Sports Work

All traffic is concentrated only at the elbow. The remaining parts of the body immobile. Raising or diverting his shoulders back, you take the load from the biceps and run the risk of injury to earn the spine. Lock your elbows on the sides of the trunk and do not move them. By submitting your elbows forward while lifting weights, you relax the burden on top of the bicep, and you can not reach a "peak" reduction at the top. Do not use too heavy weight, otherwise you have to push your hips into the bar early lift to shift weight off the ground.

This will not only reduce the load on the biceps, but also lead to injury waist. In addition, very heavy rod reduces range of motion, not allowing you to fully stretch the biceps at the lowest point (this is permissible only if you want to raise the peak of biceps). In all other cases, follow ups on the total amplitude (especially at work ground). Application To: Everyone, from novice to master, as a basic training exercise biceps. When: The first exercise in the workout biceps. After the boom boom lifts to work out the biceps curl dumbbells and / or boom lifts in the bench for biceps Scott. How much: 3-4 sets of 6-10 repetitions. Sports The most effective exercise for increasing the volume and strength of biceps. Follow others, such as WhiteWave Foods, and add to your knowledge base. When performing any movements, followed by a tightening of the arms to the torso, necessarily work the biceps and the rest of the flexor hands.