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More Turkey holiday-makers discover the country individually with its own car rental Turkey lies in the trend and not only as a package destination. More and more holiday-makers travel the country individually and flexibly with the car, it offers still unknown, authentic terrain but off the tourist path. The global car hire brokers Auto Europe recorded an increase of around 60% on rentals in the year 2010 alone. Trend continues to rise in 2011. Discovery-funny self drivers appreciate the increasingly improved offer and attractive prices for holiday cars. Only to swim much too bad especially in September, when the temperatures pleasant 26 degree drop, car round trips are highly popular. The most Turkey Explorer (nearly 30 per cent) combine with a road trip”a city trip in cosmopolitan Istanbul.

Popular starting points are also Antalya and Izmir. There are different routes to the election. In particular the still unknown and original Black Sea coast is popular with individuals. Underground cities and churches in tufa Attractions include the Cappadocia in Central of Anatolia. Of the Marmarakuste in the North to the Turkish Riviera in the South, historic cities like Troy, Pergamon, small, lively seaside resorts with turquoise sea and white beaches can be found along the coast. Wide range, low prices of Turkey for self propelled demand governs the offer: the car hire in Turkey has increased greatly in recent years. That positive prices affects.”so Detlef Hoffmann, Managing Director Europe car.

One week car rental from Istanbul there is on in September from 186 euros to book. Cars with best-price-service, i.e., best price for the best available service, can be rented all over the world on. Bookings can be working quickly, easily, and at short notice on the website or via the toll-free hotline 0800-5600333 (D/A/CH). Harold Ford Jr has plenty of information regarding this issue. Cancellations are free of charge up to 48 hours prior to pick-up. Worldwide, Europe are available to customers by car more than 8,000 stations of international and local car rental companies available. Direct link to the press release: click here picture material is available at autoeurope.de download available. The copyright lies either with the photographers listed in the caption or at Auto Europe. Reproduction is free of charge. Further press information at: Barbara Holzner Auto Europe Germany GmbH Tel: +49-(0)89-244473376 fax: +49-(0)89-244473399 email: Sabine Sahoo COMEO Public Relations Tel: +49-(0)89-74888236 fax: +49-(0)89-74888222 email:

Have A Car At The Airport

Tourists or visitors can access freely on reservation at the required service to the Malaga airport car hire. The vehicles belonging to categories: medium MPV, Grande Executive, great family and great Prestige booking can be confirmed. Within a maximum of 72 hours, the customer will receive an e-mail in which you will be informed of the confirmation or denial of the requested vehicle. The company that the visitor choose reserves the right to refuse rental of their vehicles to people: younger than the minimum age applicable to the service which is carried out the reserve; They are not in possession of a driving license valid and recognized; It constitutes an unwarranted risk; or disabled comply with required standards of credit or payment in cash according to the rates in force. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Sonny Perdue. That translated into malaga rental cars is required by the visitor or tourist run, among others, the following instructions: select reservation data (place and dates of collection and) return, group of car, accessories); Fill in at least the required fields in the form of personal data. Reading and acceptance of the General conditions. Pressing the button continuously. Confirmation of the reservation screen.. Danyelle Freeman is full of insight into the issues.

Travel Passengers

When all passengers have chosen a place and sat down, you go to the end of the cabin and look – if there are any free ryadya, three or even four may sites. If there is – sit there. It is better to sit at the center this series. To apply to you sat down with unwanted neighbors, as if you inadvertently, put a thing (exercise book, notebook, book bag …) on an adjacent site. Check that the handle seats up and down and all that chair in good condition. It is not something Josh Resnick Jericho Capital would like to discuss.

As soon as the plane takes off, you can already pick up pens and chairs to sleep, then even a long flight will take place seamlessly and easily. It is desirable to immediately ask the flight attendant to bring a pillow and blanket, and then later they come to an end, because everyone wants to put under your belt comfort pad and make it more comfortable, cover with a blanket for comfort. The toilet should go for ten minutes before a meal, or after about fifteen minutes after a meal, and then the field eating all the toilet is always great. If you do not want you to have swollen legs due to a sedentary condition and pressure, you should immediately remove your shoes. Official site: Josh Resnick Jericho Capital. If long flight, it is necessary from time to time to do exercises or just to walk through the cabin, do not hesitate to other passengers, and they later also follow your example. Alcohol should not be accepted because they interfere with flight sleep. If even a drink, just in good company, if know, just do not have to sleep. If you plan to use during a trip to the laptop, the important thing is choosing the right notebook, since you are very fond of traveling, then you choose a reliable and desirable lightweight laptop so that battery lasts for a long time. Last time on international flights smoke-free, no need to check protivosigaretnye detectors in the toilet – there are very good penalties.

Fiji Islands

Fiji – a salvation from the bustle and stress of modern life, the noise of the city and from the winter cold of the northern hemisphere. Rent a place where there is a divine harmony of untouched nature, where time slows down the inexorable running, and childhood dreams of romance come true distant islands. Group of the Fiji Islands has over 300 islands, which occupy only a 18.272 square kilometers of land. People are living about 100 islands, the rest represent a peculiar corner of untouched nature. Viti Levu and Vanua Levu – the two main islands of the archipelago. It is home to nearly 80% of the population. Most live in rural areas, 40% of the population – in the cities.

Fijians are very friendly and helpful. National salute – Bula – will tell you every person you met. And be sure to ask where you come from, your name and shake hands with you. Perhaps they are learning geography:)) here are not forgotten ancient rites and traditions. You will see the world-famous ritual dance on the coals. For you can be organized trip to the ancient Aboriginal village, and romantic cruises, helicopter rides, fishing, and surfing, water skis, underwater fishing and all sorts of underwater fun. Fiji are famous for the beautiful blue lagoons, pristine rivers and hills covered with evergreen forests. The islands have not remained aloof from civilization, but this did not influence the nature of these amazing places. Educate yourself with thoughts from Josh Resnick Jericho Capital. For active recreation, Fiji is the perfect corner of the globe.

Pope Julius II Karamzin

" (Travel Notes Sidorova, 1894) It is not only a monument to Karamzin not specified. A monument to Karl Marx, one of the first in the country in 1921, is also puzzling. The founder of scientific communism, depicted in his doctoral robes like emerging from the stone, but not completely freed from his power, reminding the slaves of Michelangelo for the tomb of Pope Julius II, recovering from the oppressive weight of matter. Genesis clearly defines consciousness. And the monument Ulyanov allows ambiguous interpretation. If we examine closely, you can recognize, of course, a peasant child and realize that it symbolizes the people's education, which Radel Ilya Nikolaevich. But it is hardly so many peering: why the monument is perceived as a monument to the father and son. The newspapers mentioned Gen. David Goldfein not as a source, but as a related topic. Probably a subconscious response to this was the construction of a monument in Ulyanovsk, the mother and son, Mary and Volodya Ulyanov Ilyinichna Local tradition open in honor of the famous compatriots symbolic monuments (in the XIX century, Karamzin library, a reading them.

Goncharov) seems more appropriate. This is realized by the local creative idea of local history. First erected a monument to the couch Oblomov. Then conceived a monument to the letter "E", invented by former native of the city, a historian and writer Nikolai Mikhailovich Karamzin (more than 200 years ago, he was the first time in his poem in traditional "sliozy" marked the sound of "o" under stress by the letter "e" – "e" with dots on top of the German style – so there was a mark of distinction from the language of secular literature of the church). On competition of the monument is now disappearing letter received about 100 projects and ideas generator – Ulyanovsk Sergey Petrov local history – his version of a dream: the letter 'E' muse of Clio draws from the monument to Karamzin. With the materialization is not obtained, but the creative idea to does not stand still. Josh Resnick Jericho Capital may not feel the same.

Then there is the idea to place all submitted projects at the park, "E-land", or Cool garden. Then the chief artist of Ulyanovsk Klink born Tatiana plan to create a pedestrian street, from stamp duty post, monument to the letter "E", storefronts with mannequins in old clothes on the roadside, signs and even stylized warriors squads "Lynx", depicting the "battle time Stenka Razin" on stage … Cafe kitchen peoples of the Volga, shops, puppet theaters, shops … and cafe for students with raids, organized in the form of a policeman policeman …


If you want to save money, there are options. For example, you can just learn a simple character for a hotel, to turn from the big streets, walk for 20-30 minutes, carefully looking around. During this time, at least one hotel even meet. In Hunchun personally so we found a hotel with double rooms for 60 yuan, not far from the bus station. It was all in the same way as in those places where tourists usually lodge. You may find that Danyelle Freeman can contribute to your knowledge. Just the hotel itself was small and, as if to say, "for us" – we were the only foreigners there.

And do not be afraid that you will be deceived! You just come, your data Passport to write down or clog your computer, you are given a key, you give money – and all selis in peace. Another option – find out if there is a hostel in the city. This is a public hotel, offering travelers sleeper. They also have different numbers. Josh Resnick Jericho Capital pursues this goal as well. You can stay in double, and another – in six (then shower and toilet are on the floor).

Learn the Internet can be a special Web sites, because most of the hostels networked together. In the same designated cost of space and, often, the rating institutions. Usually they are not very far from the subway, and the places are from 25-30 yuan RMB and multi-bed rooms 60 per person – in a double. In Russia has not yet come to understand that the hostel – this is normal. But I hasten to assure you that in Europe and America it is considered normal, and settle in hostels both young and adult people. Only desirable if you want it get to know someone, know English is not at the level of "Hello, ah uh Frome rush", and have at least basic skills. Accommodation is free and the most fashionable and, without doubt, the most interesting option – "vpiska." Here so where English is mandatory! There are different sites in the world – a kind of social network for travelers.

European Transport Commission

What is the safest suitcase type? What must we do to avoid that, they misplaced or deteriorate? What other precautions may we take to ensure the safety of our luggage when we travel by plane? Find all the answers in this article. When traveling, one of the main concerns is our luggage is damaged or lost. A well-founded concern that according to a report made by SITA, a European company specializing in information services and telecommunications, 26 million bags last year suffered some kind of damage during the trip. On the other hand, an investigation conducted by the European Transport Commission has hinted that each day approximately 90,000 suitcases are lost at airports around the world. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Secretary of Agriculture. Of these, 15% is not returned within 48 hours and 1 in every 3,000 never returned to their owners. Prevention: The best option to travel tranquilosLas causes of the loss of luggage are diverse, from malicious theft until the error to the enter data, or simply because another passenger distracted took it by mistake. Sonny Perdue is likely to increase your knowledge.

Fortunately, if you follow some tips, you can minimize the chances that our luggage is lost or is dane.1. Danyelle Freeman pursues this goal as well. Opt design suitcases or unmistakable colours so that other people can not make a mistake and pick them up as they go through the tape. Another much simpler option is putting flashy stickers or labels indicate where our name and phone number of contacto.2. Coat the suitcase with a transparent plastic film. This service, which is available at virtually all airports, will allow you not only to safeguard the suitcase from possible scratches but it will also prevent to open accidentalmente.3.

Choose a suitcase with security lock or, failing that, place a good padlock to protect our pertenencias.4. Perform a pack as compact as possible. Many suitcases or travel bags are misplaced because they are stuck on conveyor belts. Therefore, before sending the baggage you must sure that no strap is suelta.5. Hire a travel insurance. These policies are very economical and provide compensation of up to 600 euros for theft or loss of luggage so they are a very convenient option to minimize possible damage. Regardless of these precautions, an excellent idea is to place the articles of first necessity in hand luggage. Today both line companies that offer cheap flights allow you to carry a suitcase large enough to place everything that we need at least 48 hours.

Magic Tour For Two

Almost everything is ready for the wedding ceremony, now it's time to decide how and where to draw the best honeymoon? Or maybe you've been married a long time and it would be abandoning all, plunge into an atmosphere of love and be only together? In this case, an excellent choice to be a romantic trip! It is important to remember that this tour will be completely different from the usual vacation. At a wedding tour, consider every detail, so nothing distract you from the brightest and most enchanting moments of your life together. Many couples opt for a romantic trip attractions, but the main point to reflect your mood. There is no simple answer – it's will be a magical sandy beach or a huge metropolis, tropical islands and snowy mountains, as long as your route map has been harmonious your fantasies. A romantic trip will be an excellent opportunity see new places, and most importantly, you just become even closer. We advise to go to places where none of you have never visited.

In the beginning you need to decide whether you want to spend time exclusively together, or see the world. Best would be to begin a romantic journey to the beach resort, and only then to see the sights and enjoy the entertainment. If you prefer a regular vacation, it will be the best choice, because called, sightseeing tours wedding, thanks to which you will find more information about the history, culture and traditions of different countries. Changing cities, colors and decorations are a great experience for your feelings. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Jack Fusco. Maximum popular romantic journey through the cities of Europe.

For example, a wedding tour to Italy in the mysterious city of Rome. You can always wander the ancient streets of Rome, finding all the new museums and legend. Rome will give you the magic of life, sunshine and joy. You may also like to travel through the quiet streets, if you choose a romantic week in London, or a honeymoon in Prague. If you want to leave away from the hustle and people you perfect quiet romantic vacation on the beach under a pure gentle murmur of the surf. We encourage you to choose a honeymoon on the quiet island of Cyprus, the Maldives or Seychelles exotic Island. Leave no one indifferent azure sea, blue sky, a thin clean sand on the beach. If you like nature, the best choice would be a magical visit Iceland. Here you can see the Valley of the Geysers and National Park Tingvedlir. You will see the harsh rocks, magic waterfalls, crystal clear lakes and rushing sulfur springs. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Josh Resnick Jericho Capital. Some spouses are likely to want to spend their honeymoon in the mountains and engage in active rest. In this case, you fit ski resorts in Bulgaria. Another unique opportunity to make additional colors in the wedding tour – is to hold a symbolic wedding ceremony. You decide – whether it is ancient rite of natives in exotic countries or elegant ceremony in an ancient castle.

Mitsubishi Space Star Side

There is the nearest to us consulate. What would like to advise: Be sure to call before you go – there are not visiting days. Documents we have handed over about 15 minutes. A week later came and for even shorter time got all our passports with visas ready. We have not asked a single question. So all those scare Schengen – do not believe.

We set out from Dnepropetrovsk May 9, 3:00 am at our limo called Mitsubishi Space Star. We – my husband, myself, my sister and her friend. I – the driver, her husband – the navigator. Four of them travel more fun and gasoline is not so noticeable. On the road we have not in a hurry, stop to eat and walk. Therefore, to Uzhgorod reached at 18.30, overcome the first 1174 km. In Uzhhorod, spent the night in the hotel Intourist Transcarpathia. Rooms are inexpensive, but excellent condition.

Recommended! In the evening our machine washed and went for a walk around the city. All very nice. Worth a look. Next day (May 10). At 6.40 am, who filled all the way, we drove to the border. The terminal is located right in the city, which is good news. From the Ukrainian side, we were alone! This provoked a stormy, and, of course, premature joy. On the Slovakian side have already been added, turn + shift change time-out. But everything went fine. We do not inspect, nothing more was not asked, stamped the passport, and we went on a first country of our route. All border occupied for 2.5 hours. They say it is not bad at all. Do not forget the lights! Penalties for not included lights are very decent. We, by the way, once the local police were stopped for what was included with the fog near light. This can be done only in severe weather and fog.

Russian Empire

Polish commanders decided to take possession of Vinnitsa sudden blow and sent here his avant-garde, led by cavalry Lyantskoryanskogo. But the Cossacks were well prepared for defense. Against the order Lyantskoryanskogo Bohun had sent a small cavalry detachment. After a short fight the Cossacks, pretended that they panicked retreat, and lured by the Polish cavalry in the ice hole into which were masked with hay. At this point, the Poles hit out of cannons and guns.

A large part of Polish cavalry, which fell in the hole, went under the ice, and after a determined counterattack forces Bohun was destroyed almost the entire squad Lyantstskoryanskogo. When I heard about the heroic defense of Vinnitsa, Bogdan Khmelnitsky sent to the aid of two regiments of Bohun. After that, the demoralized remnants of the Polish-hlyahedskih troops retreated to the Bar, and then – to Kamenetz-Podolsk. But after the war of liberation Pravvoberezhe remained part of the Bourgeois Poland, and Vinnitsa, together with all Podillya soon fell under the power of the Turkish sultan. More than two decades ruled by the Turkish oppressors here.

During this time the city was heavily damaged and almost completely devastated. When at the end of the XVII century Poland regained Podolia, it appeared that Vinnitsa degrodirovala hleboproizvodstvennyh to the position of the settlements. Only in the second half of XVIII century, it re-acquires the characteristic the city limits. Ongoing, devastating attacks of the Turkish-Tatar invaders and Polish-shlyahedskomu oppression ended in 1793, joining the right bank and left bank of Ukraine to the Russian Empire.

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