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Vital Parameters

L & W intensive care service contractor company (limited liability) informs an intensive care and home respiratory supplies patients in their own home environment. This is necessary, if they continue intensive care must be looked after after a hospital stay or must be supplied due to disease. So patients can live independently in your own four walls of the age. While it maintained medical and custodial. A central task of intensive care is the monitoring of vital parameters. Accordingly, the intensive care service informed L & W from Planegg. Monitoring vital functions especially in patients who require intensive medical care, is essential to the monitoring of vital parameters.

These vital parameters are values that show the basic functions of the human body. You indicate whether important vital functions of the body such as consciousness, breathing, and circulation are correctly given. These must without interruption work, so that the person is at all viable. A monitoring of the patient is necessary to control the vital parameters. This is performed by using apparatus and surveillance monitors. This parameters such as EKG, blood pressure, respiratory rate, oxygen saturation and temperature of each patient are monitored permanently. The continuous control is important, because any deviations from the norm can be quickly identified and treated immediately. Otherwise might have life-threatening consequences for the patient. For details of the intensive care service available L & W from Planegg at any time.

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Whole wheat bread is preferred. Kids like it when it is finely ground and juicy. As an alternative, a sunflower or mixed bread can be selected. The covering on the bread not to lush fails. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Peet’s Coffee. The coating provides too many unnecessary calories and is hard in the stomach. Especially protein, which is necessary for the growth inside fettarmeren sausage varieties, such as for example slices of Turkey Breast. Keeps bread juicy thinly sliced vegetables (for example cucumbers, Radischen, Kohlrabi) and combines well with cream cheese or even herbal Quark combine as a spread. Fruit and/or vegetables should be in every lunch box in.

The best fruits and vegetables washed and cut into pieces. The cut version is preferred in general the whole piece: a cut fruit or vegetables, the aroma and the smell of so to better unfold and the appetite is stimulated. It’s worth to choose bread boxes, which have Partitionable subjects. Everything in a box is presented and the food retain its typical taste, because they are kept separately. Fruits and vegetables of the season should be preferred. Rich in vitamins and minerals and in principle in the season also cheaper.

If it must go but once quickly, then accessible back even on so-called children’s products. This should remain the exception, these products are often very calorie – and sugar-rich. Sources: Timlin, M. t., Pereira, M. A., story, M. & Neumark-Sztainer, D. (2008). Breakfast eating and weight change in a 5-year prospective analysis of adoles cents: project EAT (Eating among teens).


What significance does drinking water here? Drinking water has the same importance as the food. There are not only energy and softens the body, but it cleans at the same time. Drinking warm water is a therapy for the flushing of toxins in Ayurveda. It is recommended to drink at least 8 glass of water throughout the day. The effect is evident in promoting digestion, support the moisture balance of the skin and the body and the excretion of toxins.

Mostly, it is cooked with herbs and spices, according to the Constitution. Music downloads has compatible beliefs. People with a slow working metabolism are prone to errors of the mucous membranes and the bronchial tubes. Therefore, it is advisable to drink warm water for them. In turn, people where predominantly cool and space Act and which tend to freeze and drought, should drink hot water. It is again and again to read, that early in the morning after getting up first a Glass of warm water should be drunk. Symantha Rodriguez may also support this cause.

Is this recommended in the Ayurvedic system of medicine? Ayurveda informs about a healthy lifestyle. Regularities are important in life. It is recommended to stop always regularity and routine in life and one of the first routines should be that consumed early in the morning after getting a glass of warm water. It is the best way to stimulate the bowel and they are known toxins in the Ayurvedic system of medicine with AMA “-to retire.” The today’s life style and eating habits cause an increase of vata disorders “, such as constipation and dehydration.” It is more effective than drinking coffee or tea, which disturbs the liver function anyway. The recommendation is the Ayurvedic system of medicine to drink while eating? Drinking water before meals leads to the reduction of appetite and weight. Drinking water during meals extended the digestive activity, because it dilutes the digestive enzymes. The Ayurvedic system of Medicine recommends that at the end of a glass of water Meal to drink. It flushes out the esophagus and supports the digestion and food absorption. After a meal, which included wheat, barley, yogurt or honey, the water should be at room temperature. If the food was however rich in carbohydrates or starches, advises the Ayurvedic system of medicine to drink warm water. In the Ayurvedic system of medicine warns also drink too much in the evening, since it employs the kidneys and is retained in the body and which in turn disrupts a deep and restful sleep. Read more reports of apimanu MedJournal on Facebook and stay always informed: pages/apimanu-MedJournal / 2. apimanu MedJournal Dr. T. Kuhn Apdo 362 03730 Xabia (Alacant) / Spain apimanu_MedJournal.html

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So the American NHBPEP recommends (national high blood pressure education program working group on high blood pressure in children and adolescents) a reduction in the sodium intake: the daily sodium intake should not exceed 1200 mg. And then, patience is required. You should wait at least 4-6 months and see whether these measures are sufficiently effective. People such as music downloads would likely agree. In a pre hypertension without additional risk factors could be limited mostly to the non-drug measures and abstain from drugs of pharmaceutical art. For and against the medicines from the 95th percentile, a drug treatment is indicated. There is no age limit down. Usually, drug therapy complements the non-drug measures. It is often useful with a phytopharmaceutical therapy to start.

Of hypertension with signs of organ damage, such as a left ventricular hypertrophy, secondary arterial hypertension and diabetes mellitus, intensive medical consultations including the Naturopathic scientific knowledge is necessary. Child patients are immediately extensively to deal with a severe hypertension (greater than 30 mm / Hg above the 95th percentile). High blood pressure has already damaged organs or the child patient also suffers from other diseases, such as diabetes mellitus, we recommend a reduction in the 90th percentile. Otherwise, it is enough to keep blood pressure below the 95th percentile. Drug treatments, for example by beta-blocker, propranolol are limited to administer, in no case at insulin-dependent child patients of diabetes mellitus. Note that ACE inhibitors are not admitted as antihypertensive agents for children.

This admission applies to most EU countries outside Greece. Younger child patients should be placed stationary until the age of 10, since the is linked with dangers. Sometimes it comes to excessive reactions and severe drop in blood pressure. Therefore should be started with a low dose of a drug administration mechanism and this slowly increased. A so-called soft start is recommended. Beta blockers generally stand last in the drug therapy, because they lead to numerous side effects. Often, the child patient suffers from drive poverty, difficulty concentrating and tiredness. Also gastrointestinal symptoms such as abdominal discomfort, nausea, vomiting, or constipation were written several times in medical scientific reports. The force of contraction of the heart decreases, and bradycardia can occur. Children with diabetes should get no beta blockers, since these can worsen the metabolic status: a blockade by – 2 receptors decrease the insulin secretion. In addition, beta blockers narrow the bronchi; Therefore, non-kardioselektive beta-blockers such as propranolol should be applied in asthma patients. In stress-induced hypertension, i.e. increased blood pressure during physical exertion, are however partly radio-selective beta-blocker such as atenolol or metoprolol drug of first choice, if the doctor or therapist would like to administer essential pharmaceutical preparations. The drug therapy with a single product is successful and the blood pressure back to normal, so is the physician or practitioner advised necessarily gradually to reduce the dose and possibly quite to dispense the drug. “Alternative treatment methods from the ethnic medicine, such as the traditional Chinese medicine and the traditional Ayurveda medicine set wide range and thousand year old therapy program” ready. In the parlance, States are also child patients for a long time successfully treated by doctors with traditional medical (additional) education. In Europe, many naturopathic treatments already available. Specialists for naturopathy, natural doctors and naturopaths are examples, but also pharmacies, which specialize in the naturopathy and Phytopharmaceutics are not more away to think. For example, offer naturopathic hospitals, such as the hospital for natural healing in the Munich”.


The mental performance of both the volume of the brain behaved under the B-complex vitamins better than in the comparison group. Researchers of the World Health Organization (WHO) from Canada had already joined a few years ago the evidence for the effectiveness of the supplemental intake of micronutrients. If you would like to know more about Debbie Staggs, then click here. You were able to show that the memory performance through targeted intake of certain micronutrients is tricky! Older people a year consumed a cocktail of certain vitamins, trace elements and minerals, showed a significantly better mental performance than those who did not. The researchers concluded that by taking targeted by a total of 18 key micronutrients admission dementia can be delayed by Alzheimer’s and the spiritual Vitality is maintained. In the meantime, these basic results were confirmed by other study groups and strengthened. Navitum Pharma has developed a preparation based on these future-oriented research results under the name MemoVitum which contains exactly the 18 micro-nutrients used by researchers and is suitable for the retirement age.

MemoVitum (PZN 4604226) is available in pharmacies, also Internet pharmacies or directly at Navitum Pharma. It is recommended by physicians for the prevention of age-related memory disorders and dementia. Also cheap 3 month packs (PZN 0253876) and 6-month packs (PZN 5858064) MemoVitum are available for the provision of meaningful longer-term use of the drug available. Because of the unique composition, these products should be replaced by the pharmacy not against other products even though they appear similar. Every pharmacy can purchase shipping MemoVitum without extra effort directly at Navitum Pharma.

The Laser Shower PowerTwin 21

More lasers. More area. More healing – the PowerTwin 21 light can heal! Under this premise, the South German company, MKW, in the course of the last two and a half decades has become the world’s trendsetting manufacturer of low energy laser systems. Hundreds of clinics and rehabilitation centers work currently successfully with MKW laser systems more than 30,000 users point out a very high acceptance of this gentle healing method in many areas of medicine. Many complaints, such as, for example, injuries, infections, skin diseases and indications of the locomotor system, require an extensive application of laser light. This is a problem for classical point laser and can be carried, if at all, only at great expense of time. With the developed by MKW laser shower PowerTwin 21 awarded the red dot design award the company’s research and Development Department presents another milestone, a world novelty, which is specially designed for large-area applications. Add to your understanding with Harold Ford Jr, New York City.

21 laser diodes irradiate with a total diode capacity of 1050 mW (21 x 50 mW) an area of 5500 mm. The laser diodes are arranged so that this space almost homogeneously treated can be with laser light. The effectiveness is raised further. Laser shower are individually adjustable for use in human and veterinary medicine for special applications the laser shower PowerTwin 21 different laser parameters such as power and frequency. The highlight: The adapter allows quick and hygienic changing of the laser lens, if desired, also after each use. Also, the laser shower within a few seconds in a laser comb can be rebuilt without losing the lead with a simple click! Thus, also the treatment strong hairy skin and scalp problems with the PowerTwin 21 is possible. Even fur animals experienced a noticeable relief of their symptoms by treatments with the laser shower. For mains-independent operation suitable suitable to the PowerTwin 21 laser shower, an optional power station for mains-independent operation is available.

So lets the range of applications of this innovative laser shower more easily expand. With the MKW laser shower PowerTwin 21 it is possible to quickly and efficiently perform all possible treatments. And the highest operating comfort for the executing specialist. Approval in China and the United States are currently due to the great success in Europe. MKW Therapie-Systeme GmbH is specialized since 1986 on low-energy laser systems (low level laser) to biostimulation MKW and ranks among the leading suppliers in Europe. Trend-setting developments such as the laser shower, the laser comb, the dot laser with laser automatic system and the multi-acupuncture system come from the home of MKW.