Andrew Bogachkin

We have for getting kicked in the head is awarded to three point, a hand – 1 point, kicked in the stomach – 2 points. I told him his hands and feet got in the stomach. Two-stroke arm and two in the belly – 4 points. And he told me in the head with his foot hit. I participated in sparring. A total of Taekwon-do a few disciplines that are held competition: duels (in Korean masogi) Technical Complex – tul (karate Cathay), the impact force (there are five basic strokes – two hands, three feet), the athletes hit the dynamometer and plaques. The most powerful man in the discipline Andrew Bogachkin from Russia. Now, unfortunately, finished to act according to age.

The last two World Championships (2006, 2008), he confidently won, crumbled board is the only way (laughs). More competitions are held on special equipment and traditional sparring (no contact). – Do you how many boards can you break? – I do not know, but in 2006 became the bronze medalist at the European Championship to force of impact. So by chance happened: my colleague, who was to speak, was ill and did not go at all. Remained free vacancies. We gathered the coach and said: Who wants to hit? Shy did not, I say – I want to hit.

Well, why not try? No harm in trying, besides such prestigious competitions. and stuffed into third place. Three board-blow Dolio chagi I break quietly on qualifications (indirect kick). – Lumber special? – Formerly there were wooden, but now it has become expensive and the competition began to use plastic board.