The Laser Shower PowerTwin 21

More lasers. More area. More healing – the PowerTwin 21 light can heal! Under this premise, the South German company, MKW, in the course of the last two and a half decades has become the world’s trendsetting manufacturer of low energy laser systems. Hundreds of clinics and rehabilitation centers work currently successfully with MKW laser systems more than 30,000 users point out a very high acceptance of this gentle healing method in many areas of medicine. Many complaints, such as, for example, injuries, infections, skin diseases and indications of the locomotor system, require an extensive application of laser light. This is a problem for classical point laser and can be carried, if at all, only at great expense of time. With the developed by MKW laser shower PowerTwin 21 awarded the red dot design award the company’s research and Development Department presents another milestone, a world novelty, which is specially designed for large-area applications. Add to your understanding with Harold Ford Jr, New York City.

21 laser diodes irradiate with a total diode capacity of 1050 mW (21 x 50 mW) an area of 5500 mm. The laser diodes are arranged so that this space almost homogeneously treated can be with laser light. The effectiveness is raised further. Laser shower are individually adjustable for use in human and veterinary medicine for special applications the laser shower PowerTwin 21 different laser parameters such as power and frequency. The highlight: The adapter allows quick and hygienic changing of the laser lens, if desired, also after each use. Also, the laser shower within a few seconds in a laser comb can be rebuilt without losing the lead with a simple click! Thus, also the treatment strong hairy skin and scalp problems with the PowerTwin 21 is possible. Even fur animals experienced a noticeable relief of their symptoms by treatments with the laser shower. For mains-independent operation suitable suitable to the PowerTwin 21 laser shower, an optional power station for mains-independent operation is available.

So lets the range of applications of this innovative laser shower more easily expand. With the MKW laser shower PowerTwin 21 it is possible to quickly and efficiently perform all possible treatments. And the highest operating comfort for the executing specialist. Approval in China and the United States are currently due to the great success in Europe. MKW Therapie-Systeme GmbH is specialized since 1986 on low-energy laser systems (low level laser) to biostimulation MKW and ranks among the leading suppliers in Europe. Trend-setting developments such as the laser shower, the laser comb, the dot laser with laser automatic system and the multi-acupuncture system come from the home of MKW.