The Village

Because the will makes to cross it fast the tempting freshness of the fertile valley and to put itself above animosa for the hillside. Everything was in Ordonho in time its hour. Therefore, she was necessary to react against the proper nature and to walk forward, cost what it cost. (BCHOS, 1983, P. 20) We perceive that Torga deals with details of places (Roalde, Ordonho) that they exist in its Backwards-the-Mount, of the character conservative of its village, that until today cultivates an archaic tradition, agricultural and of humble and solidary people.

Madalena takes over on a contract basis walked solitary, winning the adversities of the land, going up mountain ranges to arrive its destination and to give birth its son far from everything and of all. It feels headquarters and it desires &#039 strong; ' water of the Tenaria' ' , this source is only capable to saciar its headquarters. With strong pains the dry and estorricante landscape has the there same son in way and as ' ' bicho' ' the son embeds with the feet who is born dead. The solitude is its only common characteristic friend and to the personages of Torga of which Massaud comments Moiss (2001, P. 262): ' ' the solitude, the sensation of the convict to vibrate between opposing stimulatons and to search in the land of origin a consolation utpico' '. Madalena felt the necessity to restitute the energies and to take the water of the Tenaria, possible conditions only in return to the village: ' ' They were hours to return.

They were hours to come back to the village and to kill that headquarters without end in the cool source of the Tenaria' ' (ANIMALS, 1983, P. 29). In the story Vicente, of the same workmanship, we can evidence the land as maternal womb, the freedom inalienable human being as right of the men.