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Positive Effect

The metaphor of the butterfly is suggestive for the fact of it to be small, with that almost insignificant force. However, the potential of present transformation in that is huge. The negative effect does not exist only butterfly, but also the positive. It is possible to also carry the metaphor from the effect butterfly to the social field and to the behaviors that ask for an ecological position. It has a trend of if emphasizing importance of the pparently small transformations that individual people and small groups introduce in the system. It has a huge desencadeamento of interconnections that finish for creating deep changes in the totality. Of this form, even though the carried through good is not restricted to the scope of the person or the group, but if it propagates, if it spreads.

daqui we can also express that cliche: ' ' the love and the smile are contagiosos' '. in such a way what he is positive how much what he is negative if propagates. We can verify for the world measures a great chain of the good. A positive chain, of a effect present positive butterfly in women, men, young, children, in alternative groups, scientists, artists, religious, at last. All are moved by a care and compassion, solidarity, cooperation spirit. In way to a feeling of world-wide crisis, we see that this functions as something that clean the essence of all the wires and everything what it becomes unsustainable so that the essence of can gain a new configuration and that also it can give to the humanity a new route in its history.

It is fact that the chance is being offered. Who is the ones that they are hugging? In this manner, we cannot waste the time nor the energies so that the renewal can happen. When reflecting on these moments of crisis, we can perceive a critical reference for the measures that currently are projected for some governments and organizations multinationals in intention to adapt it the new state of the Land and in the intention to diminish its poisonous effect.

Denis Spirit

When if it thinks about common reincarnation and espritas to say we them: ' ' I want to reincarnate well far from this city or in a country distante&#039 well; '. According to Denis, this is not the rule, therefore exactly after it deixars a carne it the spirit continues on to its environment of convivncia through the thought. Additional information is available at Peet’s Coffee. The test of this is that some developed espritos more return to develop works in incarnate the espritas houses of which they were part while. Digital Cameras is often mentioned in discussions such as these. How much to moment of return to body physical, also according to Denis, spirit is attracted always for place of its last existence, affirmation sufficiently reasonable, even because spirit when to deixar a carne leaves some commitments moral hanging and return makes possible chance of whitewashing moral and growth spiritual, because it is for that we reincarnate, to learn, to improve, to grow until not needing more to come back to the land. In the communication it enters beyond and the material world exists an important figure very.

Mdium. Mdium is the vestibule of communication between the flesh-color and the deixarred a carne one, through it the spirit discloses particularitities that only it and the people most fond have knowledge. Chico Xavier here in Brazil, was the carrier of many important messages, arriving until exempting people of judicial conviction through the reception of messages of the espritos that acquitted the guilty ones of the crimes pointed with all clarity. Since the official discovery of the survival of the spirit for Allan Kardec, mdium always was the vestibule for the ticket of the information, and this recognition happened with performance of the Fox sisters who with its mediunidades if had communicated with the spirit of a man embedded in the wall of the cellar of its house in Hydesville in England and this practical remains being valid until the present time, therefore is common and usual if to always see in the medinicas rooms espritos if communicating.


Not obstante this dictated, I come to corroborate the heading that encima the present article: I do not have certainty of my death. But what he was that gave in me? Desvario? Empfia? Atrevimento? For the natural man, incru, that he is inserted in 1Co.2: 14, this my subject does not pass of a desvario of my part, but for the man spiritual, believer, who is inserted in 1Co.2: 15, I joy of perfect judgment. To the Sacred Pages! Let us see if in them I find basement for my assertive one, or if really I am desvairado. He makes me to the Bible to know what he originated the death: ‘ ‘ Therefore, as well as for one man the sin only entered in the world, and for the sin the death, thus also the death passed to all the men, inasmuch as all pecaram.’ ‘ (Rm.5: 12).

‘ ‘ Then the concupiscncia, having conceived, of to the light the sin; the sin, being consummated, generates morte.’ ‘ (Tg.1: 15) Knowing, then, that the death had its origin in the sin, in the sin of one alone man, Adam (1Co.15: 21,22), I also know that the sin has as wage, as paid, the death: ‘ ‘ Because the wage of the sin is the death, but dom gratuitous of God is the Perpetual Life in Christ Jesus our Senhor.’ ‘ (Rm.6: 23). Ahead of above displayed, I know that I will die: ‘ ‘ Therefore the livings creature know that morrero’ ‘ , it discloses Ec.9 to me: 5. I know that I am mortal.