Month: December 2014

Special Project Trading

So we invite you to the installation level of OS-direct at mail order World 2008 (1-2 October, Wiesbaden, stand? 220 Halle2) to visit. “Germany: run the Ukrainians ‘Special project from the DM agency OS-direct (Ukraine) for mail order World 2008’, Wiesbaden our time can indeed be described as epoch of the stereotypes. The rapid course of life leaves us no time for thinking time stamping off we make about any events, things, people, all for always our opinion, and often we never think about such things. There is similar even at the global, intergovernmental and international relations? “With this question the OS-direct company focused on”during the preparation to participate in the largest remote action lineup and Congress mail order World 2008”, 1-2 October taking place in Wiesbaden, Germany. “And in such a way was a series of caricatures of Germany: run the Ukrainians” managed on those of the Ukrainian designer (Sergey Naberezhnich, Viktor Tschumatschev) that are represented with performances of Ukrainians about Germany and its people. On these images, one can notice German pedantry, addiction to order and also the caution. But some cartoons push the problems of our time in pursuit of independence in the area of energy, and the ability to understand the peculiarities of each people and to accept, and even addiction to catalog shopping.

On establishing a total of 20 images are shown, providing an opportunity for visitors to the OS-direct stand, to publicize the activities of the Agency and to spend some pleasant moments. So we invite you to the installation level of OS-direct at mail order World 2008 (1-2 October, Wiesbaden, stand? 220 Halle2) to visit. Information DM agency OS-direct is a local Ukrainian Agency, which was founded in 1998. Within the 10 years that was on the Agency grew from the small mail Agency until the large marketing group, all DM services its own technological base offer. OS-direct – your partner for market development in the Ukraine

Geothermal Project Unterfohring

The bit turns the drilling work for the geothermal project Unterfohring since 21 November Unterfohring with Unterfohrings Mayor Franz Schwarz and Geovol Managing Director Peter Lohr started three symbolic hammer blows on the bit. In about two months drilling the first well in 2500 meters to find and encounter over 80 degrees hot water, in April 2009 it should be ready with the second hole. The historic day”, so black to the start date of the drill, was to invite to a party on the drilling site on the Etzweg for the operating company Geovol. “Landtag Susanna Tabani, representative of the district administrator, described it as an encouraging fact that the geothermal projects currently like mushrooms” schossen. Unterfohring bar with his project both a valuable contribution to environmental protection, as well as to the energy vision of the district Munich. While Tabani could certainly rely on their own experiences with the geothermal, it had as a municipal councilor and Supervisor the geothermal pioneer project in Pullach and accompanied by the birth hour.

Mayor black reminded of the groundbreaking decision”by the Municipal Council in 2005, with which this led the Geothermienutzung in the way. She over three-year planning period since then speaks for a very thorough preparation and shows that we have left nothing to chance.” The project saw a high unity across all groups and encounter even now among the population so good acceptance, that it actually only still could go. Not in the short term, but in any case long-term use geothermal energy for the consumer as well as for the community will bring a substantial economic benefit, so the head of the municipality. Greetings offered Rainer Zimmer of the local mining Department of the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs. Currently, there are no less than 17 geothermal projects in Bavaria, including seven already completed facilities. Based on this experience, Unterfohring could “be optimistic to achieve the aspired goals: it speaks everything to ensure that we next year will have a positive project and can welcome Unterfohring as a new child in the Bavarian family of geothermal energy.” Geovol – Managing Director Peter Lohr was the glimpse into the future. After the hoped-for find with two holes in the spring of 2009 funding tests and pumping tests were planned until September 2009 to determine the long-term fertility and temperature of the thermal water.

In the same period, the Energy Center will built before at the beginning of the heating season 2009 the inclusion of heat supplies was provided. These are ambitious and challenging goals, not only a lot of expert knowledge and the creativity of many people were required for their successful implementation, but also the necessary skill, an accident-free progress of the work on the drilling site and last but not least, God’s help. The two clerics, the evangelical pastor Ludwig Scherer and the Catholic deacon Georg Hetterich asked finally to the latter. Scherer was that Unterfohringer efforts under the slogan think globally, act locally”. The local geothermal energy will not change the world’s climate, but it does not matter whether something is small, but it will be written. To assume responsibility for the energy of the Earth means to take many small steps. Hamtaro solicited the protection for all employees in the project from accidents and hazards, and blessed those present and the technical equipment. Dr. Norbert Babyy

Tristan Schuschnig

Revival thief lights as a successful arc voltage through the centuries of the fountain splashes and the village square of Eglofs is an Italian piazza in anything, when visitors to the quaint open-air stage of silent angle in court economy attune Lions serving even bred grazing cattle and from the regional range of headland on a rustic evening and meet a host of genuine step and grain with Josef Elgass there. Behind the former, serving today as a museum Kempterhaus find the 250 guests and put themselves under the direction of the “open-air popes, renowned far beyond the Allgau” Hanns and Tristan Schuschnig from Altusried of over 40 highly committed was in long back this time. Eglofs, the village of free people, has committed to play his story. Eglofs is actually a village like any other. Church, school, business, Bank and shop. Closer look and feel but the special. There are several good detailed restaurants and all attach importance to the local good cuisine. A priest meets his pastoral task and you will find a lively primary school and Hauptschule on-site.

Many clubs make the everyday life and yet everything is slightly different. There is the magnificent village square with its neo-Gothic fountain in the middle. This one is very proud. An Eglofser Schultes bought from 1925 the gem of the Isnyern to the scrap price, because you no longer want to have him. At that time, Eglofs received also a Baroque facade. Josef Ibis was the painter from Pfronten, who gave his today face the village from 1925 to 1930. The attentive visitor sees when turning off the village on a hill. At the time of creation in the middle ages the people for their settlements as impregnable places sought. Eglofs being built on a safe place, it still the deep ravine witness rings around the old village core.

Voycer Launches Startup Initiative

Startups help to each other, to be successful “together more reach under the motto” the Voycer AG offers a platform where startups can spread among each other special offers such as discounts, discounts or free test. The Munich-based tech startup Voycer, provider of software-as-Service solutions for such as online shops, bringing each other closer startups. “In the framework of the initiative startup 4 startup” appear young up and coming companies in contact with each other and make each other special offers from startups, for startups. As barriers reduced and reduced inhibitions, to move closer to each other, to cooperate, and to create synergies. Especially in the area of the startups siehtVoycer potential for open dialogues and exciting collaborations. “Voycer Managing Director Michael Nenninger writes in the corporate blog to the initiative: startups are young, flexible and innovative minded and should not alone the way above” contest must not, when it comes to us. u0085 Every startup has a “Core competence and startups meet each other in the B2B area with our initiative and help each other for a faster market success.” Voycer itself has collected first positive experience thus.

“Startup 4 startup” creates attractive incentives for cooperation through discounts, perks, or decrees and generated for the startups references and of course benefits profits by the cheaper purchased products and services. The implementation of the initiative is deliberately clear and straightforward: on voycer-biz/startup4startup all participating startups introduce yourself, describe its range of other startups and express what they want in return. The startups themselves establish the contact to each other. There not is a mediator, nor costs for participating in the initiative. The initiative receives support from the information portal of Grunderplus, a service of the dealer association management AG. The Grunderplus GmbH has to set the goal, StartUps qualified value in all relevant Foundation Areas to offer.

It also includes, to communicate important new features, benefits, and information about our Grunderplus information portal. Startups4Startups is an innovative way for founders to each other to facilitate market entry. Therefore, we very much support this project! “, so Tim Artl, Managing Director of Grunderplus GmbH.” At the start of the initiative, there were already following exciting offers for startups: Userlike offers a free two-month trial period of Testbirds adopted 50% on the first project at crossvertise save 10% on media self posted, performance at jusmeum get startups startups a free Premiumjahresmitgliedschaft Voycer even offers the SaS solution for online shops for 3 months free. Since the launch of the initiative have already more than twice as many companies as to the start in the startup 4 startup “let record pool. Other participants of the initiative are: Polarstern BUSINESS COUPON FastBill body boom BoxCryptor SQUIRREL GRAPHICS day factory of each interested startup is welcome and can be fast, easy and free of charge. Marko Pichlak

Sustainable Customer Satisfaction

deVega Medien GmbH is certified for the first time 9001:2008 quality standard ISO Augsburg, May 22, 2011 – the deVega Medien GmbH in Augsburg proves a forward-looking corporate policy with their initial certification according to ISO 9001:2008: A quality management system that plans all business processes and controls to ensure that products and services exceeding customer demands and at the same time, the economical production is guaranteed. After over a two-year preparation time awarded the TuV South by a repeating annually to audit the coveted certificate, which confirms a consistent quality management from consultation to production and logistics of printing products and media services. Thus, she deVega underlines media that focus on quality determines the thinking and action of the company in all activities as well as drive for a permanent increase in productivity. A factor that is extremely dynamic and sophisticated market of particular importance. Now you have been Conditions for an ongoing improvement process created to fulfill a long-term competitiveness also in the future with fast delivery times and increasing capacity. It was a forward-looking decision to seek ISO certification”Till Srownal, managers and shareholders of deVega Medien GmbH is convinced. In this way, our customers benefit from more safety and reliability through improved production processes, clearly defined responsibilities and documented processes.

This ensures optimal service and shortest response times.” In addition also the sparing use of resources as well as an exemplary waste management and environmental management include the certified quality standards. Employees also appreciate the certification. More quality consciousness, ensures compliance with health and safety, defined responsibilities, and ultimately a still higher motivation. Help a training plan and regular internal audits at. The audit of the quality management system was another important step in the direction of highest customer satisfaction for deVega. Also the certification obtained for the third time in a row that includes already process standard offset (PSO). On the basis of these requirements, the company wants to work continuously on the further qualification.

More information the deVega Medien GmbH – founded in 2008 with the merger of the traditional printing companies ECOT and Eisele nationwide high-quality print products and subsequent media services provides social organizations, industry, Commerce and advertising agencies. Over 40 employees manufacture individual printed matter for the Organization and advertising companies: economically and qualitatively secured. The continuous development documents the company with an innovative range of services before and after printing. Great importance has gained in this context especially the print and advertising logistics for customers with sales network. Thus, supplies They deVega for example all ibis hotels in Germany. The Central ordering and storage retrieval services ensure enormous cost savings. Even with the online portal deVega media emphasizes its proactive business policy. Corporate video:

PKV Different

Company Eltville in four different product lines for sales support excellent, 26.10.2012. Service, service, support or assistance these tags are much quoted in the financial services industry in connection with brokers and multiple representatives. But what assistance expect intermediaries in detail by the product providers? And other services is expected within the different divisions of the broker? These and other questions will be discussed often without to provide a concrete answer. Exactly here the investigation puts the AssCompact AWARD 2012 listing service”on. “The study provides in-depth results along a total of 13 performance criteria of sales support process, provides answers to what, how and why” and indicates what company currently offers the best Broker service broker perspective. In cooperation with the bbg advisory company, Bayreuth, the management – consulting company SMARTcompagnie GmbH has the theme sales support by a Survey of brokers and multiple representatives scrutinized.

The best sales supporters here were asked intermediaries also the product providers, providing the best services with regard to the sales support your opinion. The VHV Allgemeine Versicherung AG emerged as the winner of the property insurance business / HUK insurance”. The product line of private pension provision”dominated federal, in the Division of products fot the well-being of the people” could be the Alliance secure the podium. The sales support of AXA was named most positively in the PKV. All winners of the studied business at a glance: Private provision, bAV PKV property / HUK 1 people good Federal Alliance 2. AXA VHV Alliance people good Federal Alliance 3 Nuremberg HDI-Gerling German ring InterRisk investigating liability cash offers over 50,000 individual entries and quality responses from a total 627 respondents brokers of different company sizes, different ages and regional alignment in four different product lines (private pension plan, Occupational pensions, private health insurance and property / HUK insurance). The editors have placed particular emphasis on transparent to light the intermediary support measures.