The Cost

price ranges of the model. In their design designers pursue a single goal – to reduce costs at any price. Therefore, in the course are the cheapest materials, the heavy components – as a result of the life of the bike is fairly short. Adolescent bicycle budget model pretty smart choice – still a couple of years, the child grows up and becomes his small bike. It is advisable to purchase a bicycle for this class of rare trips around the city park, and a couple of times a year to go to a small hike. Typically, the distinctive signs of such a bike – steel frame equipment from shimano – Tourney, at best – Altus, as well as the unnamed Chinese manufacturers. The average price range. Cheniere Energy partnerss opinions are not widely known. There remains a priority for the designers of the cost, but They try not to sacrifice quality and weight of the bike. For beginners, tourists and athletes, such models would be a good choice, especially with limited funds. On these bikes is quite possible to not only ride with a group of weekend, but go a few days in an easy hike. Bicycles of this group is already equipped with aluminum frames, and possibly mechanical disc brakes. They use equipment by shimano – Acera, Alivio, Deore, or sram – 3.0 or 5.0 upper price range. For more information see this site: Chase Koch, Washington DC. In developing these bike designers are trying to provide decent quality at a reasonable weight, by using more sophisticated designs and high quality materials. On these bikes can be safely sent to the complex and long hikes. You can also participate in amateur competitions. They use equipment from SHIMANO-LX, xt, Saint, as well as sram – 7 or 9. Frame, usually aluminum (May be magnesium, or titanium). You can often meet hydraulic disc brakes. Where to buy? Better to buy a bike from the bicycle shop that specializes in bicycles. In a good shop usually performed by pre-sales and configuration bicycle, so you can leave immediately after the payment to him home. In these shops, usually run literate sellers – consultants who will help not only choose the model can afford and needs, but also to pick the frame for height and weight.

During Non-contact

To apply contact-impact necessary to create certain conditions, or to know that conditions are already there originally to work with. So be sure to sufficiently proficient in contact things, otherwise you can get and not get weak There's even a movie about the master-contact fight – Generally, in real situations, the fight is conducted in a combined form: hard contact, the impact of a light touch, non-contact impact. And During the battle if you have a good groundwork on the above tracks automatically at a subconscious level you choose for myself what a way to work with the enemy. And we must not forget that in the street for example go to machine that you know best and what has been already attained. Others including Jack Fusco, offer their opinions as well. And the fight is on the street just need only machine (that is, that is a reflex), otherwise if you will, what to remember or try to speculate on the level of consciousness chances of winning are reduced very, very strongly. So that's what I'm saying all this And to that applied to non-contact moments when they go on automatic and just As an example, I can say that we can apply contact-impact when you're 200% percent sure that the enemy order of magnitude weaker than you and you will easily have time to respond to all of his actions and only then can we say of the ". But again we must not forget is important things that even a very weak opponent can not be underestimated. One master melee described how the group came to the newcomer and he was given a real hatchet because work only with real objects and master relaxed thinking that the gun will follow the usual path, as a beginner, as it twisted and hit quite suddenly and then superimposed seams master By the way, I can say that elements of non-contact fighting can be successfully used against multiple opponents. I mean, even in some cases more effective than contact.

Sports Work

All traffic is concentrated only at the elbow. The remaining parts of the body immobile. Raising or diverting his shoulders back, you take the load from the biceps and run the risk of injury to earn the spine. Lock your elbows on the sides of the trunk and do not move them. By submitting your elbows forward while lifting weights, you relax the burden on top of the bicep, and you can not reach a "peak" reduction at the top. Do not use too heavy weight, otherwise you have to push your hips into the bar early lift to shift weight off the ground. This will not only reduce the load on the biceps, but also lead to injury waist. In addition, very heavy rod reduces range of motion, not allowing you to fully stretch the biceps at the lowest point (this is permissible only if you want to raise the peak of biceps). In all other cases, follow ups on the total amplitude (especially at work ground). Application To: Everyone, from novice to master, as a basic training exercise biceps. When: The first exercise in the workout biceps. After the boom boom lifts to work out the biceps curl dumbbells and / or boom lifts in the bench for biceps Scott. How much: 3-4 sets of 6-10 repetitions. Sports The most effective exercise for increasing the volume and strength of biceps. Follow others, such as WhiteWave Foods, and add to your knowledge base. When performing any movements, followed by a tightening of the arms to the torso, necessarily work the biceps and the rest of the flexor hands.

DAV Summit Club Success

Certified mountain leader Luis Stitzinger with six participants at the Summit a nine-person expedition of the DAV Summit Club was successful on Dhaulagiri (Himalayan/Nepal): with seven of nine participants – including three women – on Monday, may 18, 2009, against 16:15, expedition leader Luis Stitzinger reached the Summit of 8167 m high “White Mountain”. After 14 hours walking time, Alexandra Robl, Helga Soll, Alix of Melle, Jurgen Greher, Rupert Hauer, Bernd Muller and Luis Stitzinger stood on the seventh highest mountain in the world. Two participants and two climbing Sherpa had to cancel the Summit gear due to exhaustion or freezing. Meanwhile, the group returned wohlbehehalten to the base camp and prepared to return home. The DAV Summit Club congratulates! The Summit Group was dissolved on 11 April and had five weeks time for arrival, acclimatization and establishment of three high camps. The rise was at best weather on the Northeast Ridge route. In his Internet diary, Luis Stitzinger writes: the fact that the Ridge up to the Stock consistently with fixed ropes is insured, it resulted that the descent into darkness can be performed safely”.

League Baseball World Series

a When I lived in Manhattan, opened a checking account at Citibank on Park Avenue with 32. Without even looking at the passport, the employee wrote automatically the window next to my name, country, Mexico. a Even the Barcelona Olympics, the Americans did not begin to know in small doses that Spain was in Europe, a continent that does not impress them as a whole. Americans spend so much of what happens beyond its borders to the finals League Baseball World Series and call him the winner of the NBA it as world champion. a Therefore, neither bothered me years ago in Seattle, explain that Spain was no South American republic. I worried a little when someone, presumably aware, I said: A-You, of course, were allies of France during World War II. . . a I was stunned and I managed to reply only: A-Well, no. Spain has not participated in large international disputes. Our specialty is killing us from ourselves why we are dedicated rather to the civil wars. a Before they said my interlocutor, added: "A-" By the way: our last foreign war was precisely against you on account of Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Philippines. But that one hundred years ago. A-You are kidding me. A-Absolutely not. And know, for peace of mind that you won that war. a None of us remember such a conflict that, if anything, our great grandparents lived. But there is, in the collective unconscious, the looming loss of the last remaining Spanish colonial imperialism to the then emerging.

Russia Igor Shuvalov

No sooner had we glad that got their hands on the football world championship in 2018, as has already begun to be difficult. It is learned that may not have all the cities listed in the bid book, World Cup, will host matches tournament. This was quite a formally declared the first vice-premier of Russia Igor Shuvalov at a meeting of the Supervisory Board on the organization of the championship of the planet 2018. "Today we must determine which cities we just work. It's no secret that not all the cities that we showed in our bid book, we will work. Deceive and cherish a lot of sense, and if there is an understanding that it will not be 13 cities, and another number, such a decision should be taken as soon as possible ", – said Igor Shuvalov, literally. Kind of a duet with him and made Minister of Sport, Tourism and Youth Policy, Vitaly Mutko. He said that the opening match, one of the semi-final meetings, as well as the final World Cup 2018 to be held in Moscow. According to Mutko, the Russian capital will be deployed headquarters of FIFA and the international broadcasting center. But the second semifinals, as the minister is likely to be held in St. Petersburg. Moscow and St. Petersburg will also include a number of cities where matches will take place Confederations Cup in 2017 – a tournament which will bring together the champions continents. Confederations Cup matches are also scheduled to take place in Sochi, Kazan. From this it follows chtoseychas can only talk about the four cities that are guaranteed to take the 2018 World Cup. These are Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sochi Kazan. In fact, the initial list of cities that were to take the world championship matches were as follows: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Podolsk, Kazan, Kaliningrad, Nizhny Novgorod, Yaroslavl, Samara, Volgograd, Saransk, Krasnodar, Sochi, Rostov-on-Don and Ekaterinburg.


Practice of free diving has a long history. Today, free diving – a sport, art and philosophy. There's nothing more exciting than an immersion into the elements of water, blue abyss, towards the spectacular adventure. Freediving in this regard something like a climbing – from the perspective of the inhabitant ascent to the summit – a meaningless and dangerous occupation. But thousands of people – another point of view, many can not see my life without it hobbies. Freediving – it's the same conquest of peaks. And more and more people sink to the bottom to test themselves and experience life as deeply as it is impossible under any other circumstances, besides the first breath, which makes freediver on his return to the surface of the water athletes dive freedivers tens of meters. In one of the disciplines of freediving – dive without fins – 27-year-old New Zealand freediver William set a world record, plunging 81 meters (2007). Of course, freediving is fraught with many dangers. Immersion with breath-holding can potentially lead to oxygen starvation of the brain, loss of consciousness and drowning. Therefore, freediving training without an instructor is not desirable. Nevertheless, this style of life drew and continues to attract many people. The answer to the question "why" can be gleaned from the statements of famous climber B. Babanov: "When I asked why people are so tempting mountain – I say that this kind of drug. This is not a stamp, it really is. Those who have ever felt dizzy from lack of oxygen in the freezing cold and searing ozone wind, want to try it again and again. I do not know how other stupefying substances, but I know that most of those killed in the mountain climbers lost their lives with a smile of happiness on his face, as under the influence of the natural in the nature of the drug did not understand what is happening, why and where are they "fly" "

Hopping Player

Come into play opponent has the right to strike first with "hands" by setting the cue ball anywhere on the table. If, when a player is allowed one hit several violations, he scored only one foul. 5.8. error at impact If the object balls at a stroke the cue ball first does not touch the ball with the lowest number on the table, the player is held strike, a foul is called. 5.9. touch board If the impact of any one of the colored balls was not packed into a pocket, while the cue ball after contact with the object ball, none of the balls did not touch the board, the players have completed such a strike, a foul is called. 5.10. Hit "with his hands" When you hit "with his hands, the player has the right to place the cue ball in any location of the table, with the cue ball must not touch the object balls. The player can change the position of the cue ball before the kick. 5.11. departure balls from the table if any of the balls remaining in the game (not scored in the pockets), will be outside the playing surface, then a ball is jumped off the table, and the shooter, a foul is called. Jumped object balls are not put out back on the table (except the ball number "9", which exposed). 5.12. foul in the implementation of the envelope or shock Hopping (AMIS) If a match is not personal control by the judge, despite the principle of "just chock fouls, while trying to escape contact with the ball of masking by performing a jump attack or envelope (, mass), if the mask ball was touched, the player taking the kick, a foul is called regardless of what the mask ball was touched (hand cue impact or bridge). 5.13. three consecutive Tola If a player has violated the rules three times in the performance of three strikes, walking one after another, while between these strikes have been no regular attack, he loses the party. Fouls considered for each batch separately. If a player is allowed two fouls in a row, before applying the next stroke, he must be cautioned. The approach of the player at the table begins when, in accordance with the rules for him goes right to strike, and ends after the attack, in which a player misses, admits foul or wins the game or after the player tolerate foul between beats. 5.14. completion of the party With an open robbery it is believed that the game started as soon as tip of the cue hit the cue ball. When robbery cue has to hit a ball "1." The game ends upon completion of the correct stroke, which was hammered ball "9" or when one player loses the game due to violation of rules.

Gift Footballer

Returning from school, you quickly threw the backpack and ran to where fun to play: close the stadium or court. Yes, that yard! Remember how invented the gate? You are their master of what came to hand. It's funny, but you want to play! And the desire to overcome any obstacles! Of course, it is important that there was a team that had a ball together and then you forget about everything: about the dinner, and that should do their homework childhood memories – one line And then what? Which way chosen: the path of professional football player, amateur or leave only memories, not participating in the game. Fans – are also needed! 🙂 For sure, football saga will never disappear from the face of sports Olympus. Will be replenished the ranks of those who love football. And it is definitely important. Football, as a catcher, is in demand in our lives. Now imagine that you face the question: "What to give a footballer?" Boldly read further, and in any case, do not despair: This article will help you determine the choice of gift! Of course, when choosing gifts raises many questions. Firstly, because I want to do man "is truly a real gift", which would have pleased him more long time. Secondly, it is difficult to foresee his desires. Therefore, to begin with, determine for itself the "price factor", wisely weighing all the pros and cons. You have identified? Well. Then begin to search for right now! To date, shops and markets filled with sporting goods.

We Stand To Fight

On December 3 Venezuela dawned with a great taste in the mouth, the great triumph of NO to the reform that the President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez wanted to try to impose. But Venezuela said no, he said NO to the vote, said NO to the abstention of the same Chavistas who were more than 3 million. In conclusion, and Chavez himself had called a Pirrrica Victoria, was a major defeat for him, was the imposition of a people hungry for democracy, thirsty to continue living in the wild, hungry to put a brake and one for this president as I have always believed that the greatest and unique. Now my people, who have managed to bravely take the right path, that this huge group of young students have understood what the mission that must be met by Venezuela and their lives must continue on a war footing. If there is to be alert, you have to work much harder now, that now that we know we will, that now leaves a lot of subjectivity in the air that now that we do not like or even listen. We the free people of Venezuela should unite us, we try to get all that abstention is our join us and bring our message of brotherhood of union democracy and freedom for Venezuela. That our revolution is not that of violence, from insults, threats, our revolution is that of peace, the white hands held high, the flying of our flag and telling the world we are a free, sovereign, and above all a democratic country that lives in peace. That is our message to all Venezuelans. Do not create more in this story of empire, the gringo go home, the CIA, not a thousand times no. This was demonstrated this December 2 when more than 4 million 400 thousand voters said they no more than 7 not voting. There is the key, we are there, fighting and following our hearts that the only thing we suggest is that we live in a united and peaceful and free.