Not obstante this dictated, I come to corroborate the heading that encima the present article: I do not have certainty of my death. But what he was that gave in me? Desvario? Empfia? Atrevimento? For the natural man, incru, that he is inserted in 1Co.2: 14, this my subject does not pass of a desvario of my part, but for the man spiritual, believer, who is inserted in 1Co.2: 15, I joy of perfect judgment. To the Sacred Pages! Let us see if in them I find basement for my assertive one, or if really I am desvairado. He makes me to the Bible to know what he originated the death: ‘ ‘ Therefore, as well as for one man the sin only entered in the world, and for the sin the death, thus also the death passed to all the men, inasmuch as all pecaram.’ ‘ (Rm.5: 12).

‘ ‘ Then the concupiscncia, having conceived, of to the light the sin; the sin, being consummated, generates morte.’ ‘ (Tg.1: 15) Knowing, then, that the death had its origin in the sin, in the sin of one alone man, Adam (1Co.15: 21,22), I also know that the sin has as wage, as paid, the death: ‘ ‘ Because the wage of the sin is the death, but dom gratuitous of God is the Perpetual Life in Christ Jesus our Senhor.’ ‘ (Rm.6: 23). Ahead of above displayed, I know that I will die: ‘ ‘ Therefore the livings creature know that morrero’ ‘ , it discloses Ec.9 to me: 5. I know that I am mortal.