Month: August 2013

Lenin Peak

I wish you guys a bunch of well to reach the second camp, and he himself has sat for ten minutes, admiring the beauty. Start blow from below. Yeah, I think, so not all is lost, and here is blowing up. Although visible over the top "flags" from the southwest. Do not curl the slope in this way? But I decide not to go into aerology depth of local mountains, but just take note. What is blowing up here and after 13-00 in good weather. How beautiful is this world, how dangerous! It turns out all those who planned to go up – have passed, and those who went to the "first", is also gone.

I one on the slope. Ahead of the most dangerous and wide cracks. I decide to jump over them with the stock, which he did. Was normal. At the bottom of the glacier, near the trail, saw something shiny. Dug – first aid kit.

Medicines English, dated 1991. Echoes of the tragedy … When he came to the camp, he found Andrew to be asleep: he got today. In the evening Andrew gathers laurels, and we long share our feelings. We decided to cut the program in favor of Lenin flights the mountains of Uzbekistan. And it means – tomorrow – in BC. As a conclusion we can say the following: slopes of Lenin Peak is almost suitable for gatherings on a paraglider. Starts are possible throughout the thread lift from first to third camp.

Milkus Phone

Very soon, come out of its shelf life will be a mobile phone decompose in the literal sense of the word. Certainly not in the hands of a master, and under certain conditions. Clean environment – a matter of time, but what do you do with saying, “The handset is dangerous to humans?” Referring to all the same instructions at conversation should be used as often as possible speakerphone or Hands Free. Well, and if such a possibility does not give your cell phone, you should not carry on a conversation for more than three minutes. Alexander Milkus: “We were already frightened – first television (Nervous system become worthless), then the computer (from the radiation can be bald), survived! Now we are told the trouble of mobile phones. But to understand how ignorant person, what research is objective, and which are held in order to compromise a market competitor? It is clear that any effect on the body has a cell phone. But iron is dangerous – and it comes from the radiation.

What to do? Simply observe the artless safety. And while continue to put pressure on handset manufacturers – even improve their products! In the early 90’s scolded manufacturers of computer monitors. Those come from the screens and improved. Current monitors several times safer relatives of a decade ago. Now the whole world take up the publishers of mobile phones ….

Unfortunately, we are so accustomed to using mobile phone that does not even make ourselves look at the recommendations that gives us the manufacturer. But the only thing we have to do is just a fad implementation, written in the brochure that can be embedded in a box with a cell phone. And then … “… a couple of months, when ownership a “tube” for the hero has become commonplace, it still brings joy to their perfect look … and the thought that at any hour of need you can rely on “mobile friend”, cause to smile

Department Constitution

In 1808, the Brazilian Budgetary Right had its bases launched with the License that created the State treasury and the Regimen of Accounting. However, the first Brazilian budget regularly was only voted in 1830, for the Decree of the Constitution of 1824, that it determined the annual presentation to the Chamber of an Annual report so that was argued and organized the Master budget of the Nation. The necessity of the creation of the Budget in Brazil was given with the qualitative magnifying of the functions of the Government, that evidenced the lack of a specialized instrument of orientation and control of the governmental activities, decurrent of the exercise of new functions. In result of this fact the Budget happened. The Constitution of 1891 excludes from the Executive the responsibility to elaborate the Budget and attributed to the National Congress the ability annually to calculate the prescription and to fix the federal expenditure. Already Constitution of 1934 attributes to the Executive the initiative of preparation of the budget and to the Legislative one it appreciates not having it limitations for emendations. Created through the Constitution of 1937 the Department of responsible Administration for the preparation of the budget and coordination of the actions of planning. In 1946, the Constitution assures the Executive, the ability to elaborate the appropriation bill and admits the possibility of emendations.

The current Constitution, of 1988, was worried in giving to the planning budget characteristic, introducing the obligatoriness to elaborate the Budgetary Law of Lines of direction and the Plurianual Plan, with the purpose to guide the elaboration of the Annual Budgetary Law. 2. Budgetary management the Annual Budget, conceived initially as half of if exerting a control politician and financier on the governing was changedded, today, in a part that, beyond that objective, represents the document programming technician of workmanships and services, being able to be focused under the following aspects (I AM ENOUGH, 1997); Politician, as reflected of the administrative politics of government; Legal, as legal instrument of the financial activity of the government; Financier, as part of forecast and authorization of resources and expenses; Administrative, as delimiter and person who orientates of the governmental action; Economic, that he reflects the increment in the economy, given for the State through subsidies and programmings of workmanships and services.

My Moments Of Reflection

These days, one of my moments of reflection, I had a moment of clarity while watching some old memories of friends. Amid the many thoughts of all at the same time, a point hit the door of my room, reserved for that moment of introspection. No, my niece called me to play, after all she did not hit the door, I will go and occupy the space that is yours. The question that bothered me, to merge several others, was: What happened to Joe Melo? "Who is this Manoel de Armando?" Joe Melon "was a man half crazy, Bob Marley fan and collector of beer , and more funny is that he does not drink. It was the kind of guy who, when traveling, not just a question of the shirt so that you only mentioned in the photos later.

By the way, take a picture of him was the best , I have never seen anyone so only tick if you leave oil to prosperity! "He liked to wake up early, even when traveling, and turn on the sound volume of the last meatball others. In fact, he hated to general principles, but this time is to admire the joy that you agree that, in contrast to Monday! This was the "Mane" large "Mane Melon." However, looking at some pictures, I found a recent one Jose Armando, all suits, proper posture, half embarrassed and with a wise air. Wow! Joe Melo is the "10 years later in our travels, what happened? That nice guy, crazy beauty, nature lovers, women and the good and bad jokes has become a man without grace, timid and half displaced people in the crowd.