Month: February 2013

King Messias

The King Messias will have to take the complement the Alliance. The King at this moment of the History of People of God is the Mediator between the People and the God of the Alliance becomes thus the Monarchy an institution of Salvation and object of hope (14). In the period of the prophets, the messianic expectations with respect of King Messias if had developed at 3 distinct moments, according to time and the perspective of each Project. At a first moment (the People of divided God in Kingdom of the north and the south) the prophets denounce with a hard and dramatical language the removal of the people of God of the observance of the Alliance. God is not plus an alive and present personage in history. The people starts to have a false conception of hope in the future, and the experiences of the past more are not happened again, God do not intervine at the decisive moments.

The idea of &#039 is born; ' Day of Iahweh' ' , in which God would intervine, judge the enemies and in a way again ' ' almost mgico' ' he would assure the largeness of the People of God front to the other peoples. Ams is the prophet who it demystifies without no mercy this conception of future. Am 5,18ss: ' ' There of that they desire the day of Iahweh! So that it will serve you the day of Iahweh? ' '. Ams proclaims not a mundane expectation intra of nationalistic projects (victory against the enemies), but a hope in direction the God, the observance of its alliance and the private future Israel in a Universal vision. This subject of ' ' day of Iahweh' ' , in Ams and other prophets if they present in cosmic dimensions, can be considered as eschatological and that they supply elements to demonstrate the development of the Biblical Escatologia.

Opposing the Other

Passed some years after its birth, another child is also born, and with it she happened different, it she was born without soul, from there the great emptiness that feels, did not have nothing to be filled, and when in the lack something to fill in we feel emptinesses to them hollow, without memory and hopes. Years years they had after lived thus, without giving account of existence one of the other, without knowing that they had been victims of something bigger that they, something that had the power to unbalance the order of things, its destinations had been modified for the good and the evil. A group of friends always will be something curious, if we observed right, we would even see that they are taken to think as equal, in the differences, if it waits everything, not if it must nothing, friends if they accept, exactly that they disagree, exactly that have opposing sexos, similar dreams, different methods. Something happened that is not planned, or yes, a group of friends as the cited one above if formed, and for coincidence or not, the two young of our small estria was part of it, does not matter now as the group if it formed, nobody gives much attention in these details, a group will be always a group, exactly that one day it leaves to exist. The opposing sex also attracts opposing thoughts, opposing values, next determination, ' ' I have razo' ' , he is this, and as any couple of opposing thoughts, fight, fight and more fight. Ah! Candies fight.

But the events had been disclosing what if it could not hide more for as much time, them were souls incomplete and separate. The fight had ceased then, passed if to know better, they had accepted tiques, cheiros, touchs and dreams, had passed if to love. The love never must be wasted, he is not something that if finds when capsizing the esquina, them had followed the rules, they had not wasted nothing, they had lived everything, but the trick had date to initiate and to finish.