Lenin Peak

I wish you guys a bunch of well to reach the second camp, and he himself has sat for ten minutes, admiring the beauty. Start blow from below. Yeah, I think, so not all is lost, and here is blowing up. Although visible over the top "flags" from the southwest. Do not curl the slope in this way? But I decide not to go into aerology depth of local mountains, but just take note. What is blowing up here and after 13-00 in good weather. How beautiful is this world, how dangerous! It turns out all those who planned to go up – have passed, and those who went to the "first", is also gone.

I one on the slope. Ahead of the most dangerous and wide cracks. I decide to jump over them with the stock, which he did. Was normal. At the bottom of the glacier, near the trail, saw something shiny. Dug – first aid kit.

Medicines English, dated 1991. Echoes of the tragedy … When he came to the camp, he found Andrew to be asleep: he got today. In the evening Andrew gathers laurels, and we long share our feelings. We decided to cut the program in favor of Lenin flights the mountains of Uzbekistan. And it means – tomorrow – in BC. As a conclusion we can say the following: slopes of Lenin Peak is almost suitable for gatherings on a paraglider. Starts are possible throughout the thread lift from first to third camp.