American Express

In the Russian airport: – do not put bags with the most expensive things on top of a luggage trolley – wear a money, valuables and documents close to your body, such as in a purse around the neck or in your pocket clothes that cover a button or zipper – if you are still robbed, yell as loudly as possible to the surrounding and the security service responded immediately. – Be suspicious if a few people coming to you ask questions, "accidentally" pushed or spill something on your clothes and things – do not allow strangers to help you carry bags in which you have valuable things. MONEY. In a trip to take a better dollar ( preferably small – to exchange money, often becomes a problem), but you can get some euros for settlements retsepshene hotel. Do not change currency in the local currency (Turkish lira), at the airport in Antalya, the retsepshene hotel, small shops – the course is very disadvantageous. Better to do it in the official exchanger, under the guise of CHANGE OFFICE. In practice, any store accept currency without restrictions, so it makes sense to change a small amount to pay for small purchases and for travel from the hotel to the city, etc. In large centers can pay our rubles, but the course is different from the central bank for 2 – 3 BR.

All major credit cards: Visa, Master, American Express and others SAFE. If you are traveling for shopping, no cost to bring large sums of money – any major purchase you can pay at the hotel, as it is not necessary to carry a passport (it is replaced by a plastic bracelet on her arm, the hotel's name), tickets, important documents, cash and valuables are best kept in the hotel safe. If it is not in the room, it can be rented for a small fee at the reception at the hotel, otherwise, for all the loss, the hotel is not responsible.