Atenas Visors

In Greece, poems with the history of Perseu and its mother, Dnae are presented, transcribed for Simnides, Hesodo, Pndaro, Ovdio and other authors contemporaries, which counts that to prevent a prophecy of that it would be assassinated by the grandson, Acrsio, king of Argos, locked up the only son and the baby who it has with Zeus, in a coffer played and them to the sea. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Vitamin D1 and gain more knowledge.. Both had been taken to the Island of Srifo, where they had lived until retaking to the throne of Argos. During the age of bronze, as they tell epic texts of the Mesopotmia, a priestess placed its son, Sargo, just-born, in a hamper of papyrus in the river Eufrates; it was found by a gardener in 3.000 B.C. and created by the Ishtar goddess. Centuries later, Moiss was placed by its mother in waters of the Nile, to save it of the decree of fara that B.C. determines the death of all the boys children of Israelis in century XI It was created by the sister of fara, in the real house, where it learned sciences, right and literature. For its accomplishments, these personages stand as myths that if they bring up to date and if they presentificam in real and ficcionais attitudes that inspire narratives journalistic and literary that counts the invariant destination of these personages.

Perseu, with the orientation of Hermes and protection of Atenas Visors, decapitated the Jellyfish that petrified looked at who it. When passing for the Etipia, it was married Andrmeda, after saving it of the sacrifice where it would be offered a sea serpent that devorava hundreds of victims. In the return to the native land, accidentally, in atletismo competition it hurled the record and it reached Acrsio. Thus, it was confirmed prophecy. Sargo joined the peoples of the Mesopotmia, it stimulated the progress of the techniques of agricultural production and just became an emperor and progressive.