The Granules

But the imposition of a separate group is widely accepted as mineral filler gives the coatings is very high decorative quality. Usually the size of the granules from 0.1 to 1.8 mm, at least – 3-4 mm. For maximum effect, decorative beads may be stained by special trains of high strength at the factory. Application materials for finishing works in this group (so the same as other kinds of ornamental plaster) can be excluded from the process operation puttying finish, a slight defect in a finished surface (unloaded cracked, chipped, uneven) equalized by the material itself. Can be applied to concrete, plaster, drywall, paneling, wood, etc. The material is applied with a spatula (trowel) or spray (with the size of the granules 0.1-0.8 mm). After drying, the resulting surface (in Depending on the grain filling) becomes grossly rough or nearly smooth, like a stone. The coatings have high mechanical strength and repairability.

Special decorative coating. This is usually finished materials such as many-component sealant after mixing, which is obtained decorative coating. Depending on the use of components (two, three or more) and are obtained by coating with a variety of unique decorative properties. For example: ANTICHE TERRE FIORENTINE (hereinafter ATF) to the effect of covering the ancient walls – a new decorative material of Italian firm Candis. ATF allows you to return to the beauty of the noble and prestigious wall coverings, the proposed Italian masters of ancient art. Coverage ATF Water-based, odorless, does not fade under UV light, easy to clean. ATF suitable for use in interior spaces of any type: Private apartment lounges, meeting rooms, offices, banks, concert halls, restaurants, bars, hotels, etc.

ATF may be supplemented by insertion of the "fantastic" collection of frescoes and an art book. Murals are made using ancient techniques of drawing and colors. Supplement ATF murals can solve the design space in a sophisticated and elegant saw cut.