The Smile

The bahian writer in them together with brings the narrator and it all a wealth of literary making that he confers its stories a singular beauty, the narratives of Aleilton Fonseca provides a form of catarse of our proper confined and not decided sadnesses, those that we place the part in the hard disk, the HD of our mind and leave latent when we come across in them with the thematic one of the death, described memories in its stories, forcibly to our souvenirs comes to tona. Therefore the stories of the writer Aleilton Fonseca have a therapeutical and purificadora function. The stories of Aleilton Fonseca perpassaram referring subjects the memories that allow death and life learning and induce the reader to rethink its condition of life. It always has a return to the past, souvenirs reminiscncias, memories, the man and its past, the past influencing and transforming trajectory of the life. The fidget and the thought of that the past could be different, and ahead of the impossibility to change the past think about what if it can now make the learning of the life through the death has a change of paradigm from the event death that can be seen in the 4 end of story ' ' The Smile of the Estrela' ' when the narrator confesses in the end: ' ' Now I feel that I am Dindinho' ' , the nickname that it rejected when its sister was alive. In the story ' ' The Smile of the Estrela' ' , we see the memories to the life and the death reveals a therapeutical workmanship, therefore, in them it places in a purificao state expurgation of soul to the one identifying in them with the situation and perceives the effort of deletion of the image of feminine ' ' I considered it one I ruin in mine vida' ' , ' ' He wanted much that morresse' '.