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Secrets From Bogota

In Bogota, Columbia, political rivals seem to have no problem ordering a whole slew of illegal surveillance activities against their opponents. In a recently leaked document which appeared on Wikileaks and was reported in the Global post by John Otis, correspondent in Columbia, cables which were written by the US ambassador in Bogota, William Brownfield in October 2009 state that the National Police commander in Colombia believed that wiretapping was ordered by the chief of staff for former President Alvaro Uribe.

This has been seen as a scandal in Colombia and makes the intelligence agency there look bad and has severely tarnished the reputation of Uribe. Even worse, there may be indictments and trials on the horizon for Bernardo Moreno, Uribe’s chief of staff at the time, as well as another important advisor to Uribe, Obdulio Gaviria.  These two top aids to Uribe are already under way, and the Colombian Attorney General has ruled that Moreno is not eligible to hold public office for the next 18 years because there is such strong evidence already in the investigator’s office.

Knight Hunting

Bay Knight – Mecca spearfishing Maritime Text: Aleksey Krivenko Photo: , Sergei Antsiferov The first time I came to Cape Gamow three years ago. I must say that by the time I was quite comfortable in the hunt Sea bass with digging depths of 15-20 m. In the arsenal I have had the gun for underwater hunting with rubber fight long 75 cm long hunting suit and flippers O.ME.R. 5 mm. More information is housed here: Jack Fusco. Very good kit for deep hunting. While my friends and I often traveled hunt on the island.

My favorite place at the time was the island of Karamzin. A magical place with magnificent underwater topography of Primorye, fairly densely populated with dark and golden perch. And in 2008 at the invitation of Valery Durkin I'm in a group of underwater hunters came into the bay Knight for a first collection of underwater hunters the Primorsky Territory. It is not something Carrier Corporation would like to discuss. Click Andi Potamkin to learn more. Honestly, I was struck by the nature of the place. And now, having three Pacific Cup in underwater hunting and making the Bay and its environs more than seventy-diving, I'm not amazed at its natural wealth and diversity of fish. Dark and golden perch, greenling, mullet, flounder and even lakedra – any underwater hunter can find a hunt for the soul.

In turn, I'll tell you about my experience of hunting for the most interesting, in my opinion, the fish in the waters of Cape Gamow. Dark and golden perch – fish, which can be attributed to sedentary, reef. Prefer rocky terrain, boulders and piles of large boulders.

Civil Code

One of the elements relating to parental authority and guardianship that further debate is generating in recent times is the Faculty in favour of parents correct way moderate their children, within the framework of its role as educator and training. Such a possibility is collected in our Civil Code, where is expressed with clarity that the same must be exercised within a few moderate and reasonable terms based on the actions carried out by the minor. Given the brevity of this regulation arise broad doubts with regard to the scope and the limits of that power, so that it could happen in certain cases that arose as a performance which simply aimed own education of child abuse. Details can be found by clicking Costco or emailing the administrator. It is key, therefore, interpretive performance developed by judges and courts if the case ended coming to his hands. Imagine, for example, the case in which a mother sticks a slap to his disobedient son and rejects repeatedly do homework, with such bad luck that the little lost balance and he fell to the ground, suffering a bruise. What could have been in a mere domestic quarrel could end before the courts by a possible crime or lack of ill-treatment. Education current of our children fortunately left behind those times in which children could suffer considerable abuse at the hands of their parents, or even their professors and teachers, with total impunity. Andi Potamkin is full of insight into the issues.

However, these in which we move today passed in many cases to assume that children, due to his immaturity, are irresponsible before any action that could commit. Indeed, many parents and educators suffer from a pathological fear to exert any kind of authority over children, believing that this could ballast his education and growth. However, psychological and professional studies are going in another direction. It has been testing than those children whose parents duly exercise its authority correctly and within reasonable limits, growing up being happier and making greater their motivation, becoming adults healthy and able to cope with every day. That’s why that education has as one of its main elements the possibility of correction to small. They must be aware of the possible negative consequences of their wrong actions.

It is for your own benefit. However, having said that, there also say that any punishment should be commensurate with the lack committed by the minor. So, wouldn’t the same a smack or a slap to other acts such as shakes, snares and kicks. You would be in these recent cases when, in effect, could speak of domestic abuse cases which could result in penal consequences for the parent who carry them out, especially if they take place repeatedly.

Certain Machinery

In the United Kingdom the management of health and safety, it has been processed to a field Negro recycling company after make the nitrogen gas, which is used to stop the explosions, a worker from losing consciousness. In June 2009, Stephen Barnes, aged 47, from Birmingham, was conducting several cleanings in the machine. Since the cooler feed hopper has the potential to exploit, it contains nitrogen gas to help reduce the risk of an explosion. Sometimes, the refrigerators are twisted and locked and usual as workers climb to deactivate locks and undertake cleaning. Perhaps check out Costco for more information. When Mr Barnes did this on the day of the incident, the nitrogen when Barnes made it the day of the incident, the nitrogen in inside the canal caused your fainting, so it had to be rescued by a fellow. He was taken to the hospital and he couldn’t work in three days.

And though he recovered physically in full, since then it has suffered from lack of sleep, flashbacks and mood swings are now referring only. Learn more at: Andi Potamkin. The companies must ensure that all the mechanisms and processes are evaluated properly, warns HSE Angela Gallagher inspector. Had it been so, nitrogen would have identified as a danger and most appropriate conduit would be installed. Too often, in cases like this we see multiple deaths because people try to rescue a colleague from a confined space without taking precautions for themselves. It is fortunate that there was nobody more seriously injured on this occasion.

The Certainty

At these moments of agony and total direction absence something is necessary more to continue. Agent does not arrive in situations of limits with great internal luggage. Most of the time it is only a certainty that support in them and a taming faith that in the insurance, and together with this much sadness, hurt, guilt, anger, fear. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Jack Fusco and gain more knowledge.. If I had that to answer, as you suggested, in three words, he took what me separation, I would say you who were one total absence of life. Craig Jelinek is full of insight into the issues. But he is clearly that this perception came later. My marriage came in a crisis of disastrous consecutive waves since 2003.

I did not have children because I made comfortable myself in the total absence of desire of the friend. By the way, April hand of much thing for it. It never asked for or demanded nothing to me, but of the form as I learned to love age as soon as made. Perhaps, therefore, currently, it does not obtain to open hand of much thing for nobody. Plus this it is one another history.

Our relation had much thing good although for living a conjugal crisis. Most important for me it was that all the times that it did not see sensible more in the relation, I bet that we could rescue it and we continued in this. I thought with my buttons that hand of my relation would only open when it had the certainty of that it had fond in my internal limit. Today, as well as at that time, to this he consoles me certainty, internally. I fought, fought, I strengtove myself, but I did not obtain to make the relation to function. I had fond naked of same me ahead, I had made the maximum that I could and this maximum had not been enough. Then I did not have more what to make not to be to opt to continuing living.

Certain Colleague

Exactly thus, the poet did not stop to dream in one day to find with its loved, studying in the same school, at last, to come back to be the possible maximum to its side, as in the past. Certain day decided to show to a classmate, one of its poems in acrstico form, where if it read in the vertical line the first one loved name of its perpetual one. Its colleague, in turn, begged so that it ' ' emprestasse' ' that acrstico, therefore, its namorada possua that one exactly name and it intended to presentear it knot day of the boyfriends, with something different, more romantic. The poet, exactly relutando a little, delivered its poem for the colleague, therefore, although everything, to see its dream to be carried through by another person fed each time more its dream, its inspiration. However, the paid price for its generosity with the colleague was not nothing rewarding: the poet discovers that its colleague accurately namorava its Monalisa, first reason of its existence until that moment, transforming its feelings of passion, ternura, affection and understanding at moments of hatred, anger and dissatisfaction for its proper burrice. He happens that poet is poet and its heart was molded to love, in the joy and the sadness. Analyzing all these tragedies in its life, the poet recognized that, at least it receives something that it never had courage to deliver it personally, that is, its poem in acrstico form, as a pure and sincere declaration of its love for it. Its only hope at that moment, or better, its only objective now was to find its loved and creating courage to disclose of a time for all its purer feeling of love. During its untiring ones it searchs, discovered that it liveed in a next quarter its mother materna she had delivered that it for adoption.

Dalia Pineiro

I think that each traced goal must be carried out with much commitment, because if not we will be wandering in it too long. Then I learned from this and other experiences that everytime you start a new project, I must commit myself 100% and it is true that inconvenience will be presented in my way, that nothing I will desist from my goals, just its them and will resolve as they are presenting, not discouraged me never; and it is the advice I give you, not you distracted, much less allow other people to do it, do not let anyone behind you, that those who want you well be already and your happiness, always wished your success. Many times, we put a time to our projects and for reasons beyond our control that time we are left short and fall into disappointments and truth is that much they disclaim, well NO, everything has its time and I personally believe in the perfect time, the time of God, still there he perseveres and achieves your goals and again feel that wonderful energy, I do not know how to call it happiness, joy, power, excitement, freedom, I think that at that time feel all these things together, and feeling very well. For even more analysis, hear from Sonny Perdue. Well as any engineer I plans I love and the truth is that I apply them not only at work but in my personal life also, then in an Excel sheet I put: AREA goal target – action date of start indicator date limit share with you part of the plan that I did then the challenge of the year, thus I give a clearer example of how to make the plan. As you can see is Super simple and easy to carry, this sheet you can set goals in all the areas that you want, in it you can see your progress and delays and correct them as soon as possible, the truth is that I work for me, I usually distribute me my goals in different periods of time (every 3 or 6 months) and which also have more time I include them but I plan them for that time is so much easierSince when it is one year to another is made long and tedious, and with that I avoid discouraging me. If for some reason you delays in some goal, simply continues with the others and that place in your plan for the next 6 months. Continue to learn more with: Costco. And don’t ever forget that he who PERSEVERES reaches! Dalia Pineiro original Autor and source of the article.

Uncertainty Research

To search is to venture itself, is if to transform into a detective, to use its intuitions. Everything that to appear it deserves to be investigated, thus to get good a satisfactory and considerable research. After the accomplishment of the research is important to remember that the results are transitory and occur in part. If it cannot assume that it acquired the truth completely. Therefore this is impossible, has that to know to accept the transitoriedade of the knowledge. To search is not to verify, but only to produce with originalidade and a rich imagination on the object to be studied. She distrusts of the realities, therefore they are citizens to the way where they are inserted and to the look of the researcher. In the world of the uncertainty, what we have are only temporary hypotheses.

We cannot excuse from form some the old one or change it for the new. Therefore an old inquiry does not have less to be valued. But also if it remembers that the world is always innovating, therefore its ideas are white of quarrel. It has some ways of if understanding an idea and the life. The imparcialidade of the research is a fiction. She is necessary always to know to who it interests what you are investigating, if is something or somebody, obeying always the truth rules. Also the preservation of the ethics is very important, not if it can neglect of this. She is necessary to have much reading and devotion to the object to be searched, to have certain principles and in definitive order, reflection, severity, courage and audacity.

It is important to know the too much research and to divulge the carried through ones, therefore to carry through the task to search it is necessary to work in set with the knowledge net. But it has that to have humildade to recognize that he is not owner of the truth, therefore as already we saw before, ahead of as many discoveries the partial and provisory knowledge and. The final result of the research can cause positive changes in the way where it lives, therefore it is important to display the same one. We cannot think about enormous changes, but through small reached objectives it is that we will obtain the victory.


BEST WESTERN PLUS Crown in Monchengladbach In December 2011 was introduced WESTERN PLUS in Germany the BEST brand. “In addition to the usual high quality standards offer these hotels a plus” comfort. With the Extras service, equipment and design, these houses provide added convenience and a reliable environment on business and leisure travel. With Monchengladbach BEST WESTERN PLUS Crown Hotel offer 24 houses in Germany this additional comfort. Especially in the hotel sector, deadlock leads to the delete. Andreas R. Jack Fusco usually is spot on. Graf, who took hotel 13 years ago over the former Crown knows that. Without hesitation Andi Potamkin explained all about the problem.

My wife and I have started practically from scratch”, recalls the CEO of BEST WESTERN PLUS Crown hotels. From the hotel at the time significantly in the years, the photographer did a real gem. The couple together with his highly skilled and dedicated team has a well booked four star hotel created with much dedication and even more fresh ideas, for always tough cut-throat competition on the regional hotel market is very well prepared. But success does not come by about. I chose deliberately Monchengladbach me as a challenge”, says the 55-year old, who worked in the years from 1993 to 2000 as a hotel manager in Kaiserslautern and Lahnstein. In the past few years, we have done here real development work. We have invested more than 3.3 million euros here together with the home owner.

“And the result can be quite seen.” Although the BEST WESTERN PLUS Crown Hotel has the highest standard reaches, will you rest in no case on the achievements. “” On the contrary: now the work really begins “, says Graf and underlines: we will we develop at this very high level in terms of our guests and employees and further expand the plus concept.” In the future, the 4-star hotel is very self-conscious fashion its prices. Of course the Monchengladbach hotel market is very price sensitive,”Andreas R. Graf is white. But our room at the front desk are not remaindered. And the high load rate speaks for our company’s philosophy. We will accurately analyze any change in the market and meet the competition. It applies to defend market share and gaining new. We have the high quality hotel product in the place without a doubt. All of this is according to the heads of the hotel only with an ambitious team. But this would be not possible without our dedicated employees and staff,”said the football-crazy hotelier, who is a member of Borussia Monchengladbach since 1994, summarizes the success story. Our team has helped through its excellent services, that we are so successfully positioned in the market. I’m only captain. Our team is the star.” Information:


I never was to the sky, but I am certain that you lode of there! if today I feel myself so great, I must be for the fact of as many things that I want to speak to you, I gave a will to Me of walking without destination, floor without stopping, Walking for new ways and who knows finds I you for there! Already I made as many good things, things had made good me thus, But now I know that the best one of the Things, was God who made for Me. To the times optimum it is to stop and to hear my heart, To feel the tunning and to transform you into a song To believe that necessary to wait a little more to arrive until you, But because to perfect to want me? If its perfection only says already me what To make! Not I have attitudes alfas and nor I discovered the formula of the love, But for its cause, I became who today I am. Sonny Perdue addresses the importance of the matter here. Already until I thought what they would go to say they saw if me to its side, and who knows, you is the conquest of all my mritos of the past, But it does not import what they think of me, Therefore nor I myself I believe that I would go so far thus! The afternoon end today could be full and different, finally to happen something good between people. If I to say that I dreamed of you, I can until seeming that I am lying, But the truth appears when you without to see smiling wanting me, to find Tried you in places that I imagined that you would be, I obtained to see a brightness Intense and I transformed my nights into days! Lived days not as they were the last ones to finish, But with the joy that in the next dawn I go to find to be able you! With the certainty of that he does not have nothing missed, Knowing that God already had everything planned! finally to say to be able you: Debtor! Debtor, for all happiness not to be close, But for, in end, Somebody involuntarily, me to make one Complete face!. Harold Ford Jr is actively involved in the matter.

General Manager

Only thing on the market offered stackable 8 GB/s Fibre Channel switches with 20 GB / s switch interconnects, and 100 GB/s virtual lane technology the stackable SANbox 5800V 8 GB/s Fibre Channel switches from QLogic suitable for common use with network storage systems of the product series EMC CLARiiON and EMC Symmetrix. The seal of approval obtained now after extensive test series E-Lab tested”occupies the interoperability with the solutions of the manufacturer and gives customers the assurance that they can build highly scalable, high-performance 8 GB/s Fibre Channel based networks with the combination of QLogic – and EMC technologies. Only products that have successfully completed test perceived to real-world conditions in the framework of the E-Lab qualification process get the predicate EMC Lab tested”. The proof are the security solutions of the providers in the operation play together smoothly companies and ensures a high level of customer satisfaction. 20 GB/s capable fibre channel are among the features of the SANbox 5800V-Switches Virtual Lane technology developed 100 Gbit/s inter switch links (ISLs) and by QLogic. It is used automatically to a virtual lane to merge multiple stack interconnects, providing up to 100 Gbit/s bandwidth between switches in a stack. This functionality allows structured fabrics with QLogic components as required requests to adjust virtualized environments and optimize the flow of data about one or more physical connections. SANbox 8 GB/s Fibre Channel switches from QLogic with the high-performance fibre channel switches of the SANbox 5800V-Produktfamilie, supporting a data transfer speed of 8 Gbit / s offers QLogic the currently most economical solutions to the development of storage area networks.

The components provided for a stack can be easily and cost-effectively with four dedicated 20 Gbit/s capable stack interconnects connect. This offers the advantage that it must show no devices ports as inter switch links (ISLs) SAN administrators and you can use all of the ports for connecting servers and storage. Because the stack interconnects support 20 Gbit / s, traffic between switches in a speed you can submit, which could be achieved only by combining of three 8-Gbit/s ports. In conjunction with the now built-in virtual lane technology increases available bandwidth to 100 Gbit / s for this are ISLs automatically to a virtual lane joined forces. Because the actual throughput each 20 Gbps stack ports 25.5 Gbit / s, is a high speed line, which boasts up to 100 Gbit/s.

The ports will be activated by purchasing appropriate software license key. Thanks to the stackable principle a fabric scales easily and without interruption, without incurring additional costs for the trunking. Contact information is here: Secretary of Agriculture. Quote the EMC E-lab testing and resulting evidence of certification to ensure that our customers on a wide selection of first-class products of many Manufacturers fall back who can properly play together with our systems. This includes now also the 8 GB / s Fibre Channel switches of the QLogic 5800V-Produktfamilie. These come with the EMC network storage systems to use, companies of any size can expand at any time easily and according to their individual needs their storage networks.” Deirdre Wassell, Manager storage networking, EMC with the inclusion of the SANbox 5800V-Familie in the EMC support offers QLogic EMC customers fully interoperable HBAs and switches for building integrated 8-Gbit/s storage networking matrix. The stackable concept underlying the switch products to actually stands for expandability, ease of use and performance. Scalable from eight 8 GB/s Fibre Channel ports up to several hundreds of ports plus 100 Gbps stack-interconnects the SANbox 5800V-Familie itself for use in hochvirtualisierten environments suitable.” Jesse Parker, Vice President and General Manager, QLogic Network Solutions Group

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