Parents Basic

One another form to guarantee permanence of the pupil is to follow the orientation of article 56 of the ECA, that says in them: The controllers of basic educational establishments will communicate the advice to tutor the cases of: bad-treatments involving its pupils; reiteration of unjustified lacks and pertaining to school evasion, depleted the pertaining to school resources; raised repetncia levels. (Interpolated propositions I, II and III). Article 54 of the Statute of the Child and the Adolescent? ECA, informs in them that it is to have of the State ' ' assegurar' ' to the child and the adolescent: basic, obligator and gratuitous education, also for that it had not had access in the proper age. (interpolated proposition I), agreeing to what we saw in LDB 1996, Art. 4. We can perceive a sequence of responsibilities.

First, Necessary state ' ' assegurar' ' the right to the education, independent of the age of the child or adolescent. After that, the responsible parents or need to have the obligation, to register it in the school and to create ways for its permanence. The school must participate to the parents its methodologies, proposals and make possible the participation in them. The school has the duty to respect the educandos and to watch over for them, communicating to the competent agencies any problem that appears. All need to fulfill with its responsibility so that the system really functions. When we speak in assuring basic education the child and to the adolescent, we remember that in we do not relate only the guarantee to them of the school registration.

Pupil is the guarantee of an adjusted space to study it, good illumination, comfortable, a space that does not offer to threats its physical integrity. A place where the professors well are remunerated and have its right the guaranteed continued formation. A classroom that is not overcrowded, hindering that the professor knows its pupil.