 16% of additional resources? In addition, how you will grow in quality?. Taken from: Cesar Enrique Herrera of the sickle original author and source of the article

The Village

Because the will makes to cross it fast the tempting freshness of the fertile valley and to put itself above animosa for the hillside. Everything was in Ordonho in time its hour. Therefore, she was necessary to react against the proper nature and to walk forward, cost what it cost. (BCHOS, 1983, P. 20) We perceive that Torga deals with details of places (Roalde, Ordonho) that they exist in its Backwards-the-Mount, of the character conservative of its village, that until today cultivates an archaic tradition, agricultural and of humble and solidary people.

Madalena takes over on a contract basis walked solitary, winning the adversities of the land, going up mountain ranges to arrive its destination and to give birth its son far from everything and of all. It feels headquarters and it desires &#039 strong; ' water of the Tenaria' ' , this source is only capable to saciar its headquarters. With strong pains the dry and estorricante landscape has the there same son in way and as ' ' bicho' ' the son embeds with the feet who is born dead. The solitude is its only common characteristic friend and to the personages of Torga of which Massaud comments Moiss (2001, P. 262): ' ' the solitude, the sensation of the convict to vibrate between opposing stimulatons and to search in the land of origin a consolation utpico' '. Madalena felt the necessity to restitute the energies and to take the water of the Tenaria, possible conditions only in return to the village: ' ' They were hours to return.

They were hours to come back to the village and to kill that headquarters without end in the cool source of the Tenaria' ' (ANIMALS, 1983, P. 29). In the story Vicente, of the same workmanship, we can evidence the land as maternal womb, the freedom inalienable human being as right of the men.


The history that existed a kingdom, where the king was very impious with its subjects for not having children. For envy, the king and the queen forbade the people to have a son more than, allowed a son alone, since whom he was boy, in case that girl were born, the king ordered to kill to control the natality of the country. Some family where girl was born, since early secretely, the parents dressed and created its son as boy in order to save it of the death until not being discovered. The queen lived very sad, consulted wizards and witches who prepared portions and augured, if some day it would conceive a son who brought in return the joy. Certain day, a stranger witch of a distant region, appeared in that kingdom, then it was convoked to go to have with the king and the queen in order to say something of new on the possibility of the queen having a son. It possua an uncommon beauty in the witches.

It already had had knowledge of the cruelty that this desire had created in both stops with the other people’s children and decided to prove them and to punish them. When asking if the queen had to have a son some day, the witch readily answered that not, due to a problem in the womb of the queen disabled who it of engravidar, harms if it took its portion would revert that problem, in contrast it never could give a heir to the king. The kings if exaltaram of joy, and had demanded that all the employees of the palace provided fast the necessary ingredients for the such portion. Harms the witch silenced soon them when saying that she would only make the portion if they undid the decree to kill the children of its subjects.

Twine Literature

When it had the movement of the direct elections in the country, many cordelistas if had joined the multitudes and had demanded: ' ' Direct j' '. Reconquered the democracy with the victory of Tancredo Snows, the hope of the people renasce and starts to shine, appears then, some brochures, that express the satisfaction of the people. However, with the death of the president, it was embedded, also the hope of better days. Vice Jose assumes the government Sarney, who could not control the inflation and congealed the wages of the workers, provoking feelings of sadness and national unreliability. Everything this, added to the losses that silenced the heart of the Brazilians. Amongst them, the death of Gonzaga Luis in 1989, leaving much homesickness for the special country and in to the people of the hinterland northeastern, who still today laments and is reason of inspiration to write innumerable brochures related to ' ' King of the Baio' '. In 2002, Patativa also dies of the Assar, poet whom the world with its poetry enchanted and was spokesman of the northeast people most humble.

Exactly when the twine literature was being accepted for the elites and studious of Brazil and the world it was the period where if it had the lesser production of brochure of all the times. 1.6 – The Renaissance of the Twine Literature. With the almost controlled inflation, some poets had felt themselves motivated to write, publishers who had disactivated its tipografias return to print brochures. Exactly making use of few resources he had an acceleration in the industry of would folhetaria. The notice that left for the press, over all in the television, instantaneously were changedded into brochure. In the decade of 90, although the losses the country had great moments of joy and made to raise the national pride. In July of 1994, Brazil conquest the tetracampeonato of soccer.

The Smile

The bahian writer in them together with brings the narrator and it all a wealth of literary making that he confers its stories a singular beauty, the narratives of Aleilton Fonseca provides a form of catarse of our proper confined and not decided sadnesses, those that we place the part in the hard disk, the HD of our mind and leave latent when we come across in them with the thematic one of the death, described memories in its stories, forcibly to our souvenirs comes to tona. Therefore the stories of the writer Aleilton Fonseca have a therapeutical and purificadora function. The stories of Aleilton Fonseca perpassaram referring subjects the memories that allow death and life learning and induce the reader to rethink its condition of life. It always has a return to the past, souvenirs reminiscncias, memories, the man and its past, the past influencing and transforming trajectory of the life. The fidget and the thought of that the past could be different, and ahead of the impossibility to change the past think about what if it can now make the learning of the life through the death has a change of paradigm from the event death that can be seen in the 4 end of story ' ' The Smile of the Estrela' ' when the narrator confesses in the end: ' ' Now I feel that I am Dindinho' ' , the nickname that it rejected when its sister was alive. In the story ' ' The Smile of the Estrela' ' , we see the memories to the life and the death reveals a therapeutical workmanship, therefore, in them it places in a purificao state expurgation of soul to the one identifying in them with the situation and perceives the effort of deletion of the image of feminine ' ' I considered it one I ruin in mine vida' ' , ' ' He wanted much that morresse' '.