Positive Effect

The metaphor of the butterfly is suggestive for the fact of it to be small, with that almost insignificant force. However, the potential of present transformation in that is huge. The negative effect does not exist only butterfly, but also the positive. It is possible to also carry the metaphor from the effect butterfly to the social field and to the behaviors that ask for an ecological position. It has a trend of if emphasizing importance of the pparently small transformations that individual people and small groups introduce in the system. It has a huge desencadeamento of interconnections that finish for creating deep changes in the totality. Of this form, even though the carried through good is not restricted to the scope of the person or the group, but if it propagates, if it spreads.

daqui we can also express that cliche: ' ' the love and the smile are contagiosos' '. in such a way what he is positive how much what he is negative if propagates. We can verify for the world measures a great chain of the good. A positive chain, of a effect present positive butterfly in women, men, young, children, in alternative groups, scientists, artists, religious, at last. All are moved by a care and compassion, solidarity, cooperation spirit. In way to a feeling of world-wide crisis, we see that this functions as something that clean the essence of all the wires and everything what it becomes unsustainable so that the essence of can gain a new configuration and that also it can give to the humanity a new route in its history.

It is fact that the chance is being offered. Who is the ones that they are hugging? In this manner, we cannot waste the time nor the energies so that the renewal can happen. When reflecting on these moments of crisis, we can perceive a critical reference for the measures that currently are projected for some governments and organizations multinationals in intention to adapt it the new state of the Land and in the intention to diminish its poisonous effect.