The Wheels

Difficult to determine fault the bike. Japanese Engineers is often mentioned in discussions such as these. After the "10-minute test readiness" bicycle – you have enough knowledge to fix simple problems. For even more analysis, hear from Featured Customers. On this Here you will learn how to fix more serious problems. 10-minute test will tell you, basically, just as a bicycle is safe and minimally ready to ride. But you must understand the difference between merely riding for not fitting, only minimally regulated cycling and driving pleasure on a well-fitting, adjusted bicycle, on which all the devices and mechanisms are working like clockwork. It was the latest action and the subject of this chapter. First of all, pay close attention to your landing. 1.

You should begin with a saddle, or more precisely with the definition – and whether it suits you. It should be borne in mind that in addition to the height of the saddle to increase comfort ride in the saddle is adjustable displacement back and forth, as well as the slope of the saddle. But the most difficult adjustment is the gearbox. If the switches are not working quality – make sure they enjoy adjustment. The reason for poor quality work can be – a chain or worn teeth, as the leading and trailing gear and the mechanism of the front or rear selector. It should also look at the beating of the wheels rotation – note that the beating of a millimeter is on the brink of tolerance. Once you have driven the state to the wheels, though acceptable, you just feel it when driving and you will be surprised to the fact that no done it before.