In addition to these There are several dozen different kinds of pasta: rigatoni in relief, twisted fuzili, wide noodles taglyatelle, tubes for stuffing kanelloni only and is not listed. There is spaghetti with a length reaches two feet, and there is similar to butterflies Farfalle, perky bows foketti, shells konkile regatta, and even special noodles with a romantic name kapellini D'Angelo (angel hair). It is sold in special packaging – metal pot, and cook a fragile miracle to be very careful: a minute longer – and the finest gossamer can razvaritsya. Pasta and stuffed happens, for example, ravioli, lasagna or kanellonni – rectangular sheets of dough between which is placed a layer of meat, vegetables and seafood. All of these products in Italy, you can try with more than 20 kinds of toppings! And, of course, the obligatory spice to such dishes are a variety of sauces, chief among them – tomato and basil. To paste relies antipasto – an appetizer of cooked or raw vegetables, smoked meats, Ser, seafood. Antipasto is not opposed pasta: the prefix "anti" indicates only that the dish is served before eating. Pizza in Italy – it's a different story. It is produced in 200 variants: with seafood, meat, ham, mushrooms, tomatoes and, of course, the unthinkable combination of the most variety of cheeses. It just seems that in such splendor easy to get lost! True gourmets and connoisseurs of the national Italian dishes are able to identify the taste of all ingredients that are carefully selected experienced pizzaiolo (the so-called man in charge of baking the pizza).