Film Coatings

In order to improve the characteristics of lacquers and enamels of air drying, as well as to accelerate curing drying them sometimes carried out at elevated temperatures (40-60 C). Main of lacquers have the following features. Oil varnishes form (after drying), flexible elastic film of yellow color, resistant to moisture and mineral oil. On heat resistance of the film of varnish are in class A (up to 105 C). Since the oil varnishes are used in short supply (linseed and tung) oil, then their use is limited and they are replaced by synthetic resins for lacquers, more resistant to thermal aging. Bitumen-oil varnishes form a flexible film in black, resistant to moisture, but is easily soluble in mineral oil (transformer and lubricating). Because of the high availability and good insulating properties of bitumen-oil varnishes widely used in electrical engineering. For heat resistance, these coatings are in class A insulation (105 C). Alkyd (glyptal) and oil-glyptal varnishes and enamels have good bonding strength with respect to the mica paper, cloth and some plastics. The films of these paints have a high thermal stability (class B). They are resistant to the heated mineral oil, but require a hot (oven) drying at temperatures of 105-150 C. Pure glyptal Coatings based on unmodified glyph Traveling resins form hard rigid film (paint number 1155 and others) used in the manufacture of hard mica insulation (solid Micanites). Gliftale-oil varnish form a flexible film dark yellow. Alkyd-melamine varnish – varnish is a composite consisting of 84% oil-varnish glyptal number 1154 and 16% of the melamine-formaldehyde resin, introduced to improve the water resistance and shorten the curing varnish. Organosilicon varnishes and enamels have high heat resistance and can operate continuously at 180-200 C (Temperature class NICs) so they are used in combination with glass fiber and mica insulation. Films These lacquers and enamels have high electrical characteristics, which vary little in the aging process.

Pro Dry Mixes

Increasingly, instead of all the usual mixture of sand and cement, which is prepared immediately before dosing and which are "by eye", the builders began to use it dry mixes, produced in industrial conditions. The benefits and advantages does the use of dry mixes in the building: saving time and place – eliminating the need for acquisition, storage and blending of all components in the composite Ability to produce the proportions of a mixture of any complexity on order – due to flexibility of the production process for process equipment in Europe No loss of quality – a solution can be prepared in necessary at this point amounts Saving transportation costs – the use of dry mixes eliminates constant supply to the building site ready solution, which drastically reduces transportation costs Guarantee high quality – the right recipe at the expense of accurate dosage of components (quality of ready-mix compares to cooked on the spot) What is a dry mix? Current dry mixes it – multicomponent formulations, which in addition to the mineral binder and filler present complex chemical additives regulating the speed of setting and hardening binders, and provide the necessary physical and mechanical properties of the solution after solidification. The most commonly referred to as dry mixes simple sand-cement mixture (sometimes they add lime, ground limestone, ash, thermal power plants) marks 100 and 150, put up in Kraft bags and used for masonry and plastering work. In such mixtures, using screened out of coarse grains and dried sand, which provides long-term storage and simplifies the preparation of mortar. But in modern sense of the term "dry blend" to such free-flowing compositions can be applied fairly conventional. Composition of dry mixes in any of the dry mixture includes: binder (cement, gypsum and lime or combination), neutral fillers to provide the optimum amount (usually a sand), and special modifying additives, which give the necessary properties of the mixture.

Polyvinyl Windows

If you have recently made exclusively from the window of the tree, now is the main material used in the manufacture of windows – this is PVC (polyvinyl chloride), which is produced with oil and salt. The windows of PVC, which were first manufactured in 1954, and today enjoy an enviable popularity due to its resistance to various weather conditions, leakage and other properties. In the factories of PVC profiles made of PVC by extrusion. During this process PVC is mixed with the desired additives, is heated to high temperatures, as a result, a viscous mass that needs to push through appropriate form, and then cooled. This leads to the formation of empty PVC profile, which is also called multi-due to the empty air chambers within it. PVC windows because of this structure have remarkable level of sound insulation and retain heat wonderfully. PVC Profiles are produced by all plants on the same methodology, then why do they differ in their value? It turns out that the price of PVC profiles much will depend on the included supplements. All kinds of additives used in the production of PVC profiles, not cheap. Using the fact that people can not understand what additives are contained in some double-glazed, many firms producing the window, trying to save these supplements. For example, the PVC profile additive titanium of low quality or deficient titanium oxide, intensely yellow. Advantages of PVC windows consist of a number of useful properties of those they receive in the manufacturing process. The low level of thermal conductivity of PVC profile and use the installation of additional seals to prevent cracks contribute keeping the heat in the house. Properly mounted eurowinows guarantee your home, office, apartment warmth and comfort in any weather. From dust, street noise, moisture, protect your apartment a special design glass. And from widest range of PVC profiles can be easily pick the one that best fits the design of houses, apartments and other premises. It should be noted another important aspect, which consists of multi-year service, which is quite a lot – more than 40 years. Compared with conventional, wooden, PVC windows do not require heavy maintenance and constant touch-up. Another undeniable advantage is the presence of various ways of opening windows system mikroprovetrivaniya. To wash these windows fit perfectly soapy water, put on a rag.

Poli Zinc

And the major manufacturers of paints must include the product line of products for “metal”. It’s usually covering forming a solid film upon drying of organic substances with the pigments and fillers. The film thickness is determined by the purpose coatings, and protective properties – thickness and nature of the interaction with the surface base. Group means for the protection of metal surfaces are three: a primer, paint and generic drugs, “three in one” (for example, Alpina Direkt Auf Rost from Caparol, Poli-Hammer of “Poly-P”), which are applied directly to rust. Primer – irreplaceable ways to combat atmospheric oxidation, one-or two-layer coating produced before staining, in addition to the protective properties of telling a better topcoat adhesion to the substrate. When selecting the composition is important to know that for various metals using different primers. This is the case when a label on the can “universal ground” should be taken skeptically. Ferrous metals require high corrosion protection, while for surface color in the applied composition should have a good adhesion. The protective properties of zinc are well known. Galvanized surface is not longer susceptible to corrosion, and therefore for steel and other ferrous metals better considered alkyd primer containing zinc. There are several varieties of it: the zinc phosphate (used for alkyd paints) to zinc chromate (composition used for the same purpose, but it is also suitable for timber surfaces). For aluminum base using special primers for the zinc-based paint or urethane. Copper, brass and bronze are usually not dyed – these metals are delivered to market with a factory processing, which protects surface and emphasizing its beauty. If the integrity of this “brand” cover over time is violated, it is best to completely remove with a solvent, after which the base should be polished and cover epoxy or polyurethane varnish.

The Firm

Carefully inspect the samples, consider how easy they open and close the well or fixed sash in position, how well the applied decorative and protective cover. Find out who will install the windows, because of how well-organized installation of windows, depends largely on the life of window designs. Experienced and qualified experts to install windows perform installation work in accordance with GOST 30971-2002 "Stitches assembly sites contiguity window units to wall openings." In addition, for your own peace of mind ask about reviews of previous clients, and if you want to learn how to stand in the window of the "natural conditions" not too lazy to go and see them at least from the street. Guarantee given by the manufacturer for their products, also helps you understand whether or not to trust the company. Too little time (one year) suggests that the firm does not assume full responsibility for their own products. Warranty period of 20 years and more clearly unrealistic, so to call them companies seriously not worth it. So, we list the main criteria for deciding to evaluate the reputation of the firm. 1. Chuck Berry is likely to increase your knowledge. Experience. The presence of complete luxury private projects. Age of the firm. 2. Real terms and real prices, the normal discount 3. Openness. Good company, know their job well and on time fulfills customers' orders, ready to provide all the information – both about themselves and about the production, coatings, fittings, installation technology. 4. Quality of the Materials and Technology: Eurowindows evrokachestva – is the European woodworking machines, Siberian wood without defects (knots, blue stain), a strong joint (double-spike-and-groove), European fittings (Siegen, Roto, Maco) polished float glass, special import elastic coating designed for exterior use on wood (Tsovosan, Zikkens, during handling, Remmers, etc.). 5. The warranty on the windows and installation work. Too little or too great warranty should alert you. The most common among manufacturers has become a three-year warranty, but some companies are confident in their product quality, guarantee 5 years of uninterrupted service. We tried to analyze and explain all the aspects that will help you make the right choice.

The Granules

But the imposition of a separate group is widely accepted as mineral filler gives the coatings is very high decorative quality. Usually the size of the granules from 0.1 to 1.8 mm, at least – 3-4 mm. For maximum effect, decorative beads may be stained by special trains of high strength at the factory. Application materials for finishing works in this group (so the same as other kinds of ornamental plaster) can be excluded from the process operation puttying finish, a slight defect in a finished surface (unloaded cracked, chipped, uneven) equalized by the material itself. Can be applied to concrete, plaster, drywall, paneling, wood, etc. The material is applied with a spatula (trowel) or spray (with the size of the granules 0.1-0.8 mm). After drying, the resulting surface (in Depending on the grain filling) becomes grossly rough or nearly smooth, like a stone. The coatings have high mechanical strength and repairability. Special decorative coating. This is usually finished materials such as many-component sealant after mixing, which is obtained decorative coating. Depending on the use of components (two, three or more) and are obtained by coating with a variety of unique decorative properties. For example: ANTICHE TERRE FIORENTINE (hereinafter ATF) to the effect of covering the ancient walls – a new decorative material of Italian firm Candis. ATF allows you to return to the beauty of the noble and prestigious wall coverings, the proposed Italian masters of ancient art. Coverage ATF Water-based, odorless, does not fade under UV light, easy to clean. ATF suitable for use in interior spaces of any type: Private apartment lounges, meeting rooms, offices, banks, concert halls, restaurants, bars, hotels, etc. ATF may be supplemented by insertion of the "fantastic" collection of frescoes and an art book. Murals are made using ancient techniques of drawing and colors. Supplement ATF murals can solve the design space in a sophisticated and elegant saw cut.

Country Construction

It's no secret that residents of the cities their country houses still prefer to build from solid wood. And it is not surprising, brick and concrete that surround us in the city, I want to leave and get out into the countryside. And what is the most eco-friendly building material? That's right, wood. Timber and round wood, paneling and plywood, veneer and board – are the main building and finishing materials in the country. Wood is not only "breathes" and pleases the eye but their natural pattern. Everything is good, but … the tree has one major drawback: it is afraid of fire. And not just afraid, or happy and support this very fire, turning to coal and ash. "Where the fire?" – You ask. Gas or electric cooker, barbecue in the yard and the sparks flying in the wind, the closure of the wiring. Yes, and you never know what's over … Yes, in this age are rarely in one house you will not find a fire extinguisher. But that triggered a fire extinguisher, you need to fire not only noticed time, and thereby to have a fire extinguisher and skillfully used. But, as we have seen, except for fire extinguisher is another, more reliable way to keep the property. As we discovered in our time, there are special chemical compounds (so-called "flame retardants"), do not allow the wood to burn. This can be a colorless impregnation, which makes the wood nonflammable and transparent clearcoat, as well as special paint. Let's try understand how what and where best to use. Retardants "impregnation." Some chemicals, so-called "salt" does not allow the wood to burn. And not just a tree, of course, but also paper, textiles, carpeting and much more. After during the war, many urban homes burned to the ground not only because they were treated with specific compounds.

St Petersburg

We continue a series of articles 'Repair of apartments St Petersburg'. Now consider the following types and stages of work on rough decoration. The alignment of the walls. The alignment of the walls can be made more ways. 11 .. simple alignment of the walls under the rule without placing beacons. alignment is performed without removing the walls in the vertical. This method is possible with a slight deviation from the vertical walls in agreement with Customer. With this method of alignment is necessary to make the alignment angles, because without the alignment angles will be difficult to implement quality wallpapering. Alignment angles made by the planes on 50cm in each direction from the corner. In this case it is not necessary that the angles are straight – under 90 degrees. Often, yes internal and external walls and partitions are not perpendicular to each other. The deviations There are very significant. And if you do the corners straight by the end of the wall on which is the alignment angle of 90 degrees thickness of plaster can reach 15-20cm. It is necessary to you? 1.2.Vyravnivanie walls on the beacons. This alignment is used in significant deviation of the walls both vertically and horizontally. It is better to use beacons minimum thickness. The costs will be minimal plaster mixtures. The most crucial moment in this process alignment – display of lighthouses. To achieve the required quality before exhibiting qualities of lighthouses at the four corners line the walls are mounted screws. They fastened with twine compliance by the parties horizontally and vertically. String in this case plays the role of guide to the lighthouses. Lighthouses are placed vertically. The next day after placing beacons can be made direct alignment of the walls. And, of course, before each stage of plastering work must be carried on dust control and dirt surfaces. With this method of balancing internal angles in you should get even, and renovation of apartments St Petersburg – ideal! That is not necessarily straight at 90 degrees, and it is smooth. It provides quality wallpapering corners. Gypsum plasterboard walls 1.3.Zashivka. This method is applied in 2 cases: 1.3.1.steny not subject to the equalization formula because of the very large deviations. 1.3.2.esli on the walls is necessary to provide some niches, ledges, etc. Gypsum plasterboard walls Rooms' is carried out on pre-exposed skeleton of giprochnyh respective profiles. Do not forget that in addition to frame rails on the ceiling and the floor must be attached to the wall by means of suspension (for obespecheniyazhestkosti). Professionals know how to correctly perform this work. With this method of alignment is necessary for the installation of a gypsum plasterboard mortgages (these will then be mounted hanging furniture, TV, etc.), gypsum plasterboard itself can not stand heavy loads. Therefore, mortgage necessary to provide and install necessary. In our next article we will tell you about the following types and stages of work on the rough finish of apartments St Petersburg. This will be an article about the works to equalize the sexes.

Fully Armed

Repair – this is an event to each of us at least once in their life, but experienced. For many people the repair – this is a very bad phase, associated with certain inconveniences. But, you are always pleased to see how your home gradually acquires a pleasant view and is a hotbed of comfort. For this cost you to endure the whole process of repair. Companies that provide repair services are now very much and it’s important not to make mistakes when choosing whom to trust repairs. We offer our customers only top-quality services such as cosmetic repairs (a simple and affordable form of repair), overhaul (if you want to drastically change the look of their homes) finishing, trim cottages and houses, and many other repair services. Before starting work, we agree with you all the steps and schedule, to advise on all issues and will help pick up the necessary materials. All work is done only by experienced and qualified professionals who use only modern and high quality materials and equipment. The materials we purchase only from approved suppliers, which excludes the use of poor quality in the process of building materials. Taken together, this gives an excellent result, which you will be satisfied. You have purchased a new apartment or house and want to make a it easy redecorating? We are happy to do it and breathe in your home a new life. Or maybe build a vacation home or villa and you require decorating? No problem, we are ready to take the job on themselves and a full finish cottage to suit your needs and tastes. Also, except for repair in a residential area we are engaged in repair and in offices. Modern man spends most of the day on work and is very important that the work area created a positive atmosphere for productive work.