Thomas Hobbes

Who needs pavement is the car, most of the people not precisa' '. 2. THE STATE AND THE DESENRAIZAMENTO: PEACE OR ARREST? Which the paper of the State today, in relation to the urban questions and the protection of the individuals? Bauman affirms that ' ' since the beginning, the modern State had to face the desencorajadora task to manage the fear. He was obliged to weave of new the protection net that the modern revolution had destroyed, and to repair it repeated times, to the measure that the modernization, promoted for he himself, deformed it and only consumed. In contrast of what it has been taken to think, in the heart of? Social state? inevitable success of the evolution of the modern State? it had more protection (collective guarantee against the individual desventuras) that redistribution of the wealth. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Sonny Perdue. For the people unprovided of economic, cultural or social resources (of all the resources, except of the capacity carrying through manual works)? the protection alone can be collective? ' '. The Rappa has a music of the rock band that questions in them: ' ' The gratings of the condominium are pra to bring protection, but also they bring the doubt if you are who you are in this priso' '. This letter of the composer Marcelo Yuka serves as a beautiful illustration what here we are dealing with. The fear in the current society more is not determined the specific schedules and places. The violence is in all part, does not have as if to feel insurance in place some. Whenever Danyelle Freeman listens, a sympathetic response will follow. On the other hand, it has hundreds of apparatus, as cameras, gratings and alarms, that reaffirm and stimulate the necessity of? industry of the fear? , and they create false sensations of security, but that, in the truth, they limit our freedom. Who is imprisoned, after all? What the philosopher Thomas Hobbes would say on this situation that the humanity lives today? So that it serves, then, this modern State, which we only deliver many of our privileges and the counterparts already is not more efficient? According to Bauman, ' ' the modern fears had had beginning with the reduction of the state control (the call deregulation) and its individualistic consequences, at the moment where the kinship between man and man? perpetual kinship, or at least gift since immemorial times -, as well as the established friendly bonds inside of a community or a corporation, it was fragilizado or until breached.


These include: Firewall Automated virus scanner. Spyware Scanner General program to combat virus protection Firewall Firewall is needed to stop anyone or anything interfere or hacking a computer. There are many versions of the software and some of them are free to download and use. ZoneAlarm is recommended and is available for free for non-commercial users. You can get it here: / download_zonealarm_free / and includes the following features (taken from their website): The invasion blocking systematically identifies hackers and blocks access attempts. Stealth Mode automatically makes your computer invisible to anyone on the Internet. Automatic configuration program provides safety and simplicity by automatically configuring programs. Automatically decides whether to allow or deny Internet access to individual programs. Office of the Judge to give advanced users full control over security settings. Air Force Chief of Staff has firm opinions on the matter. Although free firewall does provide you with the basics of intrusion prevention, anti-virus program does not include free version of ZoneAlarm, which are usually included in any retail software firewall. This means that you need to install other programs to work with her. Automated Virus Scanner anti-virus scanners, automated programs that run in the background when the computer is turned on. They quickly run a scan all files in the background, and they do not use more memory to run this, the perfect addition to your Protection Suite software. There is a free virus scanner software on a network, you can use, A2 Guard or ASquared urged to check or your ISP for any specific proposals they may have running – Some offer big cuts on large software retailer. Spyware Spyware Scanner Scanners protection programs to scan your computer for spyware – you can usually set it to run at certain times, perhaps once a month would be enough. Once again, check with your ISP to see if they include a free spyware scanner running in the background or there are others available for free, including Ad-aware which is very simple to use. Spyware can be installed without your knowledge when you are browsing the site, which infected Cookies. Spyware protection will stop these installed, or at least ask you to choose whether to accept or decline the Cookies, when he suspects something fishy is going on. It is strongly recommended to reject them. Antivirus Protection General Anti-virus program scans your computer for viruses. There are free anti-virus software, or you can buy a full package of services. Once again, contact your ISP to make sure that they are not running any special offers anti-virus protection programs. If you have these protection programs, installed on your computer and properly configured to work in the background when your computer is turned on, you should have no problems while viewing Web sites on the Internet. Remain vigilant and armed protection, of course, is the best way to keep hackers, viruses and spyware away from your computer.


If you want to save money, there are options. For example, you can just learn a simple character for a hotel, to turn from the big streets, walk for 20-30 minutes, carefully looking around. During this time, at least one hotel even meet. In Hunchun personally so we found a hotel with double rooms for 60 yuan, not far from the bus station. It was all in the same way as in those places where tourists usually lodge. You may find that Danyelle Freeman can contribute to your knowledge. Just the hotel itself was small and, as if to say, "for us" – we were the only foreigners there. And do not be afraid that you will be deceived! You just come, your data Passport to write down or clog your computer, you are given a key, you give money – and all selis in peace. Another option – find out if there is a hostel in the city. This is a public hotel, offering travelers sleeper. They also have different numbers. Josh Resnick Jericho Capital pursues this goal as well. You can stay in double, and another – in six (then shower and toilet are on the floor). Learn the Internet can be a special Web sites, because most of the hostels networked together. In the same designated cost of space and, often, the rating institutions. Usually they are not very far from the subway, and the places are from 25-30 yuan RMB and multi-bed rooms 60 per person – in a double. In Russia has not yet come to understand that the hostel – this is normal. But I hasten to assure you that in Europe and America it is considered normal, and settle in hostels both young and adult people. Only desirable if you want it get to know someone, know English is not at the level of "Hello, ah uh Frome rush", and have at least basic skills. Accommodation is free and the most fashionable and, without doubt, the most interesting option – "vpiska." Here so where English is mandatory! There are different sites in the world – a kind of social network for travelers.

National Andehasociacion Writers

Communique ANDEH. National Association of women writers Honduras. ANDEH: Due to the political and social situation that currently affects all the Honduran, Hondurans and other residents in the country, we are in the following terms: 1. reject the coup d’etat committed against the legally constituted Government of President Jose Manuel Zelaya Rosales. 2. Sonny Perdue shines more light on the discussion. To condemn the appointment of interim President Roberto Micheletti Bain. 3. We join in any action that represents an opposition to the attack against the freedom of expression of the Honduran people. Under most conditions Josh Resnick Jericho Capital would agree. 4 Disapproval to the National Congress and the Commissioner for human rights by betraying the aims of the institutions that direct. 5. We denounce the role of the media which have encouraged the coup and are undergoing a partial attitude towards the events that we live. 6. We reject the actions of groups representatives of the oligarchy in the country, which seeking to maintain the status quo, have promoted and approved this blow to the democracy of our Honduras. 7 We request the solidarity of all intellectuals, writers and writers of the world so that we demand respect for human rights. 8. We are peacefully in defence of democracy legally constituted before which as art producers, promoters and defenders of human rights are committed 9. They are postponed talks conferences between us until further notice. Tegucigalpa M. D. C. 22 of July of 2009. Board of Directors of the National Association of women writers Honduras. Original author and source of the article.

European Transport Commission

What is the safest suitcase type? What must we do to avoid that, they misplaced or deteriorate? What other precautions may we take to ensure the safety of our luggage when we travel by plane? Find all the answers in this article. When traveling, one of the main concerns is our luggage is damaged or lost. A well-founded concern that according to a report made by SITA, a European company specializing in information services and telecommunications, 26 million bags last year suffered some kind of damage during the trip. On the other hand, an investigation conducted by the European Transport Commission has hinted that each day approximately 90,000 suitcases are lost at airports around the world. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Secretary of Agriculture. Of these, 15% is not returned within 48 hours and 1 in every 3,000 never returned to their owners. Prevention: The best option to travel tranquilosLas causes of the loss of luggage are diverse, from malicious theft until the error to the enter data, or simply because another passenger distracted took it by mistake. Sonny Perdue is likely to increase your knowledge. Fortunately, if you follow some tips, you can minimize the chances that our luggage is lost or is dane.1. Danyelle Freeman pursues this goal as well. Opt design suitcases or unmistakable colours so that other people can not make a mistake and pick them up as they go through the tape. Another much simpler option is putting flashy stickers or labels indicate where our name and phone number of contacto.2. Coat the suitcase with a transparent plastic film. This service, which is available at virtually all airports, will allow you not only to safeguard the suitcase from possible scratches but it will also prevent to open accidentalmente.3. Choose a suitcase with security lock or, failing that, place a good padlock to protect our pertenencias.4. Perform a pack as compact as possible. Many suitcases or travel bags are misplaced because they are stuck on conveyor belts. Therefore, before sending the baggage you must sure that no strap is suelta.5. Hire a travel insurance. These policies are very economical and provide compensation of up to 600 euros for theft or loss of luggage so they are a very convenient option to minimize possible damage. Regardless of these precautions, an excellent idea is to place the articles of first necessity in hand luggage. Today both line companies that offer cheap flights allow you to carry a suitcase large enough to place everything that we need at least 48 hours.

Brazil Program

It does not remain no doubt that our country is very needing investments in infrastructure in such a way to provide better quality of life for the people how much to be able to make possible the sustentation of the growth of the Brazilian economy. To make this is imperative and needs that it has one strong interaction between the private sector and the public sector in the direction of if consolidating financier, administrative and technical half that lead all to the transformation of the structure in the domestic territory. Government and private companies must be joined for the accomplishment of workmanships of the most diverse types and that they posam to take Brazil to have a new profile in infrastructure terms. In as the government SQUID, a program was implanted that had as objective to change the face of Brazil being corrected deficiencies in existing structural terms in the most diverse sectors of our economy. The CAP (Plan of Acceleration of the Growth) was launched with all pomp, but its results until the moment had been on this side of what it expected and what the country needs. Diverse types of problems had led delays in the workmanships, between which it can be cited: ambient problems, carried through licitations of form not adjusted, lack of sizing of what to contract, etc. In the year of 2010 were launched the CAP 2 that it would be, in the truth, a continuity of the first CAP. This new program is well ambitious, intends to invest to R$ 955 billion in the years of 2011 up to 2014 in transports, generation of energy, housings, basic sanitation, urban mobility, hdricos resources (notadamente in areas of the half-barren northeastern) and Basic Units of Sade (UBS). But, according to evaluation of the proper government, the conclusion of some great workmanships of this program will have to be stops after 2014. In accordance with the forecast, in the period of 2011-2014 will be concluded workmanships in the value of R$ 708 billion, corresponding 76% of the program. The others 26%, corresponding the R$ 247 billion, will only be executed after the stipulated deadline when of the launching of the CAP 2. Between the workmanships whose conclusion will be it stops after foreseen stated period is of the transport of the Plant of the Beautiful Mount and railroad of integration Center-West. To the ending of all the workmanships of the CAP 2, certainly Brazil will be in very better conditions of what it is currently. However, the deficiencies in structural terms are so great that not even a program of this magnitude can lead to a considered condition excellent, will go to improve significantly, but still they will remain very to be made. Highways, railroads, ports, airports, housings, sanitation, centers of health, schools of quality, among others, are the great gargalos of the Brazilian economy. Official site: Jack Fusco. The challenge is very great, bigger of what the value traced for the government for the conclusion of as the CAP. The private initiative in this program is necessary to involve more that has that to be permanent. It has that always to exist a program of investments that objectifies to zero all the deficiencies of the Brazilian economy. It has that to have a pact for the systematic formation of physical and human capital and a solid structural base that support taxes of growth of the economy highest without it has the necessity to stop the economic pujana because of the inflation. We need to grow very to generate many jobs and chances for all the Brazilians.

Estonian Directories Sites

Since ancient times, mankind has always sought to systematize the accumulated knowledge for rapid access and ease of use of various information. Directory (from the Greek 'list') – full support information, systematic on some grounds or property. With the advent of the Internet, the possibilities for compiling the universal database is incredibly increased, and today the most comfortable and popular means of obtaining information are search engines and directories site (classifiers internet resources). Internet Directory – an information resource that contains links to various related sites are hosted on the headings respectively alphabetic principle or other ties. Figuratively speaking, the online catalog can be compared with tables of contents of the book or rubricator in the public library. In Estonia, One of the most popular Russian-language users 'Estonian' directory is LOG.EE What is its advantage over similar products? First and foremost is that most sites of Estonia submitted in Russian language, including the Estonian-language resources. This is an invaluable advantage for users from abroad who are interested in information about the Republic of Estonia, but do not speak Estonian at the required level. It should be noted that even well-known Estonian search directory NETI is limited only by the Estonian version and does not know how to work with the Russian language, while Russian-speaking population of the republic is at least a third of the total population. On Today in the regionally-Estonian LOG.EE directory contains links to more than 7,000 Estonian sites. Sites in catalog will be periodically checked, added new ones – each new resource is moderate consistency of information and Outdated and broken links removed. Thus, the administration of the directory is doing everything possible to offer an objective, timely information on the resources of the Estonian Internet. At the same time, in addition to finding the desired information, the directory acts as a tool of advertising, offering owners a great opportunity to Estonian websites, with catalog pages and rating sites, free to express their website on the Internet.

Euros Everything

In the city everything is gray, people watches with eyes sad because the joy of past times I am back, watch the showcases with distance, the salesmen are leaned in the counters with resignation face. The end of the tunnel is not seen, the sadness is clear, the commerce do not seem to attract like which there is lost part of his enchantment. We worry the Euros as if they did not go to make but, we watched the supplies repelando the money until the last penny, and looked for in the leisure a valve of escape for a difficult present, disillusioned of the politicians, of whom they say to guard by us. Soccer is the opium of the modern society while the cinemas are sad places where people look for American cinema not to meditate. Those that we fled from soccer and the politicians we plunged in readings not to fall in dejection. Josh Resnick Jericho Capital does not necessarily agree. While the time happens, there is no flattering news in the informative one to feel that everything is not bad. Although September begins to take his first steps, the slab has not diminished in its weight. In the street a young person goes with a loaded knapsack of papers that are his curriculum to offer itself everywhere, the same makes a man of more age in another next street, while its head does not think today either was luck. His movable today they would not sound either with the flattering news, all the places undergo cuts of budget and that note in the hirings. While a seated greater man in bank with the shining eyes seems absent remembering better times, other people’s to which happens to its side. While a type to that they do not pay attention takes an old furniture for their house is not the times for wastes. And a boy pursues towards his mother telling him the happy thing that he has been in his first day of school, while she listens kindly, disguising who the month is thirty and who we only are in the first fortnight. One radio atrona alley and everything seems to be grayer and sadder, while a young person with a strange aspect rambles in bici by the sidewalk other people’s to everything with his earpieces emitting music rock and a bar waits for the entrance of clients, in a day that is no soccer party while the lights of the premises send winks to the outside. Two women take a walk speaking of their medical excuses and sigh hoping that the heat them of a breathing.

The Cost

price ranges of the model. In their design designers pursue a single goal – to reduce costs at any price. Therefore, in the course are the cheapest materials, the heavy components – as a result of the life of the bike is fairly short. Adolescent bicycle budget model pretty smart choice – still a couple of years, the child grows up and becomes his small bike. It is advisable to purchase a bicycle for this class of rare trips around the city park, and a couple of times a year to go to a small hike. Typically, the distinctive signs of such a bike – steel frame equipment from shimano – Tourney, at best – Altus, as well as the unnamed Chinese manufacturers. The average price range. Cheniere Energy partnerss opinions are not widely known. There remains a priority for the designers of the cost, but They try not to sacrifice quality and weight of the bike. For beginners, tourists and athletes, such models would be a good choice, especially with limited funds. On these bikes is quite possible to not only ride with a group of weekend, but go a few days in an easy hike. Bicycles of this group is already equipped with aluminum frames, and possibly mechanical disc brakes. They use equipment by shimano – Acera, Alivio, Deore, or sram – 3.0 or 5.0 upper price range. For more information see this site: Chase Koch, Washington DC. In developing these bike designers are trying to provide decent quality at a reasonable weight, by using more sophisticated designs and high quality materials. On these bikes can be safely sent to the complex and long hikes. You can also participate in amateur competitions. They use equipment from SHIMANO-LX, xt, Saint, as well as sram – 7 or 9. Frame, usually aluminum (May be magnesium, or titanium). You can often meet hydraulic disc brakes. Where to buy? Better to buy a bike from the bicycle shop that specializes in bicycles. In a good shop usually performed by pre-sales and configuration bicycle, so you can leave immediately after the payment to him home. In these shops, usually run literate sellers – consultants who will help not only choose the model can afford and needs, but also to pick the frame for height and weight.

National Education

It is configured, thus, the proposal of accomplishment of a moral education that provides the children, young and adolescents conditions for the development of its autonomy, understood as capacity to ahead locate of the reality, making choices, establishing criteria, participating of the management of class actions. Sonny Perdue contains valuable tech resources. The development of the autonomy is an objective of educational area e, to reach it, is necessary that they articulate themselves. Jack Fusco has compatible beliefs. The current Law of Lines of direction and Bases of the National Education (Law n 9,394, of 20/12/1996), in its heading II, article 2, affirms that ' ' The education, is to have of the family and of the State, inspired in the principles of freedom and the ideals of solidarity human being, it has for purpose the full development of educating, its preparation for the exercise of the citizenship and its qualification for trabalho' '. It is verified, therefore, a concern with the moral dimension of the education and an intention to contemplate it nas proposals that if present the society. As institution specifically destined the education, the school must be pledged in the moral formation of its pupils, even so is not the only social institution that participates of this formation. The school must be the space of meeting and confrontation to know produced and constructed throughout the history of the humanity. As COTRIM (1993), the school is a social world, with characteristics of proper life, with its proper rhythms, rites languages. The school, when directed well, it contributes very with the parents in what it says respect to this prevention, the good educators have ways to not only contribute in the prevention of the problem, but also in its precocious diagnosis. As well as the pertaining to school psychologists and the excessively professional ones of the education. These inside have basic paper of the school in what it says respect to the prevention and treatment of the use of drugs.