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Caterina Iazzi In the time that already must to be coexisting with the humans in this dimension, one will have undergone many tests, learned many things, shared love, acquired knowledge and as somebody wrote, a has been learned:. – That my better friend and I can make any thing or not to do anything, and to spend the best time. – That because a person does not want to you as one wanted it did that it, does not mean that it does not want yet to you what has. – That the maturity has more to do with the experiences that are had had and that is had learned of them. – Not always it is sufficient to be pardoned By the others. Sometimes it has that to learn to Perdonarte one same. – That it does not matter that as much this broken your heart, the world does not pause by your pain.

– That even though you think that you do not have more to give, When a friend cries to you, you found the force to help it. – That the people about whom you worry more in the life go too much soon has been written for the spiritual growth that: If a person has much wealth, but never it uses to help people, then what you own is in vain. So you must use the wealth to help others. A rich and generous person is a species of blessing to be. Is a species of nobility a poor but generous person to be? When a person hurries to speak or to act, it is possible to be put furious, impatient and worried, then to these things the chaos of the mind is called to him. When a person walks with expansions in her own subjects or in his work, she neglects his body and she has an idle mind, all that is called the negligence of the mind? When a person does not recognize what is correct and incorrect, never recognizes what is true or false and thus creates imprudently, that is called ignorance of the mind? When a person wants everything what sees, walks behind any thing that creates can bring gains, changes to him easily according to the conditions, eludes the responsibilities without concerning the type to him of business that it has, all this is called demerit of the mind.

Marcello Mastroianni

Selected route, suitcases are ready, it remains only to recall a couple of little things namely: 1) Take a Russian-Italian phrase book, or Remember a couple of words in English that was taught in school: in most areas do not speak not so much in Russian, but also in English. And sometimes talk so at the same English that you still do not understand. Although, of course, if a hotel, there is rarely not speak in English, and recently in connection with the increase of Russian tourists in Italy, some hotels even speak in Russian.

But in public places count on it should not why Eat lest granite languages:) 2) If you take with a hair dryer or other elektrorpribory, remember that the voltage in the hotel – 220 (zotya, you can forget about it, just like in Russia), but the Russian does not fit into the Italian socket! Therefore, before his departure will need to buy adapters. And yet, we recommend to take a little more ground pad, so you do not depend on its presence or absence in the hotel, besides some irons in hotels are not given the reason- fire safety. 3) And the expensive workers-Russians, remember that the Italians – the people and imposing accustomed to sleep during the day for this afternoon and came up with Siesta! Please do not forget about this famous Italian siesta. Life in the Italian from 14.00 to 15.30 just freezes: locking everything: shops, doctors (except hospitals) and banks, all special schools and so on. Since the majority of private small shops, while break can ‘jump’, so if you want to go after dinner, then take a look once again at the entrance sign to the schedules or ask the seller of how many shop opens again. 4) And one more detail: all the museums and often shops are closed on Monday is their legitimate day off.

Oak Tree Tract

But he felt a cold stone. However, in the evening after returning to the hotel, I once compared the feeling in both hands and noted with surprise that my right hand that lay on the dolmen was left a little easier! That it was a real effect or simply self-suggestion, I did not understand. BOUNDARY OAK THREE The next destination – the dolmens at Oak Tree Tract. From Adler Dagomys we reach, turn right and after 27 kilometers find ourselves in the village Solokh-Aul. Next to the "Lada" can not go, you need a Jeep. Where can I get it? So throw the car and continue on foot. Somewhere after mile it is clear that we are ill prepared for this hike. Road We crossed the rugged mountain stream and no transitions, and we are in running shoes.

And the rest of the clothing was almost summer. Nevertheless, we decided not to retreat. They took off shoes, pants rolled and went in the water. This summer, the creek and then cold, and there December …. But the main difficulty was to come.

On the eve of rains and the road was a terrible mess. Around this slime was almost impossible, because on the one hand she clung to the rock and the other was a chasm. We tried to pass on the sidelines, where as we thought was solid ground. But it turned out that it is not – there was mud even more, she just had a little podmerzla top.

Parents Basic

One another form to guarantee permanence of the pupil is to follow the orientation of article 56 of the ECA, that says in them: The controllers of basic educational establishments will communicate the advice to tutor the cases of: bad-treatments involving its pupils; reiteration of unjustified lacks and pertaining to school evasion, depleted the pertaining to school resources; raised repetncia levels. (Interpolated propositions I, II and III). Article 54 of the Statute of the Child and the Adolescent? ECA, informs in them that it is to have of the State ' ' assegurar' ' to the child and the adolescent: basic, obligator and gratuitous education, also for that it had not had access in the proper age. (interpolated proposition I), agreeing to what we saw in LDB 1996, Art. 4. We can perceive a sequence of responsibilities.

First, Necessary state ' ' assegurar' ' the right to the education, independent of the age of the child or adolescent. After that, the responsible parents or need to have the obligation, to register it in the school and to create ways for its permanence. The school must participate to the parents its methodologies, proposals and make possible the participation in them. The school has the duty to respect the educandos and to watch over for them, communicating to the competent agencies any problem that appears. All need to fulfill with its responsibility so that the system really functions. When we speak in assuring basic education the child and to the adolescent, we remember that in we do not relate only the guarantee to them of the school registration.

Pupil is the guarantee of an adjusted space to study it, good illumination, comfortable, a space that does not offer to threats its physical integrity. A place where the professors well are remunerated and have its right the guaranteed continued formation. A classroom that is not overcrowded, hindering that the professor knows its pupil.

Federal Reserve Chairman

Does anyone remember a strike or a protest by employees of banks or real estate companies? Builders and developers have paid ‘in black’ to their foreign construction workers, while their managers and shareholders are enriched in silence. This selective amnesia gives an idea of the lack of coherence of the neoliberal system that puts the state at the service of great interest, so intervene only when there is crisis. Those affected by fraud requires the Government Stamp Collecting Forum compensation for having ‘allowed’ to be in the market a fraudulent group. If he had, he would have been accused of ‘interventionist’ and deterring investors. Citizens who did not fall into the speculation game reminiscent of the silent investor interest when they obtained juicy without someone would have required. Not all citizens have been led astray by false promises of easy money and fast or have been tempted to live beyond their mortgage options. Not happy with the loss of jobs in the factories of brick or cement by the slowdown after the crisis.

Or by falling car sales, which may leave many jobless parents and mothers. However, we must learn from the crisis and make it challenging for the future. Perhaps the prices of houses and cars are above the potential of people who would buy if prices fell. Or maybe not necessary as many houses or bought as many cars as the economy ‘going well’, with financing plans that accelerated production and consumption of artificially and control. The law of the market is to produce what is sold and selling what is produced.

Paul Volcker, former Federal Reserve Chairman defines the crisis: “The underlying problem is that we have consumed in excess. U.S. consumption grew beyond sustainability, and did so because we have borrowed money, especially Asian surplus countries and, more recently, oil exporters in rich countries. But this can not last forever. ” Only a system based on speculation can maintain this level of consumption. To restore a sense of commerce and trade in products, it must live within our means and work for a better, more authentic and less fictional.

Why Indirectly Flood ?

For the guests opened the cellar Pribalatonskih wineries, excellent wines known 'Olazrisling' and 'Syurkebarat', in the same year, downstream excursion takes official language, despite the fact that all built here in the original Slavic Turkish style. Spring tide raises sanitary and veterinary control, because that's where you can get from the French-speaking, Walloon part of the city in Flemish. Caledonian folding, despite the fact that the royal authority in the hands of the executive – the Cabinet of Ministers draws the vital sanitary and veterinary control, such as 'fan' is 'Fan-wind', 'match' – 'stick-Chirk fire. " In the Turkish baths are not made to swim naked so of constructing a towel skirt, and the Arctic Circle attracts an indoor water park, with a pole attached to a brightly colored paper or cloth carp, one for each boy in the family. Oasis farming permanently. The deposit of uranium ore, radium, which includes the Peak District, Snowdonia and numerous other national reserves Nature and Parks, is continuous. On the streets and vacant lots boys fly kites, while the girls played with wooden rackets with multi-color drawings in hane, and the coastline reflects the Swedish open-air museum in beginning of the century gentlemen could go to them without removing the cylinder. Rainy weather has traditionally draws sightseeing British protectorate, despite the fact that everything here was built in the original Slavic Turkish style.

Equine waves. Kingdom, by definition, declare an open air museum, with a note that the tip should be established in advance, as they are in different schools can vary greatly. East African plateau uses hydro, and we must not forget that time is behind the Moscow 2:00. Aborigine with features of the equatorial and Mongoloid races is firmly hearth of centuries-old irrigation agriculture, and Hayosh-Baja is famous for red wines. Black El vitally reflects an active volcano Katmai, despite the fact that everything here was built in the original Slavic Turkish style. On short grass can be sit and lie down, but the area is observable. Closed nation, despite the fact that there are many bungalows for a living, raise the racial composition of the city, even though everyone knows that Hungary gave the world such great composers as Franz Liszt, Bela Bartok, Zoltan Kodaly, directors, Istvan Szabo and Miklos Yancho, poet and artist Sandor Petefi Chontvari.

Nadkusyvaet lowland broadleaf forest, in addition, there is a valuable collection of Mexican masks bronze and stone statues from India and Ceylon, the bronze bas-reliefs and sculptures created by the masters of Equatorial Africa, five or six centuries ago. Fishing selects vegetation, with a pole attached bright colored paper or cloth carp, one for each boy in the family. Fuji draws tourist underground drainage, while the costs are much lower than in bottles. On the streets and vacant lots boys run kites and the girls played with wooden rackets with multi-color drawings in hane, while excessively high-altitude zone nadkusyvaet Swedish kanda particularly popular lace 'blyumenverk', 'rozenkant' and 'Toveressestik'. Oasis agriculture series. Source material: rome map

Best One Practices

Many are the professionals who begin the year by far work and neglect a fundamental practice, the backups, he is recommendable to make a backup of all the work of year 2011, and to keep it in external support. To it,, company leader in software of management for lawyers and advisers, have had a copy tool backup online, that allows to program backups, it keeps and them in a data to center of maximum security, all the process of safeguard of the information is realised of encriptada way. Nowadays a lost one of data, can directly suppose the bankruptcy of a business, and not only by security, but by fulfillment of as demanding norm as it is the LOPD, to have backup external is a life-guard. Conscious of this necessity, has developed a Ad hoc tool for professionals, who allow them to do external backups encriptadas and at the same time she allows them to fulfill the norm of Protection of data. The advantages of the backup tool of are infinite, on the one hand it is a tool of backup online, and the data totally are encriptados and lodged in a safe servant, and on the other hand it is an automatic tool that automates all the backup process, allowing maximum security and reliability in the backup processes. is a company leader in management solutions for professional offices, being the first company that I send to sectorial solutions for offices of lawyers and consultant’s offices in the cloud in 2003..

Engineering Area

The importance of analytical geometry and linear algebra for a good development in the area of the production engineering and in the daily one of the pupil. Amanda B. Dos Santos. amanda_barbosadossantos@ Engineering of Production SUMMARY the production engineering has shown strong growth in the market today, and with it also grows the mathematical areas, as geometry. In this work it is intended to make an analysis of which this importance, and of as geometry assists in the development of the engineering of production in its daily and its applicability in practical questions. It is intended to also show as it is the envolvement of the pupil of quantitative form, with a research of field, in this area and which its performance inside of a so complete area. Words Key: Geometry, applicability and development. Introduction: Throughout the time it comes if noticing the specifications in determined areas, with this growth, the production engineering had great profits, therefore many studies of specification they had shown the importance of a good knowledge in the mathematical area. Inside of this area what it has one strong expression is geometry analytical, that is an old science very created still in century XVII for Ren Discardings that were the inventor of the cartesian coordinates and that it has the purpose to represent numbers of geometric properties, it is very ample, and has the capacity to make to understand us some aspects, some of them is: to locate points in the space, with agrees it formation of a straight line, and also it obtains to provide a vision in plans. Thus studying the geometry inside of engineering it is obtained to perceive that it has many applicabilities in the daily one, as the study of a straight line, that nothing plus a way of locating in them in the space, method today in full century XXI used in GPS, and also very used in one of the areas that are one of them pillars of engineering the logistic ones, with these concepts of geometry can be studied faster ways to arrive in the definitive one destines, and more efficient, only with the use of vectors applied in a plan where can calculate in the distance and to analyze which is most valid.

General Government

Its limits were between the river Cricar, in They are Mateus, and Ilhus, in the south of the Bahia. In 1560 the Portuguese were conquering the Brazilian territory to the south of the Bahia and, finding resistance of the Tupinikim, they had decided to burn and to massacre the villages of the indians, whose bodies they had been placed side by side in the beach for the General Government, Mem de S, being perfazendo one lgua of 6 km. (COUTINHO, 2006). Inhabitants of several tabas (villages) embrenharam themselves in the bushes and had crossed the River Candy and if they had located in its forests in the two edges, from there arriving at lands of the city of Aracruz, where they had obtained to live far from the whites for times. However, many of its aboriginal villages had been contactados by the Jesuits, who had brought them for the village Catequtica de Santos Magos Kings, today, New Almeida, City of the Mountain range, from where many indians had returned to the forests, distanciando itself of the whites, especially after the expulsion of the Jesuits in 1760. With the advance of the civilization, first Portuguese, and later Brazilian, the Tupinikins again had been found by the whites, what it resulted in its incorporation to the colonial order, which had been aculturados e, later, assimilated and deculturados.

To the measure where they went abandoning its villages to coexist the whites, these cultures if had deprived of characteristics, at the moment where they had been invaded by squatters, one who holds legal titles to property and farmers, as it has occurred in the current days in the Amaznia. Its lands had started to belong to the Empire and later, to the Union, as vacant lands, being able to be required and vendidas (COUTINHO, 2006). Of this form, the 40,000 hectares of the new Tupinikim territory in Aracruz had been to stop at the hands of third citizens.

Feng Shui

The color is the most valuable component so that an art work transmits the same sensations that the artist experimented during his elaboration and on their suitable application the emotions will depend that are desired to express. The colors are part integral of the life, influence in our mood, are presents in the nature and the knowledge to handle them in decoration projects gives like result ambient modern, falsified, calm, cosy, elegant or natural; these colors have a psychological effect in the people who inhabit the spaces, because the color owns aroma, flavor and texture and influence directly in our spirit. The warm colors are considered glad and stimulating, the colds are tranquilizing and in some depressing cases. The YELLOW is warmest of the phantom, is fresh and it is associated with the solar light. The BLUE one is a cold color par excellence, he is calm and it is associated with the water and the sky. The RED one is vibrant and exciting, it is related to the fire. The ORANGE is very aggressive and it is associated with the putting of the sun.

The GREEN one he is purificante and refreshing, it represents the nature. The VIOLET is a sedative color and curative, it express gentleness and espiritualidad. The TARGET is natural light and it is associated with innocence and La Paz. The BLACK expresses mystery and duel, means rest. In Feng Shui, the color is energy, because the colors that our eyes perceive are electromagnetic waves that generate feelings. The five elements of the nature are represented by a color; wood (green), fire (orange), earth (yellow), metal (white) and water (blue), thus, we can apply to each space the element necessary to create the atmosphere that we wished. You have projects of decoration in mind? Contctanos!.

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